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Love Is Blind on Netflix: Which Couple(s) Will Get Married?

You can't spell Love Is Blind without 'I do'!

Amanda Bell

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 1-5 of Love Is Blind. Read at your own risk! Continue on to our coverage of Love Is Blind Episodes 6-9 right here!Read on for our coverage of the Love Is Blind finale here!]

Can people really fall in love before they ever lay eyes on each other? That's the question Love Is Blindhopes to answer. Netflix's experimental new reality series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, puts people into paired isolation pods where they can go on "dates" to talk, drink, and relax together -- without actually being together.


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The three-week first season kicked off on Thursday with Episodes 1-5, and so far, it seems like some real emotions were exchanged in this 90 Day Fiance-meets-The Voice-style series. Six different couples chose to take it to the next level and get engaged sight-unseen. It didn't take long for one of those betrothals to fizzle out in very messy fashion, though. Will the other lovers last?

First, let's pour one out for the couple who didn't click in Cancun: Diamond and Carlton. Initially, they had something going during their cozy chat sessions, bonding about their hopes for true romance and letting go of past pain. But their chemistry collapsed as soon as they met face to face, which was palpably awkward as they circled each other and sized up their physical traits. During the vacation getaway, things became even more uncomfortable as Carlton tried to tease-flirt with Diamond, who was clearly unimpressed with his approach. Diamond later confronted Carlton about why he was acting out of sorts, and he admitted that it was because he was afraid she'd leave him if he revealed his pansexuality. Diamond was taken aback and wondered why he hadn't told her yet, which made her question whether there was truth to their connection. However, their later argument at the pool made it clear that they were both just too stubborn to make it work. Whatever grew between them in the pods disappeared completely once that blue wall came down.

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Now, on to the happy (for now) couples who have made it this far, starting with Cameron and Lauren! It took these two less than a week to decide that they were in love and wanted to be together forever. Cameron is an artificial intelligence scientist, so he's been amenable to the weirdness of this "experiment" from the start. Their face-to-face meeting was mostly heart-swelling -- although Lauren, who was surprised to learn that Cameron is white, was apprehensive about the complications of an interracial relationship -- and things really seemed to fall into place for them in Mexico. They even started making plans for how to raise kids together! Is this the real deal?

Love Is Blind


Kelly and Kenny, meanwhile, have similarly sunny dispositions. While we didn't get to see much of what unfolded between them in the pods, they really, really enjoyed kissing each other at the beach, and Kenny was especially sold on Kelly's pep. Giannina, aka Gigi, and Damian also found a physical spark between them after their original connection, and Gigi was especially pleased that her usual insecurities weren't an issue when she was with Damian.

Last but not least, there was something of a love square going on between Jessica and Mark and Barnett and Amber. Jessica and Mark hit it off right away in the pods, but their 10-year age difference was always a question mark for her. She wants marriage and kids right away, apparently, so she had reservations about the 24-year-old saying he's really ready for all of that. Jessica also had a lot of fun talking to Barnett, who had her high on his list as well. At one point, the ball was fully in Barnett's court, as Jessica was ready to choose him. But then he waffled, and she ran right back into Mark's arms -- er, ears. Instead, Barnett chose Amber, the ex-tank operator whom he's admittedly a bit afraid of thanks to her boisterous personality and tough demeanor.

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On vacation, Jessica pumped the brakes a bit with Mark, insisting that they don't have sex out of some sense of obligation and remarking in her solo interview that she's used to her men being bigger than Mark. Then, when she actually saw Barnett at the resort -- a tall, muscular man who undoubtedly fits the bill of being "bigger" -- she really seemed torn. Mark already knew that Jessica had a thing for Barnett, so seeing her around him brought up some obvious jealousy. (Amber, on the other hand, is too secure in herself to have doubts about absolutely anything.) However, Mark and Jessica had a meeting of the hearts again after their nice horse ride and picnic date, so for now, they're still on the "same team."

With that, here we are. There are five couples left on Love Is Blind, and they're all signed up to get married in a matter of weeks. In the interest of continuing the "experiment," which couple do you think has the best chance of actually making it through this show and saying "I do"? Weigh in with our poll here!

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Love Is Blind Episodes 6-9 will hit Netflix on Thursday, Feb. 20. The finale for Season 1 will follow on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Love Is Blind