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What's the deal with Claire on Lost? That new promo seems to refute your little theory about her being a ghost. — O'Grady
Of the South Boston O'Gradys? You, sir, owe my great-uncle Shorty $472.68 for your outstanding bar tab! Your arrogance is as galling as your spendthriftiness! Ahem. While the image in question shows a distinctly Rousseau-esque Claire, it hardly proves that she's alive. But this might. Emilie de Ravin told us that she has a lot of scenes with Evangeline Lilly this season. Um, also there's this: "I think I'm alive, as far as I know," de Ravin told us. Remit payment at once, O'Grady!

What's coming up for Bailey on Grey's Anatomy? — Annie
Chandra Wilson will be directing again — not so coincidentally, it's the episode where Bailey's fling with the new boy-toy anesthesiologist (Eli Stone's Jason George) heats up. We hear the episode is steamy, with lots of romance and kissing scenes. Anyone else think Mr. George should be ready to do plenty of takes?

When the heck will Desperate Housewives give Susan a good story line?  — Carrie
I don't know if this story line will be good, but would you settle for unoriginal? I'm hearing that Teri Hatcher will yet again lock lips with a female co-star in an upcoming episode. I won't spoil her kissing partner for now, but I will say it won't be Gaby again and it won't be solicited.

Got any more details on Madchen Amick's role as Mac's new love interest on CSI: NY? — Clarisse
As a matter of fact I do. "[She and Mac] will bump into each other, literally," executive producer Pam Veasey tells me. "She is a hospital ER doctor, and we will visit her workplace many times." Look for Mac's first encounter with her in the March 10 episode.

What crazy things will Phil do next on Modern Family? — Amy
Last week Julie Bowen teased some sexytime between Claire and Phil, but she tells us there might be one obstacle: Facebook. "My husband has ex-girlfriends who get in touch with him and I have ex-boyfriends that get in touch with me, and we laugh about it. This being Modern Family though, it's going to take a twist for the worse," she says. That twist is the always enjoyable Judy Greer, who pops in to play Phil's unstable ex. This reminds me of that time that I reconnected with that girl from the gym who taught me how to stretch. Oh wait, that wasn't Facebook. Never mind!

I'm tired of NCIS scoops about Tiva. What about Abby or McGee? — Nolan
How about both? I recently cornered Pauley Perrette for her thoughts on developing the McGabby relationship. "There's a lot of flirtation going on; [they] will always love each other regardless of who they're with," she says. Perrette didn't say there'd be any new sparks, but she does think the two have much in common. "They're very compatible in their prowess as scientist and smartypants. There's a lot of respect that goes on there as well."

I'm thinking about dropping 90210 from my TiVo lineup. Say something to stop me from doing so. — Alexa
If you were unhappy with the mix of story lines in the fall episodes, imagine putting them all in a blender, leaving the cover off and hitting pulse a few times. Sure, some of your West Bev smoothie will spill out the top (never to be heard from again), but what's left inside the blender will recombine familiar ingredients in new and interesting ways. The romantics in the hizzy might enjoy the unexpected pairings planned for the spring run.

I miss Lie to Me. Any scoop on what to expect when the show returns? — Aidan
One of the team's next cases will focus on a youth center with ties to a murder. "There's a whole crime ring," Mekhi Phifer tells me. "Somebody on staff is sending the kids out and people are getting killed." Also be on the lookout for more of Ben Reynolds' personal life. "We're going to delve into what makes [him] tick," Phifer says. "We haven't delved into his home life yet or who he likes to date. We have a lot of room to play with."

Any How I Met Your Mother scoop? I'm tired of waiting for the mother. — Emily
Executive producer Craig Thomas tells us that we'll get another big hint come May sweeps, when The Wedding Bride Tony's movie about winning back Stella from Ted is released. Does that mean Sarah Chalke will be back? Craig was coy on the topic, but a source tells us you can slap-bet on it.

I can't believe Damages killed Tom! Any more bombshells coming? — Katelyn
Boy, are there! Look for two juicy reveals in the next episode, which present possible motives for Tom's murder. The first causes Tom to take a personal interest in the Tobin case and may also lead to the second. "Ellen starts to help me out in my quest [for revenge]," Tate Donovan tells me, "and things start to develop in a complicated, interesting way. That's all I'm going to say."

Margene! How dare she kiss Ben?! Please tell me Big Love will fix this. — Barrie
I wouldn't say fix exactly. Ben and Margene will come to terms about what happened, but the kiss might be just the first item on the list titled Crazy Things Margene Does This Season. This is a woman who works on live television, remember.

What can you tell me about how Clark will deal with Zod on Smallville? — Mark
Clark's going to need a little help. Enter The Green Arrow. "Oliver and Clark, instead of butting heads about everything, team up and find the usefulness in each other and the power of unity," Justin Hartley tells us. "They spend so much time griping at each other that it's fun to see them work together."

Adam's Mega Rave: Thank you, Damages, for a spellbinding opening hour that made me completely forget how ultimately forgettable most of Season 2 was. Between the twisty reveals and the absolutely stellar guest cast (major props to Campbell Scott and Martin Short), I'm totally re-hooked.

Mickey's Mini Rant: It's like the SAG Awards is a toddler who so admires his older brother — in this metaphor, the Golden Globes — that he imitates everything he does, including give awards to all the exact same people.

Reader Quote of the Week: "The other 90 minutes are her investing tips." — thenightstalker, on the Hallmark Channel's plan to turn over two-and-a-half hours of their daytime schedule to Martha Stewart

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