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You're already on Twitter following Ryan Seacrest for breaking celebrity news and Conan O'Brien for... well, who isn't on Team Coco? Right? But are you following all of TV's top tweeters? Whether you're tickled by the comedy stylings of Community's Joel McHale or want to spar with Grey's Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes, we've picked out the small-screen's most essential and thrown them into one handy list:

Aziz Ansari (@azizansari)
The Parks and Recreation star basically uses his handle to practice his stand-up, from picking fake fights with other shows (Bones executive producer @HartHanson, whose show used to air opposite Parks and Rec, has been a target) to taking shots at celebrities.
Sample tweet: "Looking for Vegas tips for the weekend - is it true you are not allowed into Criss Angel's BELIEVE unless you've eaten 6 pot cookies?"

Neal Baer (@NealBaer)
Baer tweets out Law & Order scoop galore, along with bubble tweets that feature exclusive clips from upcoming episodes and bloopers.
Sample tweet: "SVU-ers: Here you go! One of our best Bubble Tweets ever. Mariska and Jennifer Love Hewitt."

Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome)
The Colbert Report host regularly hands out biting political commentary and pop culture musings.
Sample tweet: "What's that movie where the terrorists want Bruce Willis to die but he's making it very hard? Now I'll never get to sleep."

Chris Colfer (@chriscolfer)
Colfer's tweets are so funny he could — and maybe should — join Glee's writing staff.
Sample tweet: "If a photo pops up of me frolicking in an Austrian forest wearing lederhosen, it's completely photoshopped. Completely."

Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow)
Twitter's a better forum for her than American Idol ever was. We'll take it.
Sample tweet: "You tweeted questions with the tag #AskEllen. I answered them in a segment called Twits and Ask. Why are you giggling?"

Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg)
The Late Late Show host's tweets feel like rehearsal for his nightly talk show, soaked as they are in his Scottish charm. 
Sample tweet: "Would it be so wrong to add some words to the Dr Who theme tune and turn it into a little dance number with puppets? Just for 1 night."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler)
It's Ferguson's stream-of-consciousness paired with photos from the set of Modern Family.
Sample tweet: "As I am playing my iPod on shuffle I realize that I buy most of my music during fragmentary blackouts. Also, I have good taste when drunk."

Nathan Fillion (@NathanFillion)
The Castle star is an odd bird. We love that he tweets about it.
Sample tweet: "If a flight attendant asked "Can anyone here fly a plane?", and nobody volunteered, I would. I mean, what the hell, right?" 

Donald Glover (@MrDonaldGlover)
The Community star has used his feed to lobby to be the next Spider-Man and to start hilarious rumors about timeslot competitor The Big Bang Theory.
Sample tweet: "All revenue from Big Bang Theory goes to the Keep Lauryn Hill from Making a Second Album Foundation #Bigbangtheoryinternetrumors"

Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH)
One part How I Met Your Mother's Barney, one part Dr. Horrible and six parts legen — wait for it — dary!
Sample tweet: "Went to a trendy gay beach in Mykonos called Elia. Lots of posturing, lots of exposed aged wieners. It was all rather intimidating."

Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling)
Random musings that are just as funny as The Office's Kelly Kapoor, only smarter and less annoying.
Sample tweet: "When you wear your heart on your sleeve, make sure your shirt is f'ing dope." 

Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel)
Funnier than Conan on Twitter. Yeah, we said it.
Sample tweet: "lubricant? I say lubriCAN!"

Joel McHale (@JoelMcHale)
The Community star's tweets feature a mix of pitches to come to his stand-up shows, and bits as funny as what you see on The Soup.
Sample tweet: "Dream come true: I danced w/Jane Lynch & met @NathanFillion while wearing wool. Okay, it's more of a fetish than a dream."

Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers21)
Saturday Night Live's head writer tweets unabashed Weekend Update-esque social commentary.
Sample tweet: "For someone so pro-abstinence, O'Donnell certainly f*cked the GOP."

Matt Nix (@MattNixTV)
The Burn Notice creator sends out photos, videos and spoilers from the set. He also waged a "war" with Jeff Eastin (White Collar).
Sample tweet: "@Jeffrey_Donovan dances between takes on #burnnotice." 

Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien)
The former Tonight Show host continues to bite at everyone, including the hand that feeds him.
Sample tweet: "So excited - today, WikiLeaks will reveal what channel TBS is on!"

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (@sn00KI)
Her tweets are as much of a guilty pleasure as Jersey Shore, but you don't have to stare at her poof.
Sample tweet: "What's your fav snooki quote? I don't even know the sh-- I say sometimes..."

Bill Prady (@billprady)
The executive producer of The Big Bang Theory is the epitome of nerdly cool.
Sample tweet: "Writers here suggesting a contest. Second prize, I come to your house and watch the show with you. First prize; I don't."

Gavin Purcell (@gavinpurcell)
Jimmy Fallon's executive producer keeps Late Night's audience well-informed with retweets of quirky news, viral videos and gadget info.
Sample tweet: "This is a very real classified ad from today's USA Today and it leads down a very weird rabbit hole."

Shonda Rhimes (@shondarhimes)
Despite being stingy about spoilers, the Grey's Anatomy producer does dish out select tidbits to loyal fans.
Sample tweet: "It is possible. RT @VDElia Is it possible that we will ever see a MerDer baby before the show ends?"

Bob Saget (@bobsaget)
The Full House star's photo tweets are alternately cute (like this) and borderline profane (like that). 
Sample tweet: "It's a sausage fest in here."

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest)
Love him or hate him, you have to give the radio and American Idol host credit for routinely breaking news. His Twitter feed is indispensible for pop culture newshounds.
Sample tweet: "big schedule change for @americanidol... we're moving to wednesdays and thursdays!"

Kurt Sutter (@sutterink)
The Sons of Anarchy producer isn't afraid to tell it like it really is — even if it's not politically correct.
Sample tweet: "thank you foreign press. can you please call the emmys and help them to not be retarded."

Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson)
Wilson's feed features unfiltered Dwight-isms — if Dwight was cool.
Sample tweet: "On truck commercials, when they say 'tranny,' I get really confused."

Who are your favorite celebrity tweeters?