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POV Season 3 Episodes

12 Episodes 1990 - 1990

Episode 1

Through the Wire

Tue, Jun 26, 1990 90 mins

A provocative documentary about three female convicts who served time in an underground prison in Kentucky. The three prisoners were convicted of politically motivated "nonviolent" crimes, and charge they were subjected to inhumane conditions. Susan Sarandon narrates.

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Episode 2

A Metamorphosis Man Into a Woman

Tue, Jul 3, 1990 60 mins

"Metamorphosis: Man into Woman," filmed over a three-year period, chronicles the transformation of an artist who believes "he is a woman, trapped in a man's body." Before he can be accepted for "sex reassignment" surgery, he must demonstrate that he can live as a woman for at least one year.

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Episode 3

On Ice; Larry Wright

Tue, Jul 10, 1990 60 mins

1. "On Ice" offers an irreverent look at cryonics---the practice of freezing a dead body for possible future resuscitation. 2. "Larry Wright" profiles a self-taught teen drummer. Filmmakers: Grover Babcock, Andrew Takeuchi ("On Ice"); Ari Marcopoulus, Maja Zrnic ("Larry Wright").

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Episode 4

A Letter to the Next Generation

Tue, Jul 17, 1990 60 mins

"Letter to the Next Generation" looks at college life at Ohio's Kent State 20 years after four students were killed by National Guardsmen during an antiwar demonstration. Included: comments by teachers and students.

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Episode 5

The Salesman

Tue, Jul 24, 1990 90 mins

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Episode 6

The Police Chiefs

Tue, Jul 31, 1990 60 mins

A study of three "Police Chiefs" in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Houston and their daily job pressures. Included: drug busts, police-citizen confrontations and SWAT raids. A 1989 film by Alan and Susan Raymond ("Police Tapes").

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Episode 7

Kamala and Raji

Tue, Aug 7, 1990 60 mins

In Ahmedabad, India, Kamala and Raji are two women fighting for equal rights and trying to persuade other workers to unionize. They believe that a better future is possible "if we get rid of the fear [of men] in our own minds."

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Episode 8

Golub and Days of Waiting

Tue, Aug 14, 1990 90 mins

"Golub" and "Days of Waiting" depict two American artists: Leon Golub; and Estelle Peck Ishigo (1899-1990), whose drawings capture life in a World War II U.S. internment camp, where she lived with her Japanese-American husband.

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Episode 9

Going Up, Green Streets, and the Blue Whale

Tue, Aug 21, 1990 90 mins

"Going Up," "Green Streets" and "Hugo and the Blue Whale" reveal the rhythms of urban life, including a time-lapse view of a skyscraper's construction; a look at New York community gardens; and a wry portrait of the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.

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Episode 10

The Motel

Tue, Aug 28, 1990 90 mins

Christian Blackwood's "Motel" profiles "people in motels," including three divorcées who run one in Santa Fe (N.M.); three guests at a motel near the Arizona State Prison; and a couple who took over a ghost-town hotel.

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Episode 11

Teatro; Ossian the American Boy-Tibetan Monk

Tue, Sep 4, 1990 90 mins

"Teatro!" about a Honduran theater company; and "Ossian: American Boy/Tibetan Monk" profiling a 12-year-old at a Nepal monastery, which he entered at age 4.

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Episode 12

People Power

Tue, Sep 11, 1990 60 mins

Ilan Ziv's "People Power," about nonviolent opposition to governments in Chile, on the West Bank and in the Philippines, focusing on "ordinary individuals who choose to fight their oppressors with resistance, instead of guns."

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