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Love, American Style Season 1 Episodes

24 Episodes 1969 - 1970

Episode 1

Love and the Couple of Couples; The Hustler; The Pill

Mon, Sep 29, 1969 60 mins

1. An ex-wife makes matters difficult for her former husband who's about to give his new fiancee her ring. Yvonne Craig, Michael Callan and Penny Fuller. 2. An ace pool player meets a lovely novice who chalks up a cue. Flip Wilson, Gail Fisher. 3. How to get your daughter to take the Pill on her swinger's tour of Europe. Jane Wyatt, Robert Cummings.

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Episode 2

Love and the Living Doll; The Letter; The Joker; The Unlikely Couple

Mon, Oct 6, 1969 60 mins

1. A scheme to gain the attentions of a pretty neighbor. Arte Johnson and Marlyn Mason. 2. An immigrant falls for his teacher. Margaret O'Brien and Robert Clary. 3. About a lovestruck practical joker. Larry Storch, E.J. Peaker. 4. A story of two puzzled parents.

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Episode 3

Love and the Phone Booth; Love and the Door Knob

Mon, Oct 13, 1969 60 mins

1. Peter Kastner as a shy country boy looking for a date. Pamela Austin, Dwayne Hickman. 2. A doorknob is a source of consternation for Newlyweds. Gary Lockwood, Stefanie Powers. Doctor: Paul Hartman.

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Episode 4

Love and the Legal Arrangement; The Militant; Who

Mon, Oct 20, 1969 60 mins

1. A separated couple with unseparated housing arrangements. Bill Bixby and Connie Stevens. 2. A college president is confronted by a militant with designs on the secretary. Stu Gilliam and Chelsea Brown. 3. Fred's New Year's Day hangover headache includes a new marriage license he's got to explain.

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Episode 5

Love and the Modern Wife; The Phonies; The Single Couple

Mon, Oct 27, 1969 60 mins

1. Tale of a husband disgruntled at his wife's modern marriage course. Patricia Crowley and Bob Crane. 2. Putting on airs at a party can't fool the phony-detectors Phyllis Diller and Richard Deacon. 3. What to do when your coed daughter has a male roommate. Michael Anderson Jr., Diana Ewing and Don Porter.

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Episode 6

Love and the Dating Computer; Love and the Busy Husband; Love and the Watchdog

Mon, Nov 3, 1969 30 mins

1. Broderick Crawford and Herb Edelman as victims of a dating computer mismatch. 2. Emmaline Henry as a wife who tries to recapture her busy husband's (Dick Patterson) attentions. 3. Michael Callan and Penny Fuller as happily remarried divorcees who are hassled by a watchdog's hay fever and acrophobia, and its constant need to be walked.

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Episode 7

Love and Take Me Along; The Advice Givers; The Geisha

Mon, Nov 10, 1969 60 mins

1. Ozzie Nelson as an unmarried reverend; Harriet as his single companion. 2. Well-intentioned advice and the problems it can lead to. Les Crane, Tina Louise and Aldo Ray. 3. How an old flame can kindle a fire in a marriage. Red Buttons, Carolyn Jones.

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Episode 8

Love and the Wild Party; The Roommate; The Burglar

Mon, Nov 17, 1969 60 mins

1. The dancing is anything but square at a swinging party attended by two hayseeds (Peter Palmer and Jeannine Riley). 2. A roving bachelor story with Ted Bessell. 3. A story about a burglar (Noel Harrison) and the lady he victimizes (Judy Carne).

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Episode 9

Love and the Former Marriage; The Good Deal; The Big Lead

Mon, Nov 24, 1969 60 mins

1. John Filmore's ex-wife still calls him in every emergency---and so does her new husband. John: Carl Betz. 2. The hassle of finding a special bed for a tiny apartment. Corie: Skye Aubrey. 3. A tale about a sky-diving wedding. Ralph: Rich Little.

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Episode 10

Love and Mother; The Dummies; The Athlete; The Shower

Mon, Dec 1, 1969 60 mins

1. Three is definitely a crowd when a new bride's mother shows up to spend the night in the happy couple's room. Shelley Fabares, Chris Connelly, Kay Medford. 2. Love between two shy ventriloquists who let their dummies do all the talking. Shari Lewis, Paul Winchell. 3. How to tell a lady athlete that she's really a man. Pamela Curran, Marty Allen. 4. A divorce shower complete with everything for the newly single man---including two new young ladies. Henry Gibson, Joe Flynn.

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Episode 11

Love and the Mountain Cabin; Divorce Sale; Comedy Team

Mon, Dec 8, 1969 30 mins

1. A wedding night turns into a search for $75,000 reportedly hidden in the honeymooners' cabin. Arnold: Peter Marshall. Eileen: Leslie Parrish. 2. Andrew Prine and Lesley Warren as a couple who end their marriage with a hippie-type divorce sale. Punjab: Jesse White. 3. Comedy writers (Jack Carter, Ruta Lee) struggling to complete a script get outside interference from her not-so-understanding groom-to-be (Regis Philbin). Mrs. Landers: Mabel Albertson. Minister: William O'Connell.

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Episode 12

Love and the Bachelor; The Other Love; The Positive Man

Mon, Dec 22, 1969 60 mins

1. Brandon de Wilde as a bachelor who lays down the law to his overprotective mother. 2. If anything breaks up the marriage of Rob and Pat, it will be Rob's all-consuming love for his new sportscar. David Hedison, Mary Ann Mobley. 3. Five-foot-three Marvin Glassmire aspires to win the heart of the statuesque Sylvia. Mrs. Glassmire: Ann Rutherford.

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Episode 13

Love and the High School Flopout; The Bed; The Medium

Mon, Dec 29, 1969 60 mins

1. A sensitive and embarrassingly inexperienced teen-ager is railroaded into taking home a very worldly waitress. Barry Gordon, Melodie Johnson. 2. The battle for ownership of a brass bed involves Peter (Roger Perry), his neighbor (Sue Lyon)---and the rebirth of the Colonial courtship custom of bundling. 3. Mme. Zygmundt (Vivian Vance) is a medium with a mission: she plans to marry her client (George Gobel).

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Episode 14

Love and the Fighting Couple; The Proposal; The Pick-up

Mon, Jan 5, 1970 60 mins

1. A recipe for marital bliss: fight a lot. Shecky Greene and Mariette Hartley. 2. Ways to wriggle out of a marriage proposal. Warren Berlinger and Joan Van Ark. 3. How to solve the troubles of a month-old marriage. Ed Byrnes and Patricia Harty.

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Episode 15

Love and the Gangster; Mr. Nice Guy; The Bosses Ex

Mon, Jan 12, 1970 60 mins

1. A big-time gangster (Nehemiah Persoff) uses strong-arm methods to keep men away from his 19-year-old daughter. 2. A little guy (Wally Cox) loves a woman who likes big, mean men. 3. To stop paying alimony, an executive (Ray Walston) pays an underling to marry his ex-wife.

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Episode 16

Love and the Big Night; Those Poor Crusaders Wives; V.I.P. Restaurant

Fri, Jan 23, 1970 60 mins

1. A strait-laced matron (Kay Ballard) finds her husband (Shelley Berman) at a topless restaurant. Carol: Julie Bennett. Gloria: Connie Kreski. 2. A poor square (Tony Randall) stops for a sandwich and loses his clothes to a thief. 3. Monte Markham as a man who gets stuck in a medieval chastity belt on his wedding night. April: Dorothy Provine.

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Episode 17

Love and the Nervous Executive; The Hitchhiker; The Great Catch

Fri, Jan 30, 1970 60 mins

1. Paul Lynde plays an executive cracking under the strain of working with an ultra-attractive secretary. 2. An eager lad's visions of seduction pale before his date's hangups on organic foods and great causes. Earl: Bob Denver. Tippy: Joey Heatherton. 3. A surprise visit from Adam West starts a tug of war between a husband and wife who have different matchmaking ideas. Phyllis: Nanette Fabray.

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Episode 18

Love and the Banned Book; The First Nighters; The King

Fri, Feb 6, 1970 60 mins

1. A jealous husband (Burt Reynolds) wants to know where his wife (Elizabeth Ashley) got the material for her sexy best-seller. 2. A teenage couple attempt to be sophisticated when they check into a motel. 3. A happily married man tries to live down his reputation as King of Swingers. Bob: Herb Edelman.

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Episode 19

Love and the Co-ed Dorm; The Optimist; The Teacher

Fri, Feb 13, 1970 60 mins

1. Coed-dorm life is a real eye opener for student Stanley Stein (Don Grady). And so's his roommate (Karen Valentine). 2. A loser in love (Jo Anne Worley) and a loser in life (Hal Buckley) contemplate taking a loss together: a big leap off a building. 3. When his son flunks sex education, a painter of nudes (Orson Bean) figures it's time for a talk with the teacher (Bridget Hanley). Marsha: Anita Mann.

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Episode 20

Love and the Many Married Couples; The Uncoupled Couple; The Safely Married Man

Fri, Feb 20, 1970 60 mins

1. Newlywed movie stars have been down the aisle many times before, as a TV interviewer reminds them. Steve Allen, Jack Cassidy and Jayne Meadows. 2. When to say "I do" creates turmoil in a nurse-intern romance. Greg Morris, Janee Michelle. 3. Janine doesn't date single men, so Zack pretends to be married---and the father of two children. Beth Brickell, Ronnie Schell, Judy Knaiz.

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Episode 21

Love and Las Vegas; The Good Samaritan; The Marriage Counselor

Fri, Feb 27, 1970 60 mins

1. Nice guy Freddy gets into hot water when he helps a shapely neighbor fix her faucet. 2. Lovebirds Harvey (Bill Dana) and Judy (Ann Prentiss) have second thoughts when they visit a commercial Las Vegas wedding chapel. Elmo: Edward Everett Horton. 3. Two squabbling business partners seek unusual help: a marriage counselor. Jerry: Jim Backus. Ben: Ken Murray. Paul: Bernie Kopell.

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Episode 22

Love and the Grandma; The Other Guy

Fri, Mar 6, 1970 60 mins

1. A young girl visits her grandmother and learns that granny's living with a gentleman. Paul Ford, Ruth McDevitt and Meredith MacRae. 2. A boyfriend is upset when his girl allows a male neighbor to sleep in her spare bedroom. Corbett Monica, Donna Douglas and Gary Collins.

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Episode 23

Love and the Fly; The Millionaire; Double Trouble

Fri, Mar 13, 1970 60 mins

1. There's a very real fly in the ointment of a marriage: the wife keeps one as a pet. Darren McGavin, Suzanne Pleshette. 2. A couple enjoys a game of make-believe spending. Forrest Tucker, Jane Kean. 3. The American-bred son of a Middle Eastern ruler is given two fiancées.

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Episode 24

Love and the Minister; The Geisha; The Singles

Fri, Mar 27, 1970 60 mins

1. Hell hath no fury like a minister scorned---and forced to perform the nuptials of his beloved. Susan: Claudine Longet. 2. Norman (Red Buttons) is torn by three loves: the wife (Carolyn Jones) who left him, a geisha---and every sportscast on TV. 3. Trevor (Mel Torme) has his business-trip accomodations in a swinging singles apartment. Then his wife (Joyce Van Patten) arrives to cheer her supposedly lonesome hubby.

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