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Love, American Style Season 3 Episodes

22 Episodes 1971 - 1972

Episode 1

Love and the Penal Code; The Loud Mouth; Formula 26B

Fri, Sep 17, 1971 60 mins

1. Ken Berry as a married man assaulted by two love-starved women. 2. Yvonne Craig plays a bride whose tooth filling picks up radio broadcasts. 3. A tale about an aphrodisiac used not wisely but too well. Stefanie Powers, Christopher George.

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Episode 2

Love and the Hotel Caper; The Anniversary Crisis; The Conjugal Visit; The Monsters; The Dream Burglar

Fri, Sep 24, 1971 60 mins

1. Tony Roberts as a sailor with three female companions. 2. Lou Jacobi as a grandfather seeking a divorce. Bella: Kay Medford. 3. Conjugal visits for prison inmates. Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller. 4. James Darren in monster makeup. Melba: Maud Adams. 5. A dreamy mix-up involving a burglar. Kay Ballard, Stubby Kaye and Larry Storch.

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Episode 3

Love and the Traveling Salesman; The Neglected Wife; The Artful Dodger

Fri, Oct 1, 1971 60 mins

1. The old routine about the traveling salesman and the farmer's daughter. Jeannine Riley and Dick Gautier. 2. A neglected wife tries to reawaken a spark in hubby. Michele Lee, Roger Perry. 3. A plan to get the services of a cleaning lady without paying for them. Burgess Meredith, Eve McVeagh.

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Episode 4

Love and the Water Bed; The See Through Man; The Television Weekend; The Ledge

Fri, Oct 8, 1971 60 mins

1. One thing leads to another for a water-bed-demonstration man. Bernie Kopell, Anita Gillette. 2. Nancy Walker as a woman who sees right through her son-in-law. 3. William Windom as an extremely successful swinger. Bert Convy, Pat Delany. 4. An 18-story leap is the plan of a dejected Robert Morse.

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Episode 5

Love and the Mixed Marriage; The Detective; The Wakeup Girl; The Guilty Conscience

Fri, Oct 15, 1971 60 mins

1. Farce about a jealous husband and a vacuum-cleaner salesman. Jo Anne Worley, Richard X. Slattery. 2. Story of a novice detective checking out a hood's girl friend. Charles Nelson Reilly and Louisa Moritz. 3. An answering-service girl poses as a client's blind date. E.J. Peaker. 4. A tale about an unexpected pregnancy. Alice Ghostley, Joe Flynn.

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Episode 6

Love and the Awakening; The Naked Stranger; The Four-Sided Triangle; The Bashful Groom

Fri, Oct 22, 1971 60 mins

1. Elaine Giftos as a sweet young actress who has to do a passionate love scene---and it just isn't in her. 2. A comedy of errors about a stranger in a hotel room. Joyce Van Patten, Ronnie Schell. 3. A four-sided triangle with Karen Valentine, Dick Gautier, Ruta Lee and Elliott Street. 4. Pat Paulsen is the shy groom at a nude wedding ceremony.

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Episode 7

Love and the Lovesick Sailor; The Sex Survey; The Reincarnation; The Mistress

Fri, Oct 29, 1971 60 mins

1. A sailor is hot to trot after 11 months away, but his mother wants him home. Peter Kastner, Joan Blondell. 2. A sex-survey sketch with Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley. 3. Reincarnation in a tale about a scholastic archaeologist. Robert Reed, Marianne McAndrew, Eric Christmas. 4. A husband discovers the magic of a mistress. Kenneth Mars.

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Episode 8

Love and the Sweet Sixteen Well Groomed Bride; The Married Bachelor; The Vacation

Fri, Nov 5, 1971 60 mins

1. Arte Johnson is on trial for 16 counts of bigamy. 2. A tale of a bride and a persistent ex-suitor. The Lennon Sisters. 3. Monte Markham as a bachelor pretending to be married so he can stay single. 4. A slapstick saga about separate vacations. Milton Berle.

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Episode 9

Love and the Big Mother; The Old Cowboy; The Free Weekend; The Jealous Husband

Fri, Nov 12, 1971 60 mins

1. How to cut a mother's apron strings. Jo Anne Worley, Milt Kamen. 2. An old cowboy star is miffed about his ex-wife's lies on a TV talk show. John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan. 3. How to impress a girl. Don Grady, Pat Carroll. 4. A drastic cure for a jealous husband. Jerry Van Dyke, Jessica Walter. 5. A pregnant divorcee who can't shake her ex. Gail Fisher, Johnny Brown and Ivan Dixon.

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Episode 10

Love and the Eyewitnesses; The Plumber; The College Professor; The Lady Barber

Fri, Nov 19, 1971 60 mins

1. Witnessing a bank robbery ruins a honeymoon. Jack Burns. 2. The sink's plugged---or how to snare a husband. Louise Lasser, Howard Morris. 3. A sexy coed is willing to give a lot for a good grade. Professor: Shelley Berman. 4. Sad saga of a balding customer and a lady barber who digs well-maned men. Frank Sutton, Ann Prentiss and Joe Besser.

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Episode 11

Love and the Eskimo's Wife; The Tuba; The Accidental Passion; Black Limousine;

Fri, Dec 3, 1971 60 mins

1. A bit about Eskimo wife-sharing stars former Detroit Lion Alex Karras. 2. A tale of newlyweds stuck in a tuba. Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. 3. An accident victim with an unusual symptom: an increased sex drive. E.J. Peaker, Warren Berlinger. 4. Tale of a worried mom and dad who think their daughter might marry a mobster. Pippa Scott.

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Episode 12

Love and the Bowling Ball; The Hiccups; The Liberated Lady Boss

Fri, Dec 10, 1971 60 mins

1. How to cash a million-dollar check written on a girl's tummy. Nina Wayne, Roy Stuart. 2. About a man torn between his fiancee and bowling. Sid Caesar, Kathleen Nolan. 3. Hiccups, or how to ruin a wedding night. 4. Nanette Fabray plays a romantic predator.

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Episode 13

Love and the Particular Girl; The Fountain of Youth; The Bachelor Waitress

Fri, Dec 17, 1971 60 mins

1. A comic karate lesson. Helen: Stefanie Powers. 2. A story about a middle-aged Lothario on a youth trip. Richard Deacon, Anne Archer. 3. Paul Lynde as a best friend who's always coming to dinner. 4. How not to propose marriage---at a restaurant where your ex-wife is a waitress. Bob Crane, Abby Dalton.

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Episode 14

Love and the Intruder; The Doctors; The Honeymoon; The Contact Lens; The Motel Mixup

Fri, Dec 31, 1971 60 mins

1. An evening of love is interrupted by a burglar. Alan Sues. 2. The trials that come with marriage to a lady M.D. Jo Ann Pflug, Don Galloway. 3. Comedy about a missing contact lens. Eve Arden, Michele Lee. 4. What's in store for a teen-age couple trying to register at a motel. Desi Arnaz Jr. and Heather Menzies.

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Episode 15

Love and the Lady Killer; The Single Sister; The Lady Athlete; Size 8

Fri, Jan 7, 1972 60 mins

1. A lesson in male braggadocio. Peter: Jack Burns. 2. The trials of a jilted sister. Diane: Judy Carne. 3. Michael Callan as an athlete with a double identity problem. Wilma: Tina Louise. 4. A chubby suitor with the weighty problem of having a slimmed-down girl friend. Duncan: Alex Henteloff. Patti: Shelly Fabares.

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Episode 16

Love and the Security Building; The Happy Unhappy Couple; The Big Surprise

Fri, Jan 14, 1972 60 mins

1. A blind-date comedy, with Pat Paulsen as the pleasantly pleased date. 2. How to convince a happy couple that they're not happy at all. Louis Nye and Jo Anne Worley. 3. Stefanie Powers as a wig-wearing wife. Soupy Sales. 4. A comedy about a restaurant turning topless. Dwayne Hickman, Susan Howard. 5. A ski instructor on his honeymoon can't get his mind off the slopes. Ron Harper, Beth Brickell and Victor Rogers.

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Episode 17

Love and the Bathtub; The Advice Column; The Fullback; The Guru; The Physical

Fri, Jan 21, 1972 60 mins

1. Wedding-day slapstick when the bride's toe gets stuck in the faucet. Julie Newmar. 2. About a letter to an advice columnist. Judy Carne. 3. Max Baer as a fullback with a bride to hide. 4. The effects of meditation on a marriage. Les: Frank Sutton. 5. How to give a guy a physical without his knowing what's coming off. Pat Harty, Gary Vinson.

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Episode 18

Love and the Anxious Mama; The Boomerang; The Private Eye

Fri, Jan 28, 1972 60 mins

1. About a mama anxious to marry off her daughter. Renata Vanni, Deborah Walley and Dick Curtis. 2. A one-time steady beau decides to step out on his girl. Arte Johnson, Anita Gillette and Dick Patterson. 3. An animated tale of an egotistical private detective. Richard Dawson, Cynthia Adler speak the parts.

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Episode 19

Love and the Plane Truth; The Scroungers; The Small Wedding

Fri, Feb 4, 1972 60 mins

1. A plane in trouble: the setting for a husband to reveal past indiscretions. Rich Little, Joyce Van Patten. 2. How to live off Hollywood while breaking into pictures. John Davidson and Karen Valentine. 3. How not to plan a small wedding. Diane Baker, Jim Hutton, Cheryl Miller and Frances Spanier.

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Episode 20

Love and the Latin Lover; The Test of Manhood; The Bachelor Party; The Old Fashioned Father

Fri, Feb 11, 1972 60 mins

1. A Latin Lover faces the ultimate challenge. 2. An ancient test of manhood for a modern Indian bridegroom (Tom Nardini). 3. How not to sell a bachelor on marriage. 4. A cartoon pilot about an old-fashioned father caught between the hip generation and a reactionary neighbor. Tom Bosley speaks the father's part.

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Episode 21

Love and the Instant Father; The Lovers' Lane; The Split Up; The Lovely Evening; The Alibi

Fri, Feb 18, 1972 60 mins

1. About faking fatherhood to impress a divorcee. Corbett Monica, Pat Delaney. 2. An embarrassing moment on lovers' lane. Dick Sargent and Janis Hansen. 3. Using a pooch to mend a splitting marriage. Denise Nicholas, John Amos. 4. How to change a boring class reunion into an eventful evening. Jack Mullaney, Roger Perry and Francine York. 5. All about the foolishness of alibiing. James Stacy and Shari Lewis.

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Episode 22

Love and the Happy Days; The Newscasters

Fri, Feb 25, 1972 60 mins

1. Nostalgic tale about the first TV set on the block. Ron Howard, Marion Ross and Harold Gould. 2. Two TV newscasters vie for the favors of a network bigwig. Ruta Lee, Carl Ballantine and Reva Rose.

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