Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy

Our roundup of the most memorable moments of the SAG awards:

1. Scorsese-est Drinking Game: In showing a highlight from their nominated film Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy talk about devising a drinking game while making the movie. "You have to take a drink every time, and I mean every time, you hear the word Scorsese," says Rudolph. McCarthy adds: "You'd be surprised how often that comes up in casual conversation because people just like to throw that thing around." After describing the film, Wiig says: "Do you think that Scorsese saw our movie?" Then they proceed to throw the name around willy-nilly, with Rudolph mixing in "prosecco."

2. Scorsese-est Drinking Game, Part II: Steve Buscemi begins his acceptance speech as Best TV Actor for Boardwalk Empire by thanking his executive producer — Martin Scorsese. "You can take a drink," he says. He also apologizes for — obligatory spoiler alert for the DVR happy — killing off Michael Pitt's character: "To all the Michael Pitt fans out there, I know, I'm sorry. Stop yelling at me on the street." (Part III of the drinking game comes when Buscemi speaks for the show's winning ensemble.)

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3. Youngest Bleep!-ing Standup: The Modern Family cast allows its child stars to take to the mic for their Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series win. And while Rico Rodriguez and Ariel Winter deliver gracious thank yous, Nolan Gould is all (scripted) cheekiness, ranting about child actors being treated like animals. Screen mom Julie Bowen attempts to censor him when he's about to curse but he manages to make his way back to the podium to wrap it up: "Thank you to the unions for making sure we're properly fed... and put into our pens each night by sundown!"

4. Best Shout-Out to the Have-Nots: In accepting the Supporting Film Actress award to go along with her Golden Globe for The Help, a tearful Octavia Spencer nixes agent-thanking (whew!) and instead acknowledges the black women of the Jim Crow South. "I have to say it was really a privilege to give voice to so many women who made it possible for me to stand here tonight," she says, adding: "By honoring me, you honor them." After offering a shout-out for the legendary civil rights activist Medger Evers, she concludes: "I'm going to dedicate this to the downtrodden, the underserved, the underprivileged, the overtaxed, whether emotionally, physically or financially."

5. Squealiest Sixpeat: Alec Baldwin wins his sixth straight statuette for his work on 30 Rock and squeals repeatedly, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God ..." OK, then it's time to act like he's not so jaded — so he lauds Tina Fey's writing, which, he says, is what wins him the award.

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6. Spunkiest Tribute: Dick Van Dyke begins the loving tribute to his sitcom co-star Mary Tyler Moore's Lifetime Achievement award by tracing her long career in comedy, concluding "She really did make it after all." In her acceptance speech, Moore recounts how she had to think of an alternate name while registering for the Screen Actors Guild because they already had six Mary Moore's on record. So, inspired by her father George Tyler Moore, she registered her own full name. "I wrote it down on the form... SAG was happy, my father was happy, and tonight... I too am happy after all. Thank you."

7. Wisest Acting Advice: Tina Fey offers up Kathie Lee Gifford's sage words to the actor seeking success: "If drag queens love you, you'll have the longest career in the world. They know phony, and they know real."

8. Most Shocked Winner (No, Really!): Betty White is surprised to win her second consecutive SAG as Best TV Comedy Actress for Hot in Cleveland — and suggests the presenters might not be literate. "I don't think they can read. I think they made a terrible mistake." Again she stroked the buff statuette as she did last year. This time, though, she didn't linger as long over his body.

9. The Next Best Thing to Betty White: And you know what the world's oldest profession is... Christopher Plummer, who wins his first SAG for his supporting performance in Beginners, cracks: "I just can't tell you what fun I've had being a member of the world's second-oldest profession."

What were your favorite moments?

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