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Tokyo Olympics

The "2020" Olympics keep sprinting toward the finish line.
2020 ·

The Suicide Squad

This is not the 2016 movie. You can tell because they put "the" in the title.
Comedy, Action & Adventure

Cooking With Paris

Did you know Paris Hilton is secretly a renowned, highly talented chef? JK.
2021 · Reality, Food & Cooking

The Good Fight

Revel in one of the only shows weird enough for 2021.
2017 · Drama

Pray Away

Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum executive produce this documentary about an Evangelical conversion therapy group.

Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump

This charming docuseries follows the staff of a small-town news station, like The Mary Tyler Moore Show but real.
2021 · Documentary

Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union

The coolest thing about being president is the library. The second coolest thing is the biography you get.
2021 · Documentary

The Pursuit of Love

This three-episode British period piece stars Lily James and Emily Beecham as cousins who grow up and, ahem, pursue love.
2021 · Drama