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Cheyenne Season 6 Episodes

14 Episodes 1961 - 1962

Episode 1

Winchester Quarantine

Mon, Sep 25, 1961 60 mins

A fiery cattlewoman involves Cheyenne in her business and her life. Maclay: Steve Brodie. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Helen: Susan Cummings. Ransom: Ross Elliott. Weyland: Denver Pyle. Ballister: Robert Carson.

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Episode 2

Trouble Street

Mon, Oct 2, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne comes across a profiteering deputy who's selling chain-gang labor. Kell: James Coburn. Bailey: Patrick McVey. Sharon: Mala Powers.

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Episode 3

Cross Purpose

Mon, Oct 9, 1961 60 mins

A bride is left in the lurch when her groom turns fugitive on their wedding day. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Holman: Michael Forest. DeVier: Walter Brooke. Bedlow: Edmon Ryan.

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Episode 4

The Young Fugitives

Mon, Oct 23, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne opposes a lynch mob to save a boy who killed another by accident. Gilby: Richard Evans. Collins: Dayton Lummis. Nita: Anne Whitfield. Crawford: Trevor Bardette. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Sam: Don Haggerty. Sheriff: Paul Langton.

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Episode 5

Day's Pay

Mon, Oct 30, 1961 60 mins

On the trail of a sheriff's killer, Cheyenne is interrupted by a town's plea for help in dealing with a gang of terrorists. Emmy Mae: Ellen MacRae. Dalton: Jim Boles. Purdie: Willard Waterman. Boldas: Rodolpho Acosta. Fipps: Evan McCord.

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Episode 6


Mon, Nov 13, 1961 60 mins

Townspeople oppose Cheyenne as he tries to capture robbers who made off with an unpopular tycoon's fortune. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Smith: John Anderson. Clark: Jason Evers. Cora: Randy Stuart.

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Episode 7

Storm Center

Mon, Nov 20, 1961 60 mins

A young orphan begs Cheyenne to help him find his parents. Cheyenne agrees---then the boy himself disappears. Frank: Robert Crawford Jr. Kate: Gayla Graves. Father Paul: Harry Shannon. Lily Mae: Dorothy Green. Nelson: Don Megowan. Pepe: Mario Siletti.

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Episode 8

Legacy of the Lost

Mon, Dec 4, 1961 60 mins

Cheyenne learns that his white father may still be alive. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Abbott: Peter Whitney. Red Cloud: Richard Hale. Lorna: Jolene Brand.

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Episode 9

The Brahma Bull

Mon, Dec 11, 1961 60 mins

A bull complicates Cheyenne's efforts to help a sick child. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Blaney: George Wallace. Walt: John Cliff. Harrison: Owen Orr. Lucy: Suzi Carnell.

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Episode 10

The Wedding Rings

Mon, Jan 8, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne tangles with a bandit who named himself dictator of a Mexican province. Perez: Harold J. Stone. Padre: Nestor Paiva. Alita: Margarita Cordova. Ignacio: Raoul De Leon. Pepe: Pedro Gonzalez. Mariquita: Ana Maria Majalca.

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Episode 11

The Idol

Mon, Jan 29, 1962 60 mins

The Kirby brothers are determined to kill gunfighter Ben Shelby---but it's Cheyenne they have cornered. Shelby: Jeff Morrow. Greg: Leo Gordon. Dave: Craig Duncan. Gene: Don Wilbanks. Deborah: Jean Byron. Gabe: Roger Mobley. Clem: Robert Williams.

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Episode 12

One-Way Ticket

Mon, Feb 19, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne's distractions while escorting an outlaw to jail: the outlaw's friends, the outlaw's enemies---and a pretty widow. Harper: Judson Pratt. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Laura: Maureen Leeds. Flo: Roxanne Arlen. Barrington: Ronnie Dapo.

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Episode 13

The Bad Penny

Mon, Mar 12, 1962 60 mins

A pretty newcomer couldn't be the sender of anonymous letters threatening death... could she? Penelope: Susan Seaforth. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. McConnell: Richard Webb. Hay: Robert Hogan. Nancy: Carol Nicholson. Kimball: Don Haggerty. Fuller: Kem Dibbs. Syme: Richard Collier.

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Episode 14

A Man Called Ragan

Mon, Apr 23, 1962 60 mins

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