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Yes, Love Is Blind's Lauren and Cameron Are Still Happily Married

Here's how life changed for the happy couple after the show ended

Amanda Bell

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the season finale of Netflix's Love Is Blind. Check out our coverage of Episodes 1-5 here, Episodes 6-9 here, and the season finale here. Read on at your own risk!]

For those of you who've been picking apart that Love Is Blindreunion photo to decipher clues as to whether fan-favorite couple Lauren and Cameron actually found their happily ever after on the wild romantic reality series -- which featured them getting engaged sight-unseen after just six days of talking to one another -- we've got good news. The two are indeed still together and married, and things have only gotten better between them since the show was filmed (which, by the way, was a year and a half before it arrived on Netflix).

TV Guide caught up with the couple that captured so many hearts throughout the three-week event series, and they are happy to report that they're still enjoying wedded bliss. "Since the show ended, things have been great. I mean, we're still growing and flourishing in our relationship, and every day is an adventure," Lauren told TV Guide. "Of course, like any relationship or married couple, we go through our trials and tribulations, but overall, it's been an adventure, and it's beautiful."

Cameron echoed that sentiment of post-show solidarity, saying, "One of the best parts really has been just learning even more about each other. We learned a lot about each other in the pods over a very short amount of time. But now we get to take our time in learning about each other and really savor that, and I feel like I've kind of absorbed some of Lauren's attributes. I admire her and she's an amazing wife and partner and best friend, so I'm very thankful for that."

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Lauren described the blending of their families as an on-going "adventure," but Cameron assured us that he has kept the promise he made to her father when they first met and has thus earned his approval. "I'm very close with her father now, and he comes over to the house a lot. We went out looking for a house for him the other day. And I love him. It's great spending time with him. Of course, he's a lot like Lauren, so it makes sense that we would get along," Cameron said.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind


Although Lauren and Cameron were the first couple to get engaged on Love Is Blind and remained steady throughout their relationship on the show, Lauren's desire to maintain her independence was a sticking point for them before the wedding. In one scene, she notably asked Cameron whether he would be supportive of her keeping her own apartment while moving into his much larger house. However, a lot has changed since then for Lauren and Cameron and they now share one space -- thanks to a few key compromises, of course.

"I ended up giving it up!" Lauren exclaimed, when asked if she'd kept her old place. "We're all into one house now. But really for me my struggle was just giving up my personal space. I was a hermit. Before this, I really enjoyed my personal space, and being married and moving into one house, at the time it was overwhelming ... but I've moved into the place. I'm in there! My things, we've got a dog. So, we are full-fledged husband and wife, dog mom, dog dad, living it."

For Cameron's part, he admitted, "I've had to learn about for Lauren, how much space does she need and the signals to pick up on to say, 'OK, I'm just going to give you a little more breathing room.'" In particular, he's had to occasionally dial down his outward showings of affection because, for Lauren, that "took some getting used to" for sure.

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Watching the first chapter of their love story unfold on-screen with the debut of Love Is Blind has been an "emotional" experience for Lauren. "It's kind of like we're reliving those moments. I've cried just like everybody else [on social media] like, 'Oh my god, you guys made me cry,' sometimes I write back like, 'Me too!' It's like just taking us back to those moments ourselves and just remembering how we felt and reliving them. I won't say it's hard, but I will say that it's a very emotional process still."

"Seeing the show it definitely does take you back there to the pods, which was a very special experience and opportunity. It's one that when you see it on television, it perhaps doesn't convey what it truly was like to do that, to be in the pods," Cameron added. "But also, Lauren and I have evolved over time, over one and a half years. So that, we've kind of grown together, so we're still the same people but yet, we've evolved."

"So, it's almost like we're watching a previous version of who we are now and all of the stuff we were going through and being better because of those things, too," Lauren agreed.

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Of course, the fans' response to Love Is Blind -- and them in particular -- has been very positive, and the two are very grateful for all the #TeamLameron folks in the crowd. "We've been receiving just an outpouring of love and just support," Lauren said. "It already was a life-changing experience going through the whole experiment in its own ... but being able to have people know that we are in a relationship and seeing how supportive they are, it's so refreshing. It's amazing."

To that, Cameron added, "I'm excited to show them our relationship and how happy we are because it's..."

"The continuation of [our story] from now," Lauren said, finishing his sentence. "We're just getting started, really."

Love Is Blind Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix. The reunion special will debut on Netflix and its YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5.

​Cameron and Lauren, Love Is Blind

Cameron and Lauren, Love Is Blind