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POV Season 5 Episodes

11 Episodes 1992 - 1992

Episode 1

Color Adjustment

Mon, Jun 15, 1992 90 mins

"Color Adjustment" studies the changing image of blacks on TV, from "Amos and Andy" to "The Cosby Show." Among those interviewed: Diahann Carroll, Norman Lear, Tim Reid, Esther Rolle, David Wolper. Narrated by Ruby Dee.

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Episode 2

An Intimate Stranger

Mon, Jun 22, 1992 60 mins

Home movies help trace the life of businessman Joseph Cassuto (1905-74), an "Intimate Stranger" to his family because he spent 11 months out of every year in Japan. Filmed by his grandson Alan Berliner.

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Episode 3

Finding Christa

Mon, Jun 29, 1992 60 mins

"Finding Christa," about artist Camille Billops' separation from and reunion with the daughter she put up for adoption in 1961. Included: comments from Camille, Christa and her adoptive mother, Margaret Liebig.

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Episode 4

The Last Images of War; The Longest Shadow

Mon, Jul 6, 1992 120 mins

"Last Images of War," profiling four photojournalists killed in Afghanistan; "The Longest Shadow," on oppression in Bulgaria. Filmmakers: Stephen Olsson, Scott Andrews and Kalina Ivanov.

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Episode 5

A Season in Hell

Mon, Jul 20, 1992 60 mins

Profiling a Lexington, Ky., bulimia sufferer who discusses her condition and how she became adept at concealing it. "I could have won an Academy Award for the lies I told," she says.

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Episode 6

Promise Not to Tell

Mon, Jul 27, 1992 60 mins

"Promise Not to Tell" documents a mid-1980s sexual child-abuse case that divided a family in Utah. Included: comments from Gay Hadfield, whose children accused their father. A film by Rhea Gavry.

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Episode 7

Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest

Mon, Aug 3, 1992 60 mins

"Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest" focuses on a civil suit brought by a fan who claimed the band's music incited his suicide attempt.

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Episode 8

Fast Food Women; Takeover

Mon, Aug 10, 1992 90 mins

A double bill: profiles of "Fast Food Women" working for low wages; and the "Takeover" of vacated houses by the homeless. Included: protests against HUD; footage of a "tent city" being destroyed in Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park.

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Episode 9

Faith Even to the Fire

Fri, Aug 21, 1992 60 mins

Three Catholic nuns discuss "what they claim is an unresponsive, authoritarian church." Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Sylvester Ryan responds to their comments. Co-producer Sylvia Morales narrates.

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Episode 10

Louisiana Boys Raised on Politics

Mon, Aug 31, 1992 60 mins

"Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics" covers the state's political history, including Govs. Huey Long, Earl Long, Jimmie Davis. Also: comments from Louisiana mayors, residents and political consultants.

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Episode 11

Roger and Me

Mon, Sep 28, 1992 120 mins

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