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Buy One Samsung TV, Get Another One Free

The new slate of Samsung UHD displays come with a wild bonus: an entire other large TV.

Phil Owen

Samsung is trying something new to promote its massive slate of 2024 TVs: giving you a whole other TV in addition to the one you're buying. That's right, if you buy any 2024 model of Samsung TV before April 11, you'll get a bonus 65-inch Samsung display for good measure. This offer is available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung, though there are slight differences between the promotions at each retailer.

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This deal applies to any Samsung TV that you'll find listed here at Best Buy, which means you've got a lot of options and price ranges to choose from — you don't need to buy a top-end 8K QLED display to get the free bonus TV — you can grab this 50-inch QN90D Neo QLED display for $1600, for example, and that'll net you the free 65-incher as well. 


Samsung TU90T Crystal 4K UHD display

The TV that you'll get for free with your purchase is the 65-inch 4K Samsung TU690T. It's not as nice as the 2024 models--it's valued at $480--but that's why it's free with a big purchase. 

New Samsung TVs in 2024

Samsung's 2024 TV lineup ranges from ultra-high-end 8K screens to more standard UHD displays. There's a pretty wide range of prices involved, with a 98-inch Neo QLED that costs a cool $15k at the high end. But most of the sets available here are far more affordable than that, with the 65-inch Samsung QL85D 4K QLED set at $1900 being much more representative of the prices in this sale. You've got options, in other words.

Free Samsung TV promo details

As mentioned, you can get this deal from Best Buy, Amazon, or Samsung itself. That said, Best Buy actually has the best offer of the three because My Best Buy Plus and Total members get an extra $100 off the price of the new TV. If you're not a My Best Buy Plus/Total member, you'll actually still save after signing up. My Best Buy Plus costs $50/year, so even with that factored in, you'll still save $50 overall. Just make sure you add the TV you pick and the freebie to your cart--the 65-inch TV will only be discounted to zero dollars when one of the new 2024 Samsung TVs is in your cart, too.

Samsung, meanwhile, is offering $50 store credit to anyone who takes advantage of this promotion. The freebie will automatically be added to your transaction when you pick your TV. Amazon isn't offering any extra bonus, and note that the "discount" shown for each bundle is simply the price of the free TV.

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