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Cheyenne Season 4 Episodes

13 Episodes 1959 - 1960

Episode 1

Blind Spot

Mon, Sep 21, 1959 60 mins

A sinister plot interrupts Cheyenne's efforts to unite a family split by the Civil War. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Ashley: Adam West. Ruth: Jean Byron. Henshaw: Barry Kelley. Clairborne: John Litel. Martin: Dan Sheridan. Meadows: George Eldredge.

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Episode 2

The Reprieve

Mon, Oct 5, 1959 60 mins

Cheyenne poses as robber Wes McQueen to find the late crook's hidden loot. Clovis: Connie Stevens. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Billy: Tim Considine. McQueen: Don Megowan. Martin: Ron Hayes. Duke: Hal Baylor. Travis: Malcolm Smith.

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Episode 3

The Rebellion

Mon, Oct 12, 1959 60 mins

Cheyenne gets mixed up in a murder plot while delivering printing equipment. Maria: Faith Domergue. Juarez: Frank de Kova. Andre: Paul Dubov. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Cardenas: Rudolph Acosta. Montez: Carlos Romero. Carla: Carmen Austin.

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Episode 4

Trial by Conscience

Mon, Oct 26, 1959 60 mins

Taking a cue from "Hamlet," Cheyenne uses an old stage trick to trap a killer. Avalon: Jeff York. Jenny: Pat Crowley. Lacy: Richard Garland. Pruett: Don Beddow. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Actor: John Holland. Moosh: Steve Mitchell. Decker: John Cason.

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Episode 5

The Imposter

Mon, Nov 2, 1959 60 mins

Cheyenne hires on as a ranch hand to investigate murder and fraud. Magruder: Peter Whitney. Bill: James Drury. Derwent: Robert McQueeney. Bassing: Mickey Simpson. Henry: Addison Richards. Secretary: Kasey Rogers. Colorado: Duane Gray. Texas: John Parks.

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Episode 6

Prisoner of Moon Mesa

Mon, Nov 16, 1959 60 mins

Cheyenne faces a hostile countryside when he replaces a popular foreman. Ellen: Madlyn Rhue. Lassiter: Robert F. Simon. Wes: Bill Cord. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Edwards: Russ Bender. Mason: Chuck Wassil. Nelson: George Kennedy. Evans: Willard Callis.

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Episode 7

Gold, Glory and Custer---Prelude

Mon, Jan 4, 1960 60 mins

Part 1. Shortly before the battle of Little Big Horn, Cheyenne helps look for gold on Sioux land---gold that could start a rush ... or a war. Custer: Barry Atwater. Irene: Julie Adams. Reno: Liam Sullivan. Caldwell: Stacy Keach. Benteen: Edward Kemmer. Joe: Tim Graham.

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Episode 8

Gold, Glory and Custer---Requiem

Mon, Jan 11, 1960 60 mins

Conclusion. Cheyenne is court-martialed for desertion at the battle of Little Big Horn. Reno: Liam Sullivan. Bell: Lorne Greene. Benteen: Edward Kemmer. Irene: Julie Adams. Singing Waters: Andra Martin. Sheridan: Larry Dobkin.

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Episode 9

Riot at Arroyo Seco

Mon, Feb 1, 1960 60 mins

Shooting the son of a prominent citizen wasn't the most popular act of Cheyenne's career---but it was the only way to stop a lynch mob. Tobin: Wynn Pearce. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Beth: Whitney Blake. Harry: Harry Lauter. Noler: Don Haggerty. Benson: James Bell.

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Episode 10

Apache Blood

Mon, Feb 8, 1960 60 mins

Cheyenne sides with a white man raised by Apaches when a vengeful character tries to break up his marriage. Free: Scott Marlowe. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Purdy: Stuart Randall. Rheba: Lisa Montell. Chotah: Robert Warwick. Jenny: Lois Rayman.

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Episode 11

Outcast of Cripple Creek

Mon, Feb 29, 1960 60 mins

Disgusted by corruption, Cheyenne resigns as marshal and is promptly jailed---but his successor can't keep the peace alone. Lockhart: Rhodes Reason. Jeanny: Lisa Gaye. Ackelroyd: Whit Bissell. Dix: Jerry Brent. Banner: Robert J. Wilke. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Boylan: Hal Baylor.

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Episode 12

Alibi for the Scalped Man

Mon, Mar 7, 1960 60 mins

A bridegroom disappears and Cheyenne is jailed on a trumped-up murder charge. Sheriff Emmett: Richard Coogan. Celia: Mala Powers. Angus Emmett: R.G. Armstrong. Kingsley: Ross Elliott. Riker: Tom Gilson. Jane: Saundra Edwards.

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Episode 13

Home Is the Brave

Mon, Mar 14, 1960 60 mins

The enemies of a dead hero try to prevent his honorable burial. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Thompson: John Howard. Prescott: John Archer. Maria: Donna Martell.

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