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Cheyenne Season 5 Episodes

13 Episodes 1960 - 1961

Episode 1

The Long Rope

Mon, Oct 3, 1960 60 mins

Cheyenne returns to his old home---and an old feud with the man who organized a lynching when Cheyenne was still a child. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Baker: Donald May. Parma: Peter Whitney. Ruth: Merry Anders. Moriarty: Alan Baxter. Warren: James Hurst.

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Episode 2

Counterfeit Gun

Mon, Oct 10, 1960 60 mins

Cheyenne goes after the murderous thieves who stole a gold shipment he was guarding. Francie: Lisa Gaye. Murdock/ Scott: Robert Lowery. Julio: Vito Scotti. Sheriff: Ray Teal. Morgan: K.L. Smith. Tully: William Mims. Jipson: Jack Reitzen.

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Episode 3

Road to Three Graves

Mon, Oct 31, 1960 60 mins

Delivering mine equipment, Cheyenne runs into a feud between rival mine owners. Tower: Jason Evers. Tuk: Alan Hale. Loza: Joe De Santis. Alice: Jean Byron. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Parks: James Seay. Perez: Carlos Romero.

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Episode 4

Two Trails to Santa Fe

Mon, Nov 28, 1960 60 mins

When Cheyenne rescues an Apache woman who was to be killed for marrying a white man, the braves attack a near-by settlement. Aleeah: Sonja Wilde. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Burch: Robert Colbert. Brandon: Richard Webb. Amy: Randy Stuart. Riggs: Walter Reed. Mary: Gayla Graves.

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Episode 5

Savage Breed

Mon, Dec 19, 1960 60 mins

A buffalo hunt turns into a war of nerves after Cheyenne accuses a hard-driving sheriff of cheating at cards. Lestrade: Ray Danton. Hanson: Charles Briggs. Naylor: Walter Coy. Carr: Carlyle Mitchell.

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Episode 6

Incident at Dawson Flats

Mon, Jan 9, 1961 60 mins

Arriving at a friend's wedding, Cheyenne becomes the target in a murder plot that could turn into a massacre. McIntyre: Jock Gaynor. Selma: Joan O'Brien. Bostrum: Gerald Mohr. Jasper: Hampton Fancher. Cyrus: Morris Ankrum.

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Episode 7

Duel at Judas Basin

Mon, Jan 30, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne, Bronco Layne and Sugarfoot battle a trapper suspected of selling guns to Indians. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Hanson: Jacques Aubuchon. Stewart: Alan Caillou. Grant: Ed Prentiss.

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Episode 8

The Return of Mr. Grimm

Mon, Feb 13, 1961 60 mins

A hate-filled father arranges a lynching for Cheyenne to avenge the death of his son, killed while resisting arrest. Grace: Anita Sands. Grimm: R.G. Armstrong. Miller: Stephen Roberts. Mason: Myron Healey. Russell: Sherwood Price. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Connors: John Alvin.

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Episode 9

The Beholden

Mon, Feb 27, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne no sooner brings a robber in than a marshal releases him. Grant: Don Megowan. Mercer: John Hubbard. McGuire: Max Baer. Scott: Robert Foulk. Harriet: Patrice Wymore. Perkins: Hanley Stafford.

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Episode 10

The Frightened Town

Mon, Mar 20, 1961 60 mins

Outlaws take over an entire town, but only Cheyenne is willing to help the marshal (Andrew Duggan). Harriet: Angela Greene. Tully: Myron Healey. Gorrell: James Griffith. Callow: Max Baer.

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Episode 11

Lone Patrol

Mon, Apr 10, 1961 60 mins

A stubborn cavalry captain ignores Cheyenne's advice---and leads his patrol into certain slaughter. Dailey: Evan McCord. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Sarah: Dawn Wells. O'Bannion: Stacy Keach. Patterson: Brad Weston. Tarbo: Ollie O'Toole.

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Episode 12

Massacre at Gunsight Pass

Mon, May 1, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne's in the middle when Indians attack the stage in which he and his prisoner are traveling. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Eldorado: Sherwood Price. Powder Face: X Brands. Potosi: Jack Elam. Antoinette: Pat Michon.

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Episode 13

The Greater Glory

Mon, May 15, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne gets aid from Billy the Kid in foiling land-grabbers. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Roy: William Sargent. Mary: Susan Crane. Donovan: Tod Griffin. Jones: William Phipps.

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