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Love, American Style Season 4 Episodes

23 Episodes 1972 - 1973

Episode 1

Love and the Triple Threat; The Know It All; The Sensuous Twin; The Perfect Wife

Tue, Sep 5, 1972 60 mins

1. Warren Berlinger plays three flipped-out characters involved in a scheme to break up a romance. 2. Anita Gillette as the wife of a fathead husband (Jack Cassidy). 3. A set of twins---one a swinger, one a square played by Sandra Dee. 4. A recipe for the perfect wife with Burns and Schreiber.

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Episode 2

Love and the Cheaters; The Love Nest; Amateur Night; The Unbearable Fiance

Fri, Sep 22, 1972 60 mins

1. The story of a philandering husband and his unconcerned wife. Jack Klugman and Brett Somers. 2. Bob Dishy as an inadvertent peeping Tom. Marian Hailey, Ruth McDevitt. 3. A talent-show host who can't escape contestants---even on his wedding night. Peter Marshall. 4. A tale of a girl who wants to marry a bear. Werner Klemperer and Peggy Cass.

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Episode 3

Love and the New Act; Overnight Guests; Lucky Couple; The Mail Room

Fri, Sep 29, 1972 60 mins

1. A song-and-dance duo come up with a new instrument: the man's head. Paul Winchell and Gwen Verdon. 2. A date with a stripper isn't everything Bill Bixby wishes it were. 3. Harvey Lambeck as a philanderer caught in a hotel publicity stunt. 4. A handle-with-care story of a girl who wants to mail herself far away. Susan Sennett and Michael Burns.

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Episode 4

Love and the New You; The Girlish Groom; The Wishing Star; The Oldly Weds

Fri, Oct 6, 1972 60 mins

1. Cass Elliot and Shecky Greene transformed into elegantly beautiful lovers. 2. Peter Kastner's in drag---and in trouble---when he meets his fiancee's parents. 3. Sam Jaffe as a lonely old wood carver; Soupy Sales as the fiery godfather who tries to grant his fondest wish. 4. Richard Deacon and Nancy Wilson as parents trying to dissuade their daughter from marrying a senior citizen. Ruth: Cheryl Miller. Phil: Cyril Delevanti.

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Episode 5

Love and the Spaced Out Chick; Dear Old Dad and Mom; The High School Sweetheart

Fri, Oct 13, 1972 60 mins

1. Michele Lee as a far-out chick---she says she's from Venus. 2. A tale of talkative women and the men who tune them out. Roger Bowen and Audrey Meadows. 3. Alice Ghostley and Michael Constantine in a story of jealousy aroused by an old sweetheart's visit. 4. A traveling salesman in trouble over the farmer's daughter. Erica Hagen and Bill Daily.

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Episode 6

Love and the Disappearing Box; The Confession; Old Flames; The Hip Arrangement

Fri, Oct 20, 1972 60 mins

John Myhers as a magician whose prop makes people vanish; a Siamese-twins caper, with Arnold Margolin and his brother Stuart.

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Episode 7

Love and the Jinx; The Old Swingers; The Happy Medium; The Black Book

Fri, Oct 27, 1972 60 mins

1. Ken Berry's courting a girl who seems to court accidents. 2. Irene Ryan and Lou Jacobi as swinging senior citizens. 3. John Astin's going to end it all, but first he wants to meet a girl from the great beyond. 4. A little black-book caper with Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon.

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Episode 8

Love and the Return of Raymond; The President; The Clinic; The Perfect Wedding

Fri, Nov 3, 1972 60 mins

1. Honeymooners are interrupted by a dog the bride thinks is her reincarnated former husband. 2. About a First Family caught at its worst by an 8-year-old photographer. Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffreys. 3. A middle-aged couple at a sex clinic. Norman Fell. 4. What the participants of a perfect wedding really think. Brenda Sykes and Mike Evans.

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Episode 9

Love and the Hairy Excuse; Lady Luck; The Pick-up

Fri, Nov 10, 1972 60 mins

1. Dick Shawn pretending he's a werewolf ... to explain why he spends nights out. 2. A bride is bitten by the gambling bug. Catherine Burns and Todd Susman. 3. A couple decides to put some pizazz in their marriage. Loretta Swit and Herb Edelman.

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Episode 10

Love and the Mystic; The Tycoon; The Christmas Punch

Fri, Nov 17, 1972 60 mins

1. George Kirby as a mercenary mystic helping out a friend in need. 2. A wallflower's dream: she's being courted by a tycoon. Susan Tolsky and Jackie Coogan. 3. A slapstick story about Christmas Eve.

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Episode 11

Love and the Women in White; The Secret Life, The Caller; The Swing Philosophy

Fri, Nov 24, 1972 60 mins

1. A plot to snare a luscious nurse. Larry Storch and Linda Scott. 2. Frank Sutton takes dance lessons that could lead to disaster. 3. A story about an obscene phone caller. Austin Pendleton and Fredricka Weber. 4. Roger Perry is a square whose new job depends on his conversion to a swinging personality. Lynn Carlin and Craig Stevens.

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Episode 12

Love and the First Kiss; The Impressionist; The Super Lover

Fri, Dec 1, 1972 60 mins

1. About the cave man's invention of the kiss. Allen Garfield and Ahna Capri. 2. A showcase for Rich Little as an impressionist who can be anybody but himself. 3. A milquetoast turns superlover. Hamilton Camp.

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Episode 13

Love and the Out of Town Client; The Secret Habit; The Ghost

Fri, Dec 8, 1972 60 mins

1. Imogene Coca as the terribly confused wife of a philandering tycoon. 2. An embarrassing date for a shy guy and an ex-nun. Michele Marsh and Michael Brandon. 3. William Windom as the groom-to-be haunted by the ghost of his dead wife. Betsy Palmer.

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Episode 14

Love and the Legend; The Sexpert; The Cryptic Gift; The Family Hour

Fri, Jan 5, 1973 60 mins

1. Joanna Barnes as a wife possessed by a romantic ghost. 2. About a young man who's always being mistaken for a sex-book author. Todd Susman, Dick Gautier. 3. The slightly macabre tale of a gift cemetery plot. Liz Torres and Bert Convy. 4. The difficulties of getting started on a family. James Hampton and Elaine Giftos.

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Episode 15

Love and the Face Bow; The Impossible Gift; The Love Kit

Fri, Jan 12, 1973 60 mins

1. Orthodontia lead a honeymoon couple to romantic disaster. Wendell Burton, Cindy Williams. 2. A something-for-the-man-who-has-everything story. Ann Rutherford, William Dozier. 3. How a jealous friend can spoil a romance. Donna Douglas, Stuart Margolin.

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Episode 16

Love and the Missing Mister; The Old Lover; The Twanger Tutor

Fri, Jan 19, 1973 60 mins

1. A couple is reunited after his 30-year stay on a South Pacific island. Ruth Buzzi and Kenneth Mars. 2. Comedy about an old-fashioned lover and a new-morality girl. William Daniels and Sissy Spacek. 3. A rich but illiterate bumpkin tries to romance an erudite tutor. Roy Clark, Jessica Walter and Larry D. Mann.

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Episode 17

Love and the Singing Suitor; The Wee He Unmarriage

Fri, Jan 26, 1973 60 mins

1. A warbling Warren Berlinger as a shy junior executive who takes musicals to heart: he's courting his secretary in song and dance. 2. Billy Barty as a mechanical elf that a pair of honeymooners can't turn off. 3. A story about a girl who likes the idea of living with her boy friend better than marrying him. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson play her parents.

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Episode 18

Love and the Laughing Lover; The Perfect Setup; The Hand Maiden; The Hot Spell

Fri, Feb 2, 1973 60 mins

1. Charles Nelson Reilly and Kelly Jean Peters as honeymooners with the giggles. 2. A story about Platonic cohabitation. Victoria Principal and Michael Burns. 3. A model who is willing to remove everything---except her gloves. Michele Lee. 4. A post-hypnotic suggestion triggers a wedding-day comedy. Mike Farrell and Patricia Stich.

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Episode 19

Love and the Trampled Passion; The Anniversary; The Playwright

Fri, Feb 9, 1973 60 mins

1. How to get the Latin dancer upstairs to drop in. Caroline: Susan Tolsky. 2. Family affair with John Carradine and son Keith, Rosemary De Camp and daughter Valerie. 3. A story about a playwright who tests his plots on his gullible wife. Joyce Van Patten.

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Episode 20

Love and the Favorite Family; The Baby Derby; The Burglar Joke

Fri, Feb 16, 1973 60 mins

1. A family that portrays itself in a TV sitcom. June Lockhart, William Schallert. 2. Brothers compete for an inheritance: first one to marry and have a baby, wins. John Davidson and Wes Tregoe. 3. A burglary victim mistakes the perpretrator for a practical joker.

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Episode 21

Love and the Vertical Romance; The Happy Family; The Crisis Line

Fri, Feb 23, 1973 60 mins

1. A newlywed with an unusual pet peeve---he can't stand beds. Albert Salmi and Karen Morrow. 2. Fate forces the partners of a nice boy-girl relationship to live together. Kim Hunter and Murray Hamilton. 3. A story about an emotional-crisis hot-line and the girls who man the phones. Fabian and Gary Burghoff.

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Episode 22

Love and the Soap Opera; Mr. and Ms. The Mind Reader

Fri, Mar 2, 1973 60 mins

1. A dingaling hooked on soap operas. Sarah Kennedy and Kay Ballard. 2. The trials of married lawyers who share bed, board and duties in the public defender's office. Peter Kastner and Victoria Principal. 3. How to help a buddy meet a girl. Danny Goldman.

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Episode 23

Love and the End of the Line; The Postal Meeter; The Growing Romance

Fri, Mar 9, 1973 60 mins

1. Point at issue: a vasectomy vs. a family. Howard Da Silva and Carmen Zapata. 2. Deception through the mails in a pen-pal caper. Ben Murphy and Jim Connell. 3. All about a plant doctor who falls for one of her green-thumb customers. E.J. Peaker, Rich Lenz and Mary-Robin Redd.

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