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Cheyenne Season 7 Episodes

13 Episodes 1962 - 1962

Episode 1

The Durango Brothers

Mon, Sep 24, 1962 45 mins

After defeating a bully, Cheyenne discovers his prize: the man's old-maid sister (Sally Kellerman).

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Episode 2


Mon, Oct 1, 1962 45 mins

Cheyenne's after a killer and Indians tell him his quarry is a monster called Satonka.

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Episode 3

Sweet Sam

Mon, Oct 8, 1962 60 mins

A newcomer becomes the town hero but Cheyenne is suspicious: the heroics were staged. Mary: Rinnie Haran. Pridemore: Robert McQueeney. Billy: Roger Mobley. Barton: Denver Pyle.

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Episode 4

Man Alone

Mon, Oct 15, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne helps a wounded cowboy who is suffering from amnesia. He suspects the man was a member of a band of outlaws that robbed the Cattlemen's Association.

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Episode 5

The Quick and the Deadly

Mon, Oct 22, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne sides with a disgraced lawman against the son of the town banker. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Ainley: Mike Road. Molly: Jeanne Cooper. Corbin: Ray Teal. Thomas: Chris Alcaide. Hall: James Anderson. Wayne: Frank Cady. Cobb: Michael Greene.

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Episode 6

Indian Gold

Mon, Oct 29, 1962 60 mins

Charlie Teeney and his followers go looking for gold on the Sioux reservation after they see White Crow come into town with two small bags of gold.

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Episode 7

Dark Decision

Mon, Nov 5, 1962 60 mins

A blind singer, under the spell of a crooked gambler, backs up an accusation of murder against Cheyenne. Alston: Barry Kelley. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Silvers: Robert Brubaker.

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Episode 8

Pocketful of Stars

Mon, Nov 12, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne is involved in an Indian uprising when the railroad threatens to run through sacred burial grounds. Mai Ling: Lisa Lu. Andrews: Peter Brown. Wang: Weaver Lee. Fanshaw: Robert Foulk. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Bishop: Bob Anderson. Red Knife: Frank de Kova. Soong: H.T. Tsiang.

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Episode 9

The Vanishing Breed

Mon, Nov 19, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne, appointed to the state senate, starts a campaign to preserve the buffalo.

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Episode 10

Vengeance Is Mine

Mon, Nov 26, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne's first job as sheriff: quell a friend's thirst for vengeance. Masters: Van Williams. Meg: Jean Willes. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Delaplane: George Gaynes. Gibson: Leo Gordon. Constanza: Roberto Contreras. Hanson: Denver Pyle. Mike: Murray Alper.

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Episode 11

Johnny Brassbuttons

Mon, Dec 3, 1962 60 mins

An Indian is accused of treason when an Army unit he's leading gets ambushed.

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Episode 12

Wanted for the Murder of Cheyenne Bodie

Mon, Dec 10, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne is charged with murder---his own. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Lenore: Ruta Lee. Bigelow: Dick Foran. Rankin: Robert Knapp. Walton: Richard Webb.

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Episode 13

Showdown at Oxbend

Mon, Dec 17, 1962 60 mins

Cheyenne takes on an evil cattleman (Andrew Duggan). Darcy: Joan Caulfield. Cheyenne: Clint Walker. Jethro: Ray Teal. Krebs: James Griffith. Wilkens: Jim Boles.

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