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Cheyenne Season 2 Episodes

20 Episodes 1956 - 1957

Episode 1

The Dark Rider

Tue, Sep 11, 1956 60 mins

Murder enters the dealings when Cheyenne gets involved with a charming swindler (Diane Brewster). Lattimer: Myron Healey. Thurston-Wells: Gilchrest Stuart.

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Episode 2

The Long Winter

Tue, Sep 25, 1956 60 mins

Cheyenne hires out as a cowhand and is assigned to watch the herd with two other men. Trouble arises when he tries to stop one of them from annoying a woman who lives nearby. Kelso: Robert J. Wilke. Bushrod: Tom Pittman. Susan: Fay Spain.

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Episode 3

Death Deals the Hand

Tue, Oct 9, 1956 60 mins

Cheyenne gets mixed up with a schoolteacher and crooked gamblers on a riverboat to St. Louis. Caroline: Pat Tiernan. Price: Walter Reed.

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Episode 4

The Bounty Killers

Tue, Oct 23, 1956 60 mins

Cheyenne unwittingly helps a marshal who'd rather not bring his prisoners back alive. Sevier: James Gavin. Barnes: Howard Petrie. Della: Gail Kobe. Latigo: Les Johnson.

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Episode 5

The Law Man

Tue, Nov 6, 1956 60 mins

Ranchers think they've captured a gang of rustlers---but Cheyenne believes part of the gang is still at large. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Julie: Andrea King. Buddy: Paul Engle. Ellis: Grant Withers. Hanley: Charles Horvath. Hammer: Stafford Repp.

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Episode 6

The Mustang Trail

Tue, Nov 20, 1956 60 mins

Wild horses are up for grabs---by whoever will fight a renegade Indian controlling the range. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Victoria: Diane Brewster. Wilson: Ross Elliott. Begert: Robert J. Wilke. Brock: Lane Bradford. Manuel: Paul Fierro. Esteban: Nestor Paiva.

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Episode 7

Lone Gun

Tue, Dec 4, 1956 60 mins

After a cattle owner dies, Cheyenne is left to get the herd to Dodge City---despite the harassment of the cowboys. Mantell: Paul Brinegar. Susan: Nancy Hale. Ames: Trevor Bardette. Shane: Hal Baylor. Dugan: Bob Steele. Webb: Henry Rowland.

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Episode 8

The Trap

Tue, Dec 18, 1956 60 mins

Forced to work in a silver mine for outlaws, Cheyenne plays on women's jealousy to make his escape. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Iris: Maggie Hayes. Virginia: Sally Fraser. Shore: Rhodes Reason. Gaffey: Kenneth MacDonald. Mitchell: Louis Jean Heydt.

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Episode 9

The Iron Trail

Tue, Jan 1, 1957 60 mins

Dennis Hopper plays the leader of a teenage gang which launches a new career robbing trains the day Cheyenne takes a railroad ride. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Mary Ellen: Dani Crayne. Jones: Sheb Wooley. Jonathan: Sydney Smith. Red: Ed Dicky. Mrs. Thatcher: Almira Sessions.

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Episode 10

Land Beyond the Law

Tue, Jan 15, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne joins an outlaw band to find a killer---for whom he's been mistaken. Ellwood: Andrew Duggan. Ellen: Jennifer Howard. Joe Epic: James Griffith. Pete: Dan Blocker. Munroe: William Meigs.

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Episode 11

Test of Courage

Tue, Jan 29, 1957 60 mins

Trying to track rustlers, Cheyenne tangles with an Army captain and is court-martialed. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Alice: Mary Castle. Colonel Wilson: John Archer.

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Episode 12

War Party

Tue, Feb 12, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne gets involved in a dispute with a prospector, then faces capture by vengeful Sioux warriors. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Peake: James Garner.

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Episode 13


Tue, Feb 26, 1957 60 mins

Two women complicate matters as Cheyenne helps a crusading newspaperman clean up a crooked town. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Copeland: Mark Roberts. Paula: Ann Robinson. Dolan: John Qualen. Morley: Lane Chandler. Murkle: John Truax. Maria: Charlita. Garth: Bruce Cowling.

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Episode 14

Big Ghost Basin

Tue, Mar 12, 1957 60 mins

While Cheyenne hunts a killer, somebody's jealous boyfriend is hunting Cheyenne. Paxton: Bob Hover. Sherry: Merry Anders. Joe: Buddy Baer. Harwick: Geoffrey Toone. Raven: Harry Tyler.

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Episode 15

Born Bad

Tue, Mar 26, 1957 60 mins

Working as a small-town sheriff, Cheyenne falls for a girl with an interesting family: her father was a sheriff and her brother is a killer. Francy: Jil Jarmyn. Wilcox: Wright King. Chad: Robert F. Simon. Black Frank: Nestor Paiva.

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Episode 16

The Brand

Tue, Apr 9, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne intervenes when a teenager seems determined to follow his older brother ... to the gallows. Clay: Edward Byrnes. Tad: Darryl Duran. Tulliver: Benny Baker. Kat: Sue George.

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Episode 17

Decision at Gunsight

Tue, Apr 23, 1957 60 mins

John Carradine and Marie Windsor star in a tale of protection racketeers. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Beaton: Patrick McVey. Hines: Mickey Simpson.

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Episode 18

The Spanish Grant

Tue, May 7, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne learns that a land grabber murdered to get his claim. Now Cheyenne's found the dead man's heir. Blake: Douglas Kennedy. Amy: Peggie Castle. Mendariz: Anthony George. Raynor: Hal Baylor.

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Episode 19

Hard Bargain

Tue, May 21, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne's sense of duty wavers after the outlaw he captured saves him from a bear trap. Galway: Richard Crenna. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Pat: Regis Toomey. Nora: Dawn Richard. McAllep: Will Wright.

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Episode 20

The Broken Pledge

Tue, Jun 4, 1957 60 mins

An Indian uprising results when reporter Fay Kirby tries to interview Sitting Bull.

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