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POV Season 4 Episodes

11 Episodes 1991 - 1991

Episode 1

Twinsburg: Oh, Some Kind of Weird Twin Thing; Marc and Ann; Plena

Tue, Jun 25, 1991 60 mins

"Twinsburg, OH: Some Kind of Weird Twin Thing" visits a twins convention; "Marc and Ann" looks at Cajun music; "Plena" celebrates Puerto Rican folk music. Filmmakers: Sue Marcoux, Les Blank, Pedro A. Rivera and Susan Zeig.

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Episode 2

Honorable Nations

Tue, Jul 2, 1991 60 mins

Examined: efforts to renegotiate an 1892 land lease that has allowed residents of Salamanca, N.Y., to pay the Senecas "as little as a dollar a year rent for nearly a century." Included: comments from members of the Seneca Nation. W.S. Merwin narrates.

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Episode 3

Sea of Oil; Chemical Valley; Turn Here Sweet Corn

Tue, Jul 9, 1991 120 mins

A trio of films examining environmental crises: "Sea of Oil," "Chemical Valley" and "Turn Here Sweet Corn." Filmmakers include M.R. Katzke, Mimi Pickering, Anne Lewis Johnson and Helen De Michiel.

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Episode 4

Tongues Untied

Tue, Jul 16, 1991 60 mins

Filmmaker Marlon Riggs addresses the prejudices and stereotypes facing gay black men in America in a frank work that includes monologues; poems; "vogue" dancers; and an a capella doo-wop quartet.

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Episode 5

Berkley in the Sixties

Tue, Jul 23, 1991 120 mins

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Episode 6

A Little Vicious; Where the Heart Roams

Tue, Jul 30, 1991 90 mins

"A Little Vicious," about a dog sentenced to die; "Where the Heart Roams," about the romance-novel industry, with comments from Barbara Cartland and Janet Dailey.

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Episode 7

The Big Bang

Tue, Aug 6, 1991 90 mins

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Episode 8

Maria's Story

Tue, Aug 13, 1991 60 mins

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Episode 9

Homes Apart the Two Koreas

Tue, Aug 20, 1991 60 mins

In "Homes Apart: The Two Koreas," North and South Koreans and Korean-Americans describe the impact of the country's division on their lives. Included: comments from students, homemakers and businessmen. Narrated and co-produced by Christine Choy. Written by playwright David Henry Hwang ("M. Butterfly").

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Episode 10

Short Notice

Tue, Sep 3, 1991 60 mins

"Short Notice" features films diverse in subject matter and style. Included: "Crutemobile," about a young man and his used car; "Who's Going to Care for These Children?" an emotional look at AIDS babies; and "Mirror Mirror," reflecting perceptions of beauty.

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Episode 11

Casting the First Stone

Tue, Sep 3, 1991 60 mins

Filmmaker Julie Gustafson's "Casting the First Stone" presents portraits of people on both sides of the abortion controversy. Examined: how six activists, three pro-life and three pro-choice, make the "hard decisions of life" and how each has become involved in standing up for what she believes in.

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