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Love Is Blind: Everything That Happened During (and After) the Netflix Series

Relive the entire series, including that jaw-dropping reunion

Amanda Bell

Throughout the month of February, Netflix burst onto the romantic reality TV show scene with its ultra-memeable sensation Love Is Blind. The show had an undeniable impact on the internet, spawning GIFs and capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere with its adorable couples, two of whom ended up with actual, happy marriages as a result of its unique formula. The cast also reunited for a popular reunion special, and the show has since been renewed for two more seasons.

Relive everything that happened in the first, highly addictive season below, and find out what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, too! 

Week One: Episodes 1-5
Netflix dropped the first batch of Love Is Blind episodes just before Valentine's Day, which was a surefire way to seize on the gushy sentiments of that holiday season. In those first episodes, we saw a whopping six couples get to know each other so well that, despite not seeing each other in person yet, they decided to take a chance and get engaged. Unfortunately, one of those couples headed to splitsville during their tropical getaway, but the other five pairs continued on with the "experiment" past the pods. Read up on everything that happened in those episodes here.

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Week Two: Episodes 6-9
The second batch of Love Is Blind episodes featured the five remaining couples moving into a shared living space with one another and introducing their prospective spouses to their families. And while no one actually broke up during those episodes, there were some fiery fights between some of them -- along with a major meltdown at a wedding dress boutique and one cringe-worthy rap performance. Read about everything that happened in the second round of Love Is Blind episodes here.

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Week Three: The Finale
Finally, in week three, we got to see the five wedding days and watch triumph and heartbreak unfold in each. While two couples ultimately said "I do," there were three others who decided not to make it official, despite standing at the altar with the person they professed their love for. Read all about "The Weddings" right here.

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The Reunion
The finale of Love Is Blind wasn't the last we'd hear from these couples. Netflix also aired a reunion special that featured the major stars of the show's first season. Ahead of that release, TV Guide caught up with Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett to find out what happened to them after their lives were forever changed by Love Is Blind. And after the many surprises in store for the reunion, we also chatted with Giannina and Damian to find out how they managed to get back together after the series.

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The Renewal
Love Is Blind might have seemed like a quirky concept at first, but its success prompted Netflix to renew the series for two more seasons (and, of course, the social distancing-friendly dating concept earned the show a nice Saturday Night Live spoof). Before the series was officially renewed, we pitched a few ideas for how the series could successfully continue, and one of them was a Lauren and Cameron spin-off. Even if we're not getting that (yet), the two have been letting fans in on their continued bliss, most recently by appearing in a new home tour digital special for Netflix, after teaming up with Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski for a spaghetti carbonara cooking tutorial

Love Is Blind Season 1 and the reunion special are now available on Netflix.

Amber and Barnett, Love Is Blind

Amber and Barnett, Love Is Blind