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POV Season 1 Episodes

10 Episodes 1988 - 1988

Episode 1

American Tongues: Acting Our Age

Tue, Jul 5, 1988 120 mins

"American Tongues," a look at regional dialects; and "Acting Our Age," which features older women (ages 65 to 74) discussing the "stigma" of aging, body image, sexuality, family and politics.

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Episode 2

Fire From the Mountain

Tue, Jul 12, 1988 60 mins

Director Deborah Shaffer examines the Sandinista rebel forces in "Fire from the Mountain," based on the autobiography of Omar Cabezas, who led the July 1979 insurrection against Gen. Somoza's dictatorship. Filmed on location.

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Episode 3

Knocking on Armageddon's Door; Living With Aids

Tue, Jul 19, 1988 60 mins

"Knocking on Armageddon's Door," about survivalists who prepare for nuclear disaster by making fallout shelters; "Living with AIDS," which follows a 21-year-old AIDS patient.

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Episode 4

Rate It X

Tue, Jul 26, 1988 60 mins

Men are interviewed on the portrayal of women in advertising and pornography. Directed by Lucy Winer and Paula de Koenigsberg.

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Episode 5

Las Madres Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

Tue, Aug 2, 1988 60 mins

"Las Madres: The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo," about Argentine mothers protesting the "disappearances" of their children by picketing the presidential palace. Included: a history of modern Argentina. Carmen Zapata is the narrator.

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Episode 6

A Good Fight

Tue, Aug 9, 1988 90 mins

"The Good Fight" interviews American veterans who fought for the Loyalist cause in the Spanish Civil War. Included: the effects of American isolationism on morale; and their political motivations. Directors: Sam Sills, Noel Buckner, Mary Dore. Narrator: Studs Terkel.

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Episode 7

Metropolitan Avenue

Tue, Aug 16, 1988 60 mins

"Metropolitan Avenue" portrays several women in their fight to preserve their "little neighborhood in Brooklyn." Filmed in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg section. Producer Christine Noschese directs and narrates.

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Episode 8

Louie Bluie

Tue, Aug 23, 1988 60 mins

A portrait of Howard (Louie Bluie) Armstrong, one of the last major acoustic blues musicians in America, whose music has influenced modern blues, jazz, country-western, and rock and roll.

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Episode 9

The Gates of Heaven

Tue, Aug 30, 1988 90 mins

"Gates of Heaven" begins as a study of a pet cemetery, but evolves into a larger exploration of American ideology, family, mortality and spirituality. Directed by Errol Morris; filmed in Los Altos and Napa, Cal.

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Episode 10

The Best Boy

Tue, Sep 6, 1988 120 mins

"Best Boy" (1979) shows how a mentally disabled man achieved independence when he moved from his parents' house to a group home in Queens, N.Y. Directed by Ira Wohl.

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