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New Tonight

Here's what to watch tonight, Friday, Feb 23, 2024. New episodes of Law & Order , Law & Order: Special Victims Unit , Young Sheldon , and Law & Order: Organized Crime are airing on live TV.

Fri, Feb 23 12:30 AM TNT

NBA Basketball

Phoenix Suns at Dallas Mavericks
Phoenix Suns at Dallas Mavericks. From American Airlines Center.
Pro Sports

Fri, Feb 23 1:00 AM NBC

Law & Order

S23 E05 Last Dance
Cops-and-lawyers procedural with headline-inspired storylines and two distinct halves: the investigation of the crime, followed by the prosecution of the case in court.
69   Metascore
1990 TV14 Drama, Suspense, Action & Adventure

Fri, Feb 23 1:00 AM CBS

Young Sheldon

S07 E02 A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog
Sheldon realizes he is the weakest student in his class; Meemaw is looking to expand her gambling business.
63   Metascore
2017 TVPG Science, Comedy

Fri, Feb 23 1:00 AM A&E

The First 48

Inside The Tape Special #14
In Tulsa, a late night party turns into a blood bath, but a Facebook video may help Detective John Brown dispute a suspect's claims that he wasn't there. In New Orleans, when a man is robbed and shot multiple times on his payday, Detective Rob Barrere has a hunch this isn't just a random robbery gone wrong. When surveillance footage shows a man carrying a box moments before he is shot, Detective Tracy Casey must determine if the box's contents holds the key to determining motive.
2004 TV14 Documentary, Drama

Fri, Feb 23 1:00 AM FOX

Next Level Chef

S03 E05 Curry in a Hurry
The 14 remaining chefs are tasked with preparing a curry dish with only 30 minutes on the clock. The winning dish gives the entire team immunity and claims the top-level kitchen for the next challenge.
2022 TV14 Reality, Food & Cooking

Fri, Feb 23 1:00 AM HIST

Swamp People

S14 E24 Curse of Graveyard Island
As gator season approaches the halfway point, Troy and Pickle hunt a haunted honey hole with a checkered past. Bruce searches for the monster threatening a local swimming hole. Leron tests a new twist on an age-old baiting strategy. Dorien takes the reigns of the Edgar boat for a day, but his grandpa Daniel struggles to take a backseat. Joey and Zak chase a notorious beast, called Crawdaddy, that's been tormenting local fishermen.
2010 TVPG Reality, Action & Adventure

Fri, Feb 23 2:00 AM NBC

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

S25 E05 Zone Rouge
Sexual assaults, domestic disputes and kidnappings are often the primary focus of this crime show, which follows New York City detectives working in a specialised division within the police department.
66   Metascore
1999 TV14 Drama, Suspense, Action & Adventure

Fri, Feb 23 2:00 AM HGTV

Married to Real Estate

S03 E09 Rockin' in Roswell
Residents in Roswell, Georgia, have found a new home that has more space for their expanding family, but it desperately needs an update.
2021 TVG Reality

Fri, Feb 23 2:00 AM CW

Son of a Critch

S03 E05 Bonfire Night
Mark and his friends are excited for Bonfire Night, but their innocent night takes a turn when Fox gets roped into her brother's illegal activities.
2023 TV14 Comedy

Fri, Feb 23 2:00 AM DSC


S01 E13 Grand Theft Viral
A man who introduces himself as K's old friend offers the detectives lavish pay and a chance to partake in a special mission -- but there's a catch.
2023 TV14 Comedy

Fri, Feb 23 2:01 AM CBS

So Help Me Todd

S02 E02 Your Day In Court
As Margaret and Todd work on two separate cases, Todd suspects a crime is happening in the courthouse right under their noses.
51   Metascore
2022 TV14 Drama, Family, Comedy

Fri, Feb 23 2:01 AM A&E

Taking the Stand

Delinord Dumercy
In 2019, Delinord Dumercy takes the stand for the second time, claiming that his decision to shoot and ultimately kill James Peoples was in self-defense and not murder. Although this horrific event is witnessed by multiple people and captured on camera, Dumercy's first trial ended in a hung jury.
2022 TV14 Documentary, Reality

Fri, Feb 23 2:30 AM CW

Children Ruin Everything

S03 E07 Spontaneity
After hearing about Dawn's spontaneous trip to South America, Astrid is determined to be spontaneous herself, even if that means playing hooky from her responsibilities.
2022 TV14 Comedy

Fri, Feb 23 2:35 AM HIST

Swamp People: Serpent Invasion

S03 E18 Monster Highway
Troy and Tes race a mounting storm. Zak and Bruce battle an invasion of deer-eating beasts. Ashley and Kaylyn search for a legendary monster. Dusty hatches a daring plan to strike it rich.
2020 TVPG Documentary

Fri, Feb 23 3:00 AM NBC

Law & Order: Organized Crime

S04 E05 Missing Persons
Stabler returns to the NYPD after suffering a "devastating personal loss."
61   Metascore
2021 TV14 Drama

Fri, Feb 23 3:00 AM TBS

Impractical Jokers

S10 E13 Paula Abdul
Three comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other amongst the general public with a series of hilarious and outrageous dares.
2011 TV14 Reality

Fri, Feb 23 3:00 AM TNT

NBA Basketball

Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors. From Chase Center.
Pro Sports

Fri, Feb 23 3:01 AM HGTV

House Hunters International

S188 E59 Seeking Swiss Charm That Won't Break the Bank in Zurich
An American family of five looks to relocate for mom's job to Zurich, Switzerland. She's focused on minimizing her commute and he wants iconic Swiss charm, but accommodating both priorities in one of the world's most expensive cities may be a challenge.
2006 TVG Travel, Reality

Fri, Feb 23 3:04 AM A&E

Undercover: Caught on Tape

The Cost of Happiness
One FBI undercover agent meets with suspects in Denmark in an effort to retrieve one of the world's lost treasures, while another agent takes on an unlikely suspect believed to be planning a murder for hire.
2024 TV14 Documentary, Drama

Fri, Feb 23 4:35 AM ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

S22 E67 Cillian Murphy; Emily Blunt; Robert Downey Jr.; Rory Scovel
Oscar nominees Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt and Robert Downey Jr. ("Oppenheimer"); and Rory Scovel ("Rory Scovel: Religion, Sex, and a Few Things in Between").
2003 TV14 Comedy, Talk & Interview