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New Tonight

Here's what to watch tonight, Wednesday, May 31, 2023. New episodes of Superman & Lois , Gotham Knights , MLB Baseball , and America's Got Talent are airing on live TV.

Tue, May 30 11:00 PM TBS

MLB Baseball

Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets. From Citi Field.
Pro Sports

Wed, May 31 12:00 AM NBC

America's Got Talent

S18 E01 Auditions 1
Auditions are featured in the Season 18 premiere.
2006 TVPG Reality, Music, Comedy, Variety Shows

Wed, May 31 12:00 AM DSC

Deadliest Catch

S19 E07 Cold Hard World
On the Saga, Sean Dwyer joins Jake for a high-risk trek west to Adak Island. Then, Rick attempts a dangerous shortcut through the treacherous tides of Unimak Pass. And Sig's deckhand Lauritz takes a brutal fall while Johnathan bids farewell to a lifelong friend.
2005 TV14 Reality

Wed, May 31 12:00 AM CW

Superman & Lois

S03 E10 Collision Course
Lois attempts to interview Peia in the hopes of unearthing the truth about an old case, while Clarke struggles to spend quality time with the boys. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Jordan find themselves at a party, where tensions between Sarah and Jordan come to a head. As Kyle's suspicions about a local meta-human grow, Lana must juggle her personal life with a visit from the governor. Finally, Matteo makes a life-altering decision.
65   Metascore
2021 TVPG Drama, Family, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction

Wed, May 31 12:00 AM TLC

7 Little Johnstons

More to Love: Desperately Seeking Santa
With bonus scenes -- In Finland, Trent, Amber, Emma and Alex head to Elf school before meeting the most famous man of the North Pole. Back at home, Ashley is in town, and Jonah throws a party while Elizabeth plans her 21st birthday.
2015 TVPG Reality

Wed, May 31 12:00 AM USA


Showcasing WWE's brightest young talents as they battle to prove they've got what it takes.
2010 TVPG Sports

Wed, May 31 12:00 AM FOX

Beat Shazam

S06 E02 Schoolhouse Rock!
Teams of teachers battle to take home the million-dollar prize.
2017 TVPG Reality, Music, Game Show

Wed, May 31 1:00 AM CW

Gotham Knights

S01 E10 Poison Pill
With one of their own in trouble, the team scrambles to find a solution before it's too late. Elsewhere, Harvey undertakes a risky gambit to get the answers he seeks. Finally, Brody turns to Stephanie after he stumbles upon some information involving his father Lincoln.
42   Metascore
2023 TV14 Drama, Action & Adventure

Wed, May 31 1:00 AM DSC

Contraband: Seized at the Border

S01 E02 Deadly Cargo
Officers discover firearms that may be intended for a Mexican drug lord and a load of Fentanyl hidden in an ice cream freezer. A truck driver transporting puppies is under scrutiny, and a wanted woman is detained in Brownsville.
2023 TV14 Reality

Wed, May 31 1:00 AM TLC

7 Little Johnstons

S13 E07 Little House of Horrors
After Trent weighs in and is surprised by his results, he sees a nutritionist and receives alarming news. Alex and Allie celebrate their four-month anniversary, and the siblings ask about a special milestone. Then, the family hosts a spooky haunted house.
2015 TVPG Reality

Wed, May 31 1:00 AM A&E

Neighborhood Wars

Neighborhood Wars: Bad Blood
A look at memorable feuds in Neighborhood Wars.
2021 TV14 Reality

Wed, May 31 1:00 AM HGTV

Windy City Rehab

S04 E02 Trust the Process
Alison is on board when a client decides to be the general contractor on his project, but a subcontractor mistake costs him thousands.
2017 TVG

Wed, May 31 1:30 AM A&E

Neighborhood Wars

Not in My Trash Can
An ill-tempered man in Tennessee claims that his neighbor's landscaping is causing flooding in his backyard.
2021 TV14 Reality

Wed, May 31 2:00 AM TBS

MLB on TBS Closer

Major League Baseball postgame interviews, analysis and highlights.
2014 Pro Sports, Sports

Wed, May 31 2:00 AM ABC

The Game Show Show

S01 E04 Sex, Love or Money?
The finale examines how love and dating game shows give viewers a safe space to be a voyeur and "play at love" while exploring America's ever-shifting social landscape.
2023 Documentary, Game Show

Wed, May 31 2:00 AM TLC

Doubling Down with the Derricos

S04 E02 Like a Room Without a Roof
Deon's Derric-OCD flares up as Karen's new passion adds clutter to their already cramped house. The children rebel when the Derricos introduce "screen-free summer" to get them to be more active. GG explores the world of online dating.
2020 TVPG Documentary, Reality

Wed, May 31 2:00 AM NBC

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge

Cyber Slicker vs. Power Charged
Jadejha Edwards and "Jerzey" Jim Farell face off in transforming an ordinary vehicle into a Hot Wheels showstopper.
2023 Reality

Wed, May 31 2:00 AM DSC


S02 E01 Sucked Underground
Documentary series looking at one of the most destructive forces known to man. Sucking down homes and destroying lives, sinkholes can appear from nowhere and have devastating consequences.
2017 TVPG Documentary

Wed, May 31 2:01 AM HGTV

House Hunters

Minimalist in Massachusetts
Now that they are entering their 30s, a couple is ready to buy a home of their own in Central Massachusetts.
1999 TVG Documentary, Reality

Wed, May 31 2:01 AM A&E

Road Wars

S02 E14 Give Me a Brake
On a highway in Phoenix, Arizona, a driver comes to a halt, causing a disastrous situation for a motorcyclist coming from behind.
2022 TV14 Reality

Wed, May 31 2:31 AM HGTV

House Hunters

S233 E27 New York Party Pad
A couple is looking for a party pad as their first home in New York.
1999 TVG Documentary, Reality

Wed, May 31 3:00 AM DSC

Engineering Catastrophes

S06 E11 Trouble in the Suez
A shipping catastrophe in the Suez Canal causes chaos across the globe. A crane collapse in NYC takes the city by surprise. A stadium in Atlanta doesn't work quite as planned. A DEA building that tears itself apart from the inside.
2018 TVPG Documentary, Science, Tech & Gaming

Wed, May 31 3:01 AM HGTV

House Hunters International

S185 E12 A Castle to Call Home in Cheesy Gouda, Netherlands
A Dutch-born woman is happy to return to her homeland for her husband's job transfer to Gouda, Netherlands. There's slim inventory and housing prices have soared, and with a surprise pregnancy, moving abroad will be double the challenge.
2006 TVG Travel, Reality