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Love Is Blind Reunion: The 10 Biggest Bombshells

Including that Jessica and Amber showdown

Amanda Bell

Love Is Blindwas filmed a year and a half before the addictive romantic reality series debuted on Netflix, which means a lot has changed for the 12 people we watched get engaged on the show. Luckily, the streaming service managed to get all six couples back into the same room again for a reunion special, which is now available to stream on Netflix and its YouTube channel, so that fans could find out what happened to everyone involved, whether they wound up getting married on-screen or not.

Show hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey returned to emcee the reunion special, which was, like Love Is Blind, filmed in Atlanta this February. While we already knew some of the post-show outcomes, like the fact that Lauren and Cameron are still blissed out as husband and wife and that Amber and Barnett's marriage is also still flourishing, there were still tons of surprises to be seen in the special.

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Here are the top 10 most jaw-dropping moments of the Love Is Blind cast reunion.

1. Giannina and Damian are back together! There were a lot of moments of pure drama to be found in Love Is Blind, but seeing Damian say "I do ... not" to Giannina at the altar was a shocking piece of reality TV, especially once she responded by literally running out into the streets of Atlanta in her wedding gown. It turns out, Damian's prediction that their love story wouldn't end there proved to be prophetic as, when the reunion special opened, Giannina revealed, "We are so together. Like every single day, waking up together and going to the gym together. I don't want to lose this."

Although Damian expressed regrets for embarrassing Giannina during the ceremony, he also admitted that he wouldn't change anything that happened that day. "I'm sorry that I ever put her through that. And to you [Giannina], I'm sorry. It was the hardest decision I probably ever made in my life," he admitted. "But I would stick by it again because of where we are now." The two went on to explain that they are currently dating, although living separately, and they are completely happy being at that pace.

Love Is Blind's Giannina and Damian Reveal What Makes Their Relationship Work Now

​Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind


2. Kenny is no longer single to mingle. For those of you who were bummed for Kenny after Kelly decided to walk away at their wedding, worry not! Kenny is now happily in a relationship with someone new, and he even credits Love Is Blind with giving him the emotional tools he needed to have a successful next relationship.

"I honestly, not to sugar coat it, could not be doing better. This experiment ... allowed me to find the person that I'm with today because it allowed me to open up, to be vulnerable, and I have the best girlfriend for me," he explained. Later, he said that learning to be "vulnerable" in the pods was something he carried forward and that he has received that same type of trust from his new partner. Yay for Kenny!

3. Kelly is regretful that she friend-zoned Kenny. Unfortunately, when the Lacheys asked the cast who was still available as of the taping, Kelly's hand was among those raised. In a tearful moment of the reunion, she admitted that part of the reason she said "I don't" at the wedding was that she wanted more time with Kenny before making such a massive commitment.

"What I've reflected on is the fact that Kenny, you're amazing. You're a great guy, and I did love you ... I was not in love with you, but I did love you. And I wanted to continue our journey of dating and getting to know one another, and that didn't happen," she said through sobs. "It's water under the bridge now, and I'm so happy for you and your relationship, but I just think I needed more time for me. Again, Kenny being such a great guy, I have friend-zoned a lot of great guys in my life, and those are the guys that I should be marrying." Kelly also admitted that part of her hesitation in marrying Kenny stemmed from the speed of the nuptial process of the show, especially since it wouldn't include some of the traditional wedding norms like a bridal shower.

4. Carlton retrieved the ring from the pool and returned it to Diamond. Another emotional moment of the reunion came when Diamond and Carlton were invited to revisit their dramatic breakup in Mexico. Both expressed regrets for how they behaved in that moment at the pool, but they'd already reached out to one another to make peace before the reunion taping to make peace. Although Carlton still credits their engagement as the happiest day of his life, Diamond hinted that there is little chance of a reconciliation between them because she felt "disrespected" by what he said to her that day.

However, Carlton still made a grand gesture in hopes that their relationship could continue in some form or another; he retrieved the ring he threw away that day. "My sole purpose in coming here today as much as I didn't want to, I wanted to make it clear that I am here for you, no matter what," he said, before taking a knee in front of her. "I want to get down on one knee and just apologize at eye level. And I hope that you will take this ring and as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful without any type of plan." Diamond then accepted his apology and agreed to wear the ring as a symbol of friendship.

Here's How Love Is Blind's Amber and Barnett Are Making Their Marriage Work

5. Amber was not pleased with Jessica's behavior. As we saw in the preview leading up to this reunion, the special gave Amber a chance to confront Jessica, and she did not hold back one bit. After Amber noted that she and Elsie, who was also interested in Barnett, agreed to respect each other's feelings, she then maligned Jessica for "coming out of left field" to claim that Barnett had proposed to her instead of Amber. Amber was even more bitter, though, when it came to the way Jessica acted around Barnett beyond the pods.

"To see her throwing herself at him in Mexico, bitch, you're sheisty," Amber snapped at Jessica. "You're so fake. Coming to my face like we were cool. You were so fake. I think you're a very disingen[uous] person, and I hope seeing this you do grow from it because that is not what the world needs is women that go behind each other's backs like that. You were engaged to another man that you were leading on. He was engaged. He made his choice." Amber often claims that she has no filter, and, yeah, that appears to be an accurate assessment all right.

Love Is Blind​

Love Is Blind


6. Jessica was also not pleased with Jessica's behavior. Although Amber did a lot of the talking on this subject, Jessica did get her chance to clear the air and completely agreed with Amber's assessment. She even offered her an apology, which Amber was not yet ready to accept. More importantly, Jessica recognized that her actions on the show indicated a deeper issue within herself.

"Obviously, I was rejected by Barnett. I didn't take that very well. Seeing that play out is brutal," she admitted. She also said she was embarrassed by how she treated Mark, saying, "Watching it back, it was obvious that I was working through some things. I just didn't like the person that I saw. The things that played out, obviously I was really uncomfortable. I was drinking too much, and that was really disturbing to see play out. Some of the comments that I made that were derogatory, and that certainly wasn't fair to Mark who's a fantastic person and obviously very, very attractive."

7. Mark is still waiting on that home-cooked meal from Jessica. Mark, in turn, was completely gracious about the let-down of having Jessica reject him at the altar and confessed that he still has "respect" for Jessica. "I'm sorry that we got sucked into this vacuum, and we didn't get the chance to really get to know each other and what we stand for, but at the end of the day, I still respect you. And I am still thankful for all of this, and I know that no matter what you decide to do moving forward, you're going to be even better off and kicking ass," he said before adding, "You still never made me Italian beef, by the way." To be continued? Maybe?

8. Amber and Barnett almost called it quits after the show. Although Amber and Barnett are on solid footing now, she did concede that there was a brief time after the show when she wasn't sure they'd be able to work through their new relationship. Amber explained that they both had strong personalities, and, during arguments, they didn't always see a way to muscle through their differences. She even consulted a divorce lawyer at one point! However, they later figured out a way to connect beneath their equally big personalities, and they've been happy ever since.

​Amber and Barnett, Love Is Blind

Amber and Barnett, Love Is Blind


9. Damian and Lauren had a very weird connection in the pods. As viewers of Love Is Blind, we didn't get to see all of the trial and error phases of the pod dates, so it was a major shocker to learn that Lauren was also talking to Damian for quite a while before the engagements -- and that they used Star Wars voices to communicate. Based solely on the sound of Damian's attempt to recreate one of those moments, that was ... an awkward coupling. Team Lameron and Damiannina for SURE.

Yes, Love Is Blind's Lauren and Cameron Are Still Happily Married

10. Cameron was not a dog person before Lauren. Speaking of Lauren and Cameron's happily ever after, it turns out Cameron does have a flaw beyond his hilarious hip hop performances; he was also not a dog person before he met Lauren. In fact, Cameron revealed that the thing that ultimately convinced his mother that his relationship with Lauren was the real deal was the fact that he agreed to get a puppy with her. To be fair, he seems to have done a 180 on his anti-dog stance, and the two named their pooch Sparks as a nod to their instant connection with one another. D'aw.

Love Is Blind Season 1 and the cast reunion are now available on Netflix.

​Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind