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POV Season 8 Episodes

10 Episodes 1995 - 1995

Episode 1

Leona's Sister Gerri

Thu, Jun 1, 1995 60 mins

Filmmaker Jane Gillooly's 1995 documentary, "Leona's Sister Gerri," focuses on a graphic photograph of a dead woman whose body was found following a botched abortion. The hour includes interviews with the woman's sister, two daughters and best friend.

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Episode 2

Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter

Tue, Jun 6, 1995 60 mins

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Episode 3

A Satya Prayer for the Enemy; No Place Like Home

Wed, Jun 14, 1995 60 mins

Two films about perseverance: "Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy," an account of peaceful protests by Tibetan nuns against the Chinese rule, and "No Place like Home," which chronicles a Seattle family's struggle to find permanent housing.

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Episode 4

Out of Sight

Tue, Jun 20, 1995 90 mins

"Out of Sight" uses interviews and reenactments to relate the experiences of Diane Starin, who lost her vision at 18 months due to cancer of the optic nerve. The program follows her everyday activities and examines the problems she's faced, including her rocky relationship with an older man who has a drinking problem.

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Episode 5

Uprising of 34

Sun, Jun 25, 1995 90 mins

Recalling "The Uprising of '34," a strike by Southern textile-mill workers that sent an estimated 400,000 to the picket lines. Events preceding the strike are described by participants. Included: archival footage of strikers; how "company towns" controlled mill employees.

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Episode 6

Lighting the 7th Fire

Tue, Jul 4, 1995 60 mins

This documentary on the plight of Wisconsin's Chippewa is punctuated by shocking footage of natives, whose spear-fishing activities have been vehemently opposed by locals. Included: the 19th-century U.S.treaty protecting the native tradition; and interviews detailing the hostility of protestors, who often shout racial slurs.

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Episode 7

Twitch and Shout

Tue, Jul 11, 1995 60 mins

A look at individuals with Tourette's syndrome, including a New Yorker who talks about her "eyebrow thing"; and the NBA's Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson), whose tics have become a part of his game. Photojournalist Lowell Handler narrates.

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Episode 8

Home Economics

Tue, Jul 18, 1995 60 mins

A look at life in California's Antelope Valley, a community of modern housing developments some 50 miles from Los Angeles. Included: comments from residents on the value of homeownership and the stresses of commuting.

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Episode 9

Dealers Among Dealers

Tue, Jul 25, 1995 90 mins

Following the activities of buyers, sellers and gem cutters who work in New York City's "diamond district." Included: comments from the purchasers of an uncut stone that sold for more than $10 million; how Jewish traditions have shaped the business.

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Episode 10

Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business

Fri, Oct 6, 1995 90 mins

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