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POV Season 21 Episodes

15 Episodes 2008 - 2008

Episode 1

Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep North

Tue, Jun 24, 2008 87 mins

The 21st-season opener features "Traces of the Trade: A Story From the Deep North," an exploration of filmmaker Katrina Brown's slave-trading ancestors, the Rhode Island DeWolfs. She and nine relatives (including Tom DeWolf, author of "Inheriting the Trade") retrace the old slave-trading route, including stops in Bristol, R.I., Ghana and Cuba.

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Episode 2

Election Day

Tue, Jul 1, 2008 87 mins

The election-day experiences of voters in 2004 are chronicled via 12 stories that focus on, among others, busy moms, ex-felons, factory workers, Native American activists and poll-watchers.

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Episode 3

The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez

Tue, Jul 8, 2008 87 mins

Tommy Lee Jones narrates the story of Esequiel Hernández Jr., an 18-year-old American high-school student who was killed by U.S. Marines during an incident along the Texas-Mexico border in 1997. Included: interviews with his parents and friends, and the Marines on patrol.

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Episode 4

The Last Conquistador

Tue, Jul 15, 2008 57 mins

The fallout from sculptor John Houser's statue honoring conquistador Juan de Oñate (1552-1626) in El Paso. While considered a hero by some, Indians view Oñate through different eyes: He and his soldiers killed many of their people following attacks on his soldiers.

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Episode 5

9 Star Hotel

Tue, Jul 22, 2008 57 mins

The experiences of young Palestinian men who illegally work in the construction trade in the Israeli city of Modi'in. Included: their hopes for the future.

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Episode 6


Tue, Jul 29, 2008 57 mins

The workings of Japanese politics are chronicled through the eyes of a political neophyte who is chosen by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to run for a seat on the Kawasaki City Council.

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Episode 7

Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music

Tue, Aug 5, 2008 87 mins

The 1969 documentary "Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music" captures the Man in Black on stage and off. Included: performances with June Carter Cash and Bob Dylan.

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Episode 8

Belarusian Waltz

Tue, Aug 12, 2008 57 mins

A profile of Belarusian activist-performance artist Alexander Pushkin, whose inventive protests against the repressive regime of president Aleksandr Lukashenko have gone unheeded by his fellow citizens, including his father and sister, who seem content with the status quo.

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Episode 9

The Judge and the General

Tue, Aug 19, 2008 57 mins

Human-rights abuses in Pinochet-era Chile are investigated by Chilean Judge Juan Guzmán. Included: the case of a sociology professor who supposedly died in an auto accident after being taken into custody by the authorities; the story of a woman who was forced to choose between turning in her daughter, who was in hiding, and her granddaughter's life.

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Episode 10

Calavera Highway

Tue, Sep 16, 2008 87 mins

"Calavera Highway" follows brothers Armando and Carlos Peña, who piece together their family history while returning their mother's ashes to Texas. Along the way, they reunite with their five brothers and try to learn what became of their father, who was deported to Mexico in 1954.

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Episode 11

Critical Condition

Tue, Sep 30, 2008 87 mins

"Critical Condition" chronicles the experiences of four Americans without health insurance, including a doorman battling a chronic-liver disease; a woman with Stage 3 ovarian cancer; a diabetic warehouse manager and a chef with a back deformity.

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Episode 12

In the Family

Wed, Oct 1, 2008 87 mins

"In the Family" tells the story of 27-year-old filmmaker Joanna Rudnick, who tested positive for the BRCA genetic mutation, which means there's a strong chance she'll develop both breast and ovarian cancer. While pondering whether to take preventive measures (a double masectomy and oophorectomy), she explores how other women have dealt with similar situations. Included: remarks from Dr. Mary-Claire King, the University of Washington medical geneticist who discovered the "breast cancer gene."

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Episode 13

Up the Yangtze

Wed, Oct 8, 2008 87 mins

"Up the Yangtze" explores the impact of China's Three Gorges Dam project by following two Chinese teenagers who work on a Yangtze River cruise ship. One is the daughter of an impoverished farmer, the other is a son of China's new middle class, but both are affected by their rapidly developing nation.

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Episode 14

Soldiers of Conscience

Thu, Oct 16, 2008 87 mins

"Soldiers of Conscience" explores the moral quandaries soldiers face in wartime through the stories of two conscientious objectors; two men who served in Iraq, then refused to return; and three Iraq War veterans still on active duty. Included: insights from Maj. Peter Kilner, a West Point professor of ethics.

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Episode 15


Wed, Dec 10, 2008 87 mins

The sobering "Inheritance" explores the stories of Monika Hertwig, the daughter of Nazi war criminal Amon Goeth (the commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp near Krakow) and Helen Jonas-Rosenzweig, who was forced to work as a maid in Goeth's house. In an attempt to come to terms with the past, the two meet at the site of the camp, tour Goeth's house and recall another common link: Oskar Schindler, who was friends with Hertwig's parents and, also, saved Jonas-Rosenzweig and her sisters.

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