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Love, American Style Season 5 Episodes

15 Episodes 1973 - 1974

Episode 1

Love and the Plane Fantasy; The Tellers Tale; The Swinging Surgeon; The Last Respects

Fri, Sep 14, 1973 60 mins

1. An airline passenger has a Walter Mitty-type fantasy about the girl across the aisle. Gary Burghoff and Barbara Rucker. 2. A banker is trapped in the vault with a designing female. Ken Berry and Penny Fuller. 3. A surgeon with roving hands is on a date with a prim miss. Martin Sheen, Phyllis Elizabeth Davis. 4. An aging prostitute pays her last respects to the judge who wouldn't run her out of town. Joan Blondell, Herby Faye.

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Episode 2

Love and the Lifter; The Comedienne; The Lie; The Suspicious Husband

Fri, Sep 21, 1973 60 mins

1. Comic John Byner as a pickpocket whose heart is stolen by a young admirer (Sarah Kennedy). 2. Phyllis Diller as an insult comedienne afraid her act is hurting her husband's feelings. 3. About a man who uses his famous brother's reputation to impress a girl. Dennis Dugan and Stuart Whitman. 4. Tale about a suspicious spouse who hires a detective to follow his wife. Sam: Lou Jacobi. Rita: Jane Connell. Carl: Joshua Shelley.

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Episode 3

Love and the Seven Year Wait; The Golden Memory; The Novel; The See Through Mind; Heavy Set

Fri, Sep 28, 1973 60 mins

1. Mary Ann Mobley and Gary Collins as about-to-be-weds who've been waiting seven years for her missing husband to be declared legally dead. 2. David Doyle as a tourist looking for his wartime romance in a dingy London pub. 3. Jim Hutton and Jo Anne Pflug as a writing team getting very involved in their latest love story. 4. Morey Amsterdam in a tale about a jealous mind reader who knows when other men are leering at his wife (Tina Louise). Larry: Fred Grandy. 5. Kay Medford as a worried mama trying to arrange a blind date for her chubby daughter. Alma: Carole Ita White. Judy: Patricia Ann Michaels.

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Episode 4

Love and the Memento; The Stutter; The Single Husband; High Spirits

Fri, Oct 5, 1973 60 mins

1. Dick Shawn as an unhappy heir in a story about the disposal of a hamburger king's fortune. 2. Roddy McDowall plays a dentist who stutters when he's in love. 3. Michael Callan as a swinger pursued by marriage-hungry women. 4. Pearl Bailey and Ossie Davis in a tale about a medium trying to make contact with a desirable client. Yvonne: Ketty Lester.

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Episode 5

Love and the Pretty Secretary; The Fibula; The Bonded Separation

Fri, Oct 12, 1973 60 mins

1. Tale about a lawyer too much in love with his feather-brained secretary to fire her. Leo: Austin Pendleton. 2. A broken leg puts a groom in the hospital on his wedding night. Robert: Dick Gautier. 3. Alice Ghostley and Frank Sutton as marrieds trying a separation under the same roof. Paul: Roy Stuart.

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Episode 6

Love and the Hoodwinked Honey; The Secret Spouse; The Cozy Comrades

Fri, Oct 19, 1973 60 mins

1. A gangster's romance is ruined by a police raid. Andrews: Jerry Orbach. 2. Two newlyweds try to hide their marriage from her father. 3. Bill Russell plays a basketball star who treats his roommate like a slave. 4. About the rapport between a Soviet dignitary and a chambermaid. Ivan: Kurt Kasznar. Gladys: Gloria LeRoy.

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Episode 7

Love and the Opera Singer; Lady Prisoner; Weighty Problem; Fortunate Cookie

Fri, Nov 2, 1973 60 mins

1. Avery Schreiber as an operatic tenor who's a lady's man. 2. About a blind date inside prison walls. Reva Rose, Gino Conforti. 3. A once-plump fiancee returns to her man with a new figure. Pat Finley, Warren Berlinger. 4. Two executives vie for a lovely secretary's attentions. Linda Bush plays the pursued lady.

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Episode 8

Love and the Persistent Assistant; Eats Cafe; Unsteady Steady; The Clinical Problem

Fri, Nov 9, 1973 60 mins

1. A nightclub hypnotist's assistant is suffering from unrequited love for her boss. Ann B. Davis. 2. A traveling salesman is waylaid by romance in a roadside cafe. Bob Denver. 3. Story of a budding relationship in a junior high school. Brandon Cruz, Bert Convy. 4. Comic spoof of sex clinics with Stiller and Meara.

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Episode 9

Love and the Big Top; The Unwedding; The Blacksmith; Odd Couples

Fri, Nov 16, 1973 60 mins

1. A tale about attempted intrigue in a circus trapeze act. Beverly Garland, Robert Pine. 2. Two students take a stand against the institution of marriage. Michael Burns and Jennifer Salt. 3. Loretta Swit and Richard Shull in a story about a love-smitten locksmith. 4. A divorce court fiasco involving two couples who want to change partners. Alex Dreier, Ron Masak, Jackie Joseph, Marty Brill and Karen Morrow.

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Episode 10

Love and Man of the Year; The Time Machine; The Blue Plate Special

Fri, Nov 23, 1973 60 mins

1. Monty Hall plays a comedian who neglects his family to do charity benefits. 2. A young scientist tries to win a girl with the aid of a time machine. Charlie Martin Smith. 3. A woman comes up with a novel idea to keep her beau interested. Bob Crane, Valorie Armstrong. 4. Lorna Luft as a waitress who wins the heart of a pop artist. Peter: Todd Crespi.

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Episode 11

Love and the Hidden Meaning; Love and the Model Apartment; The Weirdo Three-timer

Fri, Nov 30, 1973 60 mins

1. Martha Raye as an irate reader of a Jacqueline Susann novel. 2. A young couple dreams up a unique honeymoon retreat. Davy Jones, Kathleen Cody. 3. A swinger tries to win a girl who thinks the stars are against their union. Peter Marshall. 4. One boy with three girl friends. Dennis Cole. 5. Two oldsters try to patch up their kids' rocky marriage. Nanette Fabray and Dick Van Patten.

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Episode 12

Love and the Spendthrift; The Awkward Age; The Generation Gasp

Fri, Dec 7, 1973 60 mins

1. A multi-millionaire finds that money cannot buy his secretary's affections. Henry Gibson, E.J. Peaker. 2. A woman is afraid to tell her husband how old she really is. Joyce Bulifant, Art Metrano. 3. A wealthy patriarch with heirs to spare and the possibility of begetting more. Nehemiah Persoff and Beth Brickell.

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Episode 13

Love and the Cryin' Cowboy; The Cover; Carmen Lopez

Fri, Dec 28, 1973 60 mins

1. Country singer Mel Tillis as a musician who can only write songs when he is lovelorn. 2. A husband whose marriage is a cover for spy work. Doc Severinsen. 3. A tale about the romances that flourish among the inhabitants of a lavish estate. Carmen Zapata, Vito Scotti.

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Episode 14

Love and the Patrolperson; The Flying Finletters; The Itchy Condition; The Golden Worm; The Extra Job

Fri, Jan 4, 1974 60 mins

1. A policeman meets his new, female patrol partner. Anita Gillette and Kenneth Mars. 2. About amorous affairs among airline personnel. Steve Forrest and Skye Aubrey. 3. Tale of a romance between two itch-ridden people. Marian Mercer, Bill Fiore. 4. An attempt to arrange a marriage between two reluctant kids. Philip Ahn, Keye Luke. 5. A girl with an original way to earn money for law school. Sue Lyon and Frank Bonner.

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Episode 15

Love and the Image Makers; The Forever Tree; The Phobia, The Competitors; Mr. Bunny

Fri, Jan 11, 1974 60 mins

1. A political candidate falls in love with his female opponent. James Hampton and Anne Randall. 2. Wistful lovers are kept apart for 50 years. Elaine Joyce, Robert Morse. 3. Story of a girl with a phobia about men's apartments. Arlene Golonka. 4. A battle of the sexes with Bobby Riggs and Rosemary Casals. 5. A man cannot sleep without his special clock. Larry Storch, Joyce Van Patten.

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