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Love Is Blind's Giannina and Damian Reveal What Makes Their Relationship Solid Now

Here's how the couple made their love last after the cameras were gone

Amanda Bell

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Love Is Blind reunion. Read at your own risk!]

They may have had one of the most dramatic breakups of all on Love Is Blind, but surprise! Giannina and Damian have since found lasting love together after the Netflix reality show came to an end. At the Love Is Blind cast reunion special, which debuted on Thursday and included a number of jaw-dropping moments, Giannina and Damian shocked the binge-watching world when they revealed that after calling it quits at their on-screen wedding ceremony, they got back together and have been happily dating ever since.

TV Guide caught up with the couple to get some details on how they managed to overcome the heartbreak that happened last time we saw them, and it sounds like a lot has changed (for the better) in their relationship.

For Giannina, she attributes "fears of what marriage meant" to what went wrong between them at the altar. Although she did say "I do" to Damian, only for him to decline in return, she said she still felt "a lot of pressure that really drove [her] away" throughout filming. However, as Damian predicted in his parting words on the show, the last scene we saw of them wasn't the end of their love story.

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"Dame being Dame, he really reconnected and helped me see what was right in front of me and showed me that there's really nothing to be scared about," Giannina explained. "After the wedding, I still felt that way. I was obviously very, very hurt. I was just in a very vulnerable space after just giving my heart to this person and him saying 'No, but I still want to be with you.' I wanted to take that leap of faith again."

After choosing to get back together, Giannina said they've had a lot more time to adjust to actually being together before taking any official plunges. "The past year and a half has been such a blessing to just enjoy each other and learn each other and work with each other and grow together," she said. "I think everything happens for a reason, and just that time together, to have each other to ourselves, has really just solidified everything we had in the pods."

​Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind


For Damian, the decision to not dive into a marriage on the show was a difficult but necessary one. "That's why you hear me hesitate up there when I say 'I do not' is I really wanted to say 'I do,'" Damian recalled. "If I could take that away -- the pain and embarrassment Giannina felt during that time with her family, friends, and everyone being there -- I would take away the pain. But I wouldn't take back my decision that I made," he said, adding that the two simply needed more time to adjust to sharing a physical space after falling in love through their words.

Damian also said that at the time, the prospect of getting married meant putting "stipulations" on their relationship that they felt were too traditional, like sharing a living space and combining bills. He thought the free-spirited Giannina needed "a chance to really fly without being grounded" and that "locking her down" was not working out for either of them.

"I had this fear that if we did get married, that it wouldn't last because it was holding us to all these stipulations," Damian said. "And here we are. A year and a half later and we've had a challenging but beautiful relationship, and we're still learning stuff about each other every day, still growing together, and her family's beautiful. I get calls and texts from her parents and stuff, so it's been great. It's one of the hard decisions to come to terms with, but it all worked out."

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Even though the speedy time frame of Love Is Blind wasn't a fit for them, the pod-style communication technique is still something they turn to on occasion, as we saw during one of their on-screen arguments.

"Unknowingly, we do it all the time," said Damian. "We'll get in an argument again, she's in the kitchen, I'm in the bedroom: 'What'd you say? What'd you say?' Then we'll duke it out, [say] 'I'm sorry,' then we'll come around the corner and hug. It does happen, for sure."

"And then also when you're on the phone, that is a pod-style conversation, when you're not really seeing the person and you're talking on the phone," added Giannina. "Sometimes I'll hear a tone in his voice that takes me back to the pod, and it's like, 'Whoa.' I think we all do it, it's just about being aware of it. It definitely helps, I think."

And although their engagement on the show did not lead to a marriage, as it did for Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett, if they ever do get married, Damian predicts that their second proposal would be even more epic than the one we saw on-screen -- assuming he's the one who pops the question, rather than both of them, like in the show.

"She's a beautiful person and she deserves the world," Damian said. "And I think I've learned so many beautiful things about her that what I did on the show wouldn't even compare to what I could do and give her and the life we have now."

Love Is Blind and the cast reunion special are now available on Netflix.

​Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind