The 7 Most Influential Shows of the Decade

Other shows may have been better, but no shows were more important to television over the last 10 years

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TV Show Recommendations

  • Jeremy Irons, <em style="">Watchmen</em>


    2019 | HBO

    There's a lot to talk about with this "remix" of the classic comic, starting with: what is even happ (more…)

  • Paul Rudd, <em>Living With Yourself</em>

    Living With Yourself

    2019 | Netflix

    Double the Paul, double the Rudd!

  • Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr, <em>Modern Love</em>

    Modern Love


    Anne Hathaway and other famous people fall in love in incredibly charming and unbelievable ways.

  • Charlie Plummer and Kristine Froseth, <em>Looking for Alaska</em>

    Looking for Alaska

    2019 | Hulu

    John Green's YA novel about teens finding themselves (and each other) is finally here.


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