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Love, American Style Season 2 Episodes

16 Episodes 1970 - 1971

Episode 1

Love and the Father; The Motel; Operation Model; The Sack; The Triangle

Fri, Sep 25, 1970 60 mins

1. A father skips prison to attend his daughter's wedding. Keenan Wynn, Judy Strangis. 2. Trials of a motel rendezvous with Barbara Rush and Harry Morgan. 3. The old you-ought-to-be-a-model routine. Karen Jensen, Bill Callaway and Albert Brooks. 4. Love by mail.

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Episode 2

Love and the Nurse; The Young Executive; The Old Boyfriend

Fri, Oct 2, 1970 60 mins

1. Arte Johnson as a patient who falls for a disinterested nurse. 2. John Davidson as an amorous mailroom boy with executive ambitions. George: Tony Young. 3. Milton Berle meets his wife's ex-boy friend who is living in poverty.

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Episode 3

Love and the Intruder; The Psychiatrist; The Lost Dog; The Hypnotist

Fri, Oct 9, 1970 60 mins

1. A man burglarizes his ex-wife. John Astin and Abby Dalton. 2. A tale of a romantic triangle. Larry Hagman and Corinne Camacho. 3. Irene Ryan as a widow with a novel way of meeting men. 4. Rich Little plays a hypnotized groom with Burgess Meredith as the celebrating minister.

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Episode 4

Love and the Elopement; The Understanding Happy Couple; The Visitor

Fri, Oct 23, 1970 60 mins

1. Karen Valentine, Davy Jones and Arch Johnson in a sketch about a mixed-up elopement. 2. Naomi Lewis as the understanding wife of a philandering husband (Jim Backus). 3. Conning a bequest out of a millionaire is the plan of a divorced couple pretending to be happy. Jan Murray and Sue Ane Langdon. 4. A very human gorilla is the third party in a triangle with an anthropologist and her husband. Anne Francis, William Windom and Janos Prohaska.

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Episode 5

Love and the Eskimo; The Haunted House; The Nuisance Decision

Fri, Oct 30, 1970 60 mins

1. Allen doesn't count on the custom of wife-sharing when he invites his Eskimo friend to make himself at home. Bill Bixby, Marlyn Mason. 2. A night in a deserted cabin scares the daylights out of Walter and his fiancee. Frank Sutton, Vincent Price and Ruth Buzzi. 3. Joyce Van Patten plays a pesky girl in pursuit of a fortune hunter. 4. Pat Paulsen can't choose between two prospective marriage partners.

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Episode 6

Love and the Pen Pals; The Big Date; The Longest Night; The Champ

Fri, Nov 27, 1970 60 mins

1. Pen pals meet after 18 years of corresponding. Diane Keaton, Monte Markham. 2. Two roommates compete on TV for a date with a gorgeous but dumb actress. Angus Duncan and Vince Cannon. 3. Heading for a splashy Las Vegas wedding, a sailor and his girl end up in a dusty town. Roger Miller, Maureen Arthur. 4. What to do when a champion boxer insults your wife. Godfrey Cambridge, Sonny Liston and Ketty Lester.

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Episode 7

Love and the Man Next Door; The Fur Coat

Fri, Dec 18, 1970 60 mins

1. The last use a couple of honeymooners want to make of their suite is a government stake-out of the place next-door. Michael Callan and Mary Ann Mobley. 2. The grass isn't always as green or smokeable, as two anxious parents discover. John McGiver and Ann B. Davis. 3. How to buy a fur coat for your best girl---and keep your wife from finding out. Stu Gilliam and Sonja Dunson.

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Episode 8

Love and the Only Child; The Kidnaper; The Wig

Fri, Jan 8, 1971 60 mins

1. A married lady goes home to mother and finds her parents are splitting up, too. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Heather North. 2. Tommy Smothers is a novice kidnapper. 3. A brunette in a blonde wig arouses her husband's interest. Mimi Hines and Phil Ford.

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Episode 9

Love and the Serious Wedding; Murphy's Bed; The Cake; The Neighbor

Fri, Jan 22, 1971 60 mins

1. A disagreement about wedding plans with E.J. Peaker and Paul Winchell as practical jokers. 2. An electric Murphy bed provides a hiding place for several people. 3. Julie Newmar as the girl who pops out of the cake at a convention. 4. A caper about an annoying neighbor. James Farentino, Michele Lee.

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Episode 10

Love and the Vampire; The Nutsy Girl; The Big Game

Fri, Jan 29, 1971 60 mins

1. Stranded newlyweds are offered shelter by ghoulish host Tiny Tim. 2. A triangular affair with Jerry Van Dyke, Ross Martin and a model. 3. Jack Klugman and Ann Elder lose at bridge and are convinced they've been the target of cheaters.

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Episode 11

Love and the Tattoo; The Arctic Station; The Pulitzer Prize

Fri, Feb 5, 1971 60 mins

1. What Gary Collins needs to get off his chest is the name Erna. 2. The lonely men at an Arctic weather station prepare for a sexy visitor. Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker. 3. A lodge owner tries to prevent an unmarried couple from spending the night together. Will Geer, Roger Perry and Leslie Parrish.

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Episode 12

Love and the New Roommate; The Rug; Bakers Half Dozen; The Second Time

Fri, Feb 12, 1971 60 mins

1. Christopher Connelly and Debbie Watson trying to hide their marriage from her mother. 2. Bill Bixby as a wig-wearer who lets the thing go to his head. 3. A wedding cake nobody needs is a problem for baker Alan Sues. 4. It's the second time around for Archie and Edith. Jack Albertson, Joan Bennett.

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Episode 13

Love and the Pregnancy; The Logical Explanation; The Boss; The Jury

Fri, Feb 19, 1971 60 mins

1. Libby is having her first baby, but it's her hubby who's having the pains. Jo Anne Worley and Paul Lynde. 2. Bob Crane has to explain the black panties his wife found in the car. 3. A tale about possible wife-cheating. Lou Jacobi and Jane Axell. 4. A problem between disagreeing jurors. Joan Hackett, Richard Mulligan.

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Episode 14

Love and the Love Potion; The Heist; The Teddy Bear

Fri, Feb 26, 1971 60 mins

1. Polly (Tammy Grimes) resorts to a Chinese love potion to get some action out of her boyfriend. 2. Hermione Gingold and Phyllis Diller play women's-lib advocates who pursue the theory of diamonds-are-a-girl's-best-friend by burglarizing a jewelry store. 3. Arlene Dahl and Don Porter are parents with a problem.

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Episode 15

Love and the Duel; The Young Unmarrieds; The Note

Fri, Mar 5, 1971 60 mins

1. A weird weapon is the focus of a duel between a press agent (George Lindsey) and a Latin American (Cesar Romero). 2. About the unwedded bliss of two teen-agers living together. Brad David and Jane Actman. 3. James Brolin as an office swinger who receives a batch of mash notes.

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Episode 16

Love and the Housekeeper; The Groupie; Women's Lib; The Fuzz

Fri, Mar 12, 1971 60 mins

1. Tale of a sloppy housewife, with Harry Guardino and Valerie Harper. 2. About a phony rock star. Warren Berlinger, Angel Thompkins. 3. Michael Callan as a reporter in drag doing a story on women's lib. 4. About love and a cop. Shelley Fabares.

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