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Cheyenne Season 3 Episodes

20 Episodes 1957 - 1958

Episode 1

Incident at Indian Springs

Tue, Sep 24, 1957 60 mins

A schoolmaster kills an outlaw. His reward: The school is besieged by the outlaw's brothers. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Ellis: Dan Barton. Curran: John Cliff. Mrs. Ellis: Bonnie Bolding. Hug: Carlyle Mitchell. Ken: Chris Olsen.

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Episode 2

The Conspirators

Tue, Oct 8, 1957 60 mins

Clint Walker sings and dances as Cheyenne poses as an actor to expose a ring of Southern subversives. Nellie: Joan Weldon. Willis: Tom Conway. Dowd: Michael Dante. Forrest: Addison Richards.

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Episode 3

The Mutton Puncher

Tue, Oct 22, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne serves as the stake in a poker game---and a pretty rancher wins. Creed: Robert J. Wilke. Thora: Marie Windsor. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Mudcat: Lane Bradford. Ringo: Gilman Rankin.

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Episode 4

Border Affair

Tue, Nov 5, 1957 60 mins

Sebastian Cabot and Erin O'Brien play an aging general and his unwilling bride. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Baroness Entrada: Linda Watkins. Rissot: Michael Pate. Rosario: Miguel Landa. Carlotta: Joy Page.

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Episode 5

Devil's Canyon

Tue, Nov 19, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne guides a group of ruthless fortune hunters on a dangerous search for buried diamonds. Forest: Ainslie Pryor. Alice: Joanna Barnes. Garth: Robert Foulk. Manuel: Mark Cavell. Beloze: Jack La Rue. Pickering: Tom McKee.

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Episode 6

Town of Fear

Tue, Dec 3, 1957 60 mins

An entire town turns against Cheyenne when he tries to prove a friend is not guilty of murder. Townley: Walter Coy. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Teddy: Alan Wells. Jed: Stevan Darrell. Marilee: Kathleen Crowley. Bill Jenkins: John Doucette.

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Episode 7

Hired Gun

Tue, Dec 17, 1957 60 mins

A rancher who hired Cheyenne fears he's a gunman out to kill him. Bridgeman: Alan Hale. Lilli: Whitney Blake. Kiley Rand: Don Megowan. Preacher: Douglas Spencer. Sheriff: Russell Thorson. Whitey: Michael Dante.

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Episode 8

Top Hand

Tue, Dec 31, 1957 60 mins

Cheyenne refuses job offers from feuding ranchers. Soon afterward, he's ambushed and left to die in the desert. Clay: Peter Brown. Marie: Jeanne Cooper. Barstow: Walter Barnes. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Naylor: Terry Frost. Lambert: Paul Savage.

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Episode 9

The Last Comanchero

Tue, Jan 14, 1958 60 mins

Cheyenne must stand up to a lynch mob to protect his captive, a man who sold guns to the Indians. Larkin: Harold J. Stone. Danton: Edward Byrnes. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Lois: Virginia Aldridge. Banks: Jonathan Hole. Taylor: Herb Lytton.

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Episode 10

The Gamble

Tue, Jan 28, 1958 60 mins

Cheyenne takes over a saloon for a woman whose daughter is coming home after years in the East. Robbie: Evelyn Ankers. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Tanner: James Seay. Dani: Theodora Davitt.

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Episode 11


Tue, Feb 11, 1958 60 mins

An Indian-hating colonel threatens to ruin Cheyenne's peace negotiations. Wayne: Peter Brown. Donovan: Bartlett Robinson. Kathy: Olive Sturgess. Little Elk: Steve Darrell. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Latoma: Connie Buck. Mike: Joe Breen.

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Episode 12

The Empty Gun

Tue, Feb 25, 1958 60 mins

When Matt Reardon tries to aid the widow of a man he killed, he learns her son is out for vengeance. Martha: Audrey Totter. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Mike: Sean Garrison.

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Episode 13

White Warrior

Tue, Mar 11, 1958 60 mins

Cheyenne, leading a wagon train in Apache territory, meets a band of braves and tries to free a teenage captive from them.

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Episode 14

Ghost of Cimmaron

Tue, Mar 25, 1958 60 mins

Forced to aid a wounded gunman, Cheyenne is mistaken for a gang member by lawmen. Doc: Vaughn Taylor. Marshal: Russ Conway. Sheriff: Patrick McVey. Kiowa Kid: Wright King. Younger: Peter Brown.

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Episode 15

Wagon-Tongue North

Tue, Apr 8, 1958 60 mins

Cheyenne, in disguise, acts as a trail boss for a woman whose husband he killed in self-defense. Faith: Ann McCrea. Wrangel: Howard Petrie. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Veck: Roy Engel. Wood: Kelly Thordsen.

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Episode 16

The Long Search

Tue, Apr 22, 1958 60 mins

A 10-year-old boy has disappeared, and Cheyenne is aided in the search by a Sioux youth, whose tribe has been accused of kidnapping the boy. Char: Norman Frederic. Sheriff Walters: Claude Akins. Peg Ellis: Randy Stuart. Della Carver: Gail Kobe. Charile Carver: Tommy Farrell. Kenny Carver: Kim Charney.

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Episode 17


Tue, May 6, 1958 60 mins

Cheyenne aids a village that faces destruction by an outlaw who's avenging the deaths of two of his men. Lobos: Rodolfo Acosta. Ortega: H.M. Wynant. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Maria: Joy Page. Beloin: Richard Garland.

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Episode 18

Dead to Rights

Tue, May 20, 1958 60 mins

A suave attorney stymies Cheyenne's hunt for a killer. Adelaide: Joanna Barnes. Simmons: Mike Connors. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Dewey: Don Megowan. Jones: Donald Barry.

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Episode 19

Noose at Noon

Tue, Jun 3, 1958 60 mins

An innocent man must hang for murder---or his wife will be killed. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Mary: Theona Bryant. O'Neil: Charles Quinlivan. Flowers: Walter Barnes. Rhein: Robert Bray. Johnson: Oliver McGowan.

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Episode 20

The Angry Sky

Tue, Jun 17, 1958 60 mins

A woman comes to Cheyenne's aid after he is wounded while trailing a killer. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Ward: Andrew Duggan. Rose: Adele Mara.

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