LL Cool J (<i>NCIS: Los Angeles</i>), Lea Michele (<i>Glee</i>) and Justin Chamber (<i>Grey's Anatomy</i>) LL Cool J (NCIS: Los Angeles), Lea Michele (Glee) and Justin Chamber (Grey's Anatomy)

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Any big surprises coming up on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Olivia
ADAM: Get ready for some role reversal for G. Callen and Sam Hanna. "Usually it's Sam protecting Callen, but this turns the other way," executive producer Shane Brennan tells me about an emotional episode that further explores Sam's relationship with a family in the Sudan, which dates back to his days as a Navy SEAL. "Callen has to watch Sam's back because he's really out on a limb." Brennan also teases a "heart-wrenching" episode that delves back into Callen's personal life, including a love interest. "It's only the beginning of something that will be resolved later in the season," Brennan says.

Are any of those rumors about Idina Menzel playing Lea Michele's birth mother on Glee true? — CaseyK
MICKEY: Not yet. Ryan Murphy tells us that Menzel will be playing the ethics-free coach of Vocal Adrenaline. But might the two story lines converge? Murphy isn't ruling it out. He's also not ruling out Jennifer Lopez appearing on the show as a lunch lady who has "a Susan Boyle moment" — but he says J. Lo hasn't said yes yet.

Will Alex and Izzie on Grey's Anatomy get back together? — Paisley
ADAM: After Alex hooked up with Lexie last week, all bets are off. But it seems his on-and-off thing with pediatrics might be back on again, thanks to a nudge from Arizona. "I finally bring Alex back in the fold," Jessica Capshaw tells us, adding that Arizona makes it her mission to prove working with kids isn't all fluff. "Anyone can operate on brains, but try and operate on baby brains," she says. "Arizona ends up advocating for Alex to find his way in peds and see if he can hack it. He has a very hardcore experience."

Any Modern Family scoop? — Paula and Rob
MICKEY: Lots actually! The cast spilled their guts to us during a visit to the Los Angeles set. Oddly, their teases all involved undressing. "Cameron challenges Jay to a racquetball match and their butts might touch in the locker room," Eric Stonestreet reports. Meanwhile, Jesse Tyler Ferguson indicated that Mitchell "might end up in an article of clothing that is not mine" — and doesn't belong to any other male cast member either. Julie Bowen keeps it simple: "Naked, hotel lobby and flying underwear — just chew on that for a while." Not enough? How about this? Fizbo flashback!

Got any new dirt on the Criminal Minds spin-off? — Cal
ADAM: Sam Cooper, the leader of the new team, comes with baggage: A young boy died on his watch because he didn't follow his gut. In the crossover episode, I hear that Hotch & Co. bend the rules to help Cooper redeem himself.

What can you tell me about Sissy Spacek's character on Big Love? — Lorraine
MICKEY: The Oscar-winning actress plays Marilyn Densham, a Washington lobbyist who might be able to help Bill's political aspirations. At their first meeting, Bill mistakes her for a secretary. It gets weirder and more awkward from there.

Please tell me One Tree Hill's Taylor isn't really with Quinn's ex-husband! She already hooked up with Nathan, how can she be with her other sister's man now, too? — Genna
ADAM: Sorry, Genna, but Taylor's taste in men is vital to the drama that's to come. "It's like Hurricane Taylor," Robert Buckley tells us, adding that it won't just be Quinn who gets caught in the storm. "She has an impact on Clay and Quinn, and everyone, for that matter."

I was happy to see Renee return to 24, but she seems so damaged now. Whose thumb is next? — Richard
MICKEY: "Renee is going to do what she wants and you better hope you're not in her path," Annie Wersching tells us of her conflicted character. If you thought the thumb-chopping scene was severe, just wait.

Got any scoop about the new season of Damages? — Avery
ADAM: It's the year of Tom Shayes! While Patty is busy investigating the powerful Tobin family and its Ponzi scheme, Tom finally makes partner. Sadly, Tom's personal involvement in the Tobin case will lead to a number of devastating revelations.

When will we learn more about Ted on How I Met Your Mother? — Daphne
MICKEY: In an upcoming flashback, we see nice-guy Ted treat a girl like dirt. Dirt! The story plays counterpoint to one about Tiffany (Carrie Underwood) taking advantage of Ted. What goes around, comes around.

It's been months since the Mad Men season finale. Are you hearing anything about Season 4? Inquiring Maddicts wanna know! — Jeannie
ADAM: If you're one of those fans thinking (hoping?) that Betty and Henry start a life together in Reno and never return, you're out of luck. "I think that was just a quick trip," January Jones tells us. "She comes back, no worries." But show creator Matthew Weiner hints that every character can't be so certain of a return. "I tried to preserve a reality to that world and people should be worried," he says. "I tried to keep the consequences real. People don't get killed, like on The Sopranos, but people do get fired." Poor Sal!

On Chuck, when will things heat up again between Chuck and Sarah? — Yancey
MICKEY: Not quite yet. Instead, it seems that guest star Brandon Routh will fill Sarah's dance card for the time being. "Chuck goes out on a mission and we're guiding him. We have some face time for the first time together," he says. The tense mission leads to tension of another sort between the comely spies.

Mickey's Mega Rave: We already knew that Bill Lawrence and Courteney Cox had comedy chops, but Cougar Town's Christa Miller, Josh Hopkins, Busy Phillips, Ian Gomez, Brian Van Holt and Dan Byrd have the potential to become the best comedy ensemble since Cheers.

Adam's Mini Rant: Am I the only one really missing Paula Abdul on American Idol? She may not have made sense all the time, but at least she said something. So far, guest judges Victoria Beckham and Mary J. Blige have been virtually mute, giving Kara DioGuardi's petty comments way too much airtime.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Well at least now we know of one job that was created." — c_7777, on Sarah Palin joining Fox News as a correspondent

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