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POV Season 9 Episodes

12 Episodes 1996 - 1996

Episode 1

Taking on a Kennedy

Tue, May 28, 1996 60 mins

"Taking on the Kennedys" follows Kevin Vigilante's 1994 attempt to defeat Patrick Kennedy in the Rhode Island race for U.S. Congress. Included: how the Kennedy name helped Patrick's fund-raising efforts.

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Episode 2

Palente Siempre Palante! The Young Lords

Sat, Jun 1, 1996 60 mins

"Palante Siempre Palante! The Young Lords" is filmmaker Iris Morales's look at the group of young, Puerto Rican activists of the '60s and '70s in New York. The hour includes interviews with former members; and footage from various protests and activities.

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Episode 3

Personal Belongings

Tue, Jun 11, 1996 60 mins

Filmmaker Steven Bognar incorporates interviews, home movies and archival footage into a profile of his father Bela, a Hungarian who fled after participating in a 1956 rebellion. Included: Bela's first return to his homeland in 1986; an annual reunion of Hungarians in Cleveland.

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Episode 4

A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

Tue, Jun 18, 1996 60 mins

A profile of Audre Lorde, the black poet (1934-92), who wrote about being a feminist lesbian. Included are interviews with Lorde, filmed over eight years, as well as comments from colleagues and family members.

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Episode 5

A.K.A. Don Bonus

Tue, Jun 25, 1996 60 mins

Using the videotaped memoirs of a Cambodian-born San Francisco high-school senior, this installment tells the story of a family's efforts to prosper in America. Included: footage of filmmaker Sokly Ny's family; recollections of their departure from Cambodia in 1979.

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Episode 6

No Loans Today

Tue, Jul 2, 1996 60 mins

A look at struggling businesses in South Central Los Angeles, an area that still carries the scars of the 1992 riots. Included: comments from entrepreneurs and men with criminal records who can't find work. Also: longtime residents recall better times.

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Episode 7

The Transformation

Tue, Jul 9, 1996 60 mins

Filmmakers Susana Aikin and Carlos Aparicio profile Ricardo, an HIV-positive man who lived as a transvestite on New York City streets. Ricardo has since renounced his homosexuality, accepted God and married a woman with the help of a member of a Dallas church ministry.

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Episode 8

The Women Outside

Tue, Jul 16, 1996 60 mins

Interviews with Korean women who work in the "military sex industry" near American bases form the basis of this chronicle of the hardships they face because of their trade. Included: how economic realities drive some women into prostitution.

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Episode 9

Just for the Ride

Tue, Jul 23, 1996 60 mins

Exploring the world of female rodeo competition. Included are interviews with Hall of Famers Fern Sawyer and Jan Youren and a visit to the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Texas. Also: bronco-busting lessons at Youren's rodeo school; archival footage.

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Episode 10

Remembering Wei Yi-Fang, Remembering Myself/Xich-Lo

Tue, Jul 30, 1996 60 mins

"Remembering Wei Yi-fang, Remembering Myself," about black filmmaker Yvonne Welbon's years in Taiwan. "Xich-Lo (Cyclo)" recalls M. Trinh Nguyen return to Vietnam (her birthplace), after years of living in America.

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Episode 11

Taken for a Ride

Tue, Aug 6, 1996 60 mins

A look at the role the auto industry may have played in the demise of trolley-car systems throughout the U.S. Included: how a company funded largely by GM took over mass transit in more than 80 U.S. cities and quickly began cutting service; archival footage.

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Episode 12

Maya Lin's Strong Clear Vision

Wed, Nov 27, 1996 90 mins

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