Super Bowl LIV is now less than a week away, and already some very clever commercials are starting to come through ahead of the NFL's championship showdown. Before the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET, load up on some pre-game nachos and watch as the corporate competition for the buzziest and most memorable ad campaign of the season continues.

Will this year's slate of ads live up to last year's offerings — remember Harrison Ford's shopaholic dog? Good times — or even some of the all-time greatest Super Bowl ads? Let's take a look at what's made it to the internet ahead of Super Bowl Sunday so far.

The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials Since 2000

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar: "As Good as the Original"

It was clear from the teaser that Mountain Dew Zero Sugar would be pay homage to The Shining with its Super Bowl Sunday ad, but we still didn't expect to see Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston channeling Jack Torrance (ax and all) to sell soda. And with Tracee Ellis Ross as the tortured victim, too! This is ... a weird one.

Squarespace: "Winona"

Don't adjust your screens; this isn't Stranger Things 4. Instead, it's an ad featuring Winona Ryder visiting a town that shares her name in Minnesota — a trip that actually happened, and she has the website to prove it.

Google: "Loretta"

Google is tugging on all the heartstrings with this ad about a man using the internet service to remember everything he doesn't want to forget about the love of his life. Gulp.

Michelob Ultra: "Jimmy Works It Out"

Jimmy Fallon gets some exercise motivation from WWE star John Cena in this activity-filled commercial that also features guest appearances by The Roots, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Usain Bolt, and Brooks Koepka.

Reeses Take 5: "Rock"

For Reeses' first-ever Super Bowl commercial, they're highlighting a product you probably haven't heard of to highlight the very fact that you probably haven't heard of it. [Insert the "Bold Strategy Cotton" GIF here.]

Secret: "The Secret Kicker"

"Let's kick inequality" is the message for this ad, which features two young women taking off their helmets after making the game-winning field goal. At first, the crowd seems stunned at the sight of their new heroes' faces, but then the applause only intensifies.

Microsoft: "Be the One"

Also celebrating women in football is this Microsoft ad which puts the spotlight on Katie Sowers, the game-changing offensive assistant coach for the San Francisco 49ers.

Hyundai: "Smaht Pahk"

We weren't totally sure how Hyundai planned to sell cars with its initial Super Bowl ad teaser, which featured David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, getting a one-on-one dialect lesson on that iconic Boston accent from Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch. But now that the full ad is out, we get it. Chris Evans and John Krasinski joined the group to show off the new Sonata's remote parking assist feature, and they used that signature Yankee sound to run through absolutely all of the places this new car can park itself. Wicked smaht.

Pepsi Zero Sugar: "Paint it Black"

We've only seen teasers so far, but already we're sold on the idea of Missy Elliott and H.E.R. breathing new life into "Paint it Black" — even if it is just to sell soda.

Budweiser: "Typical Americans"

Budweiser is bucking stereotypes with its entry into the Super Bowl commercial round-up this year. The serious ad spouts various generalizations often made about Americans, like how they're loud, always touching other people's things, or show up uninvited, while showing footage of how virtuous those stereotypes can be. The loud Americans were protesting, the touchy Americans were helping strangers out of a snow bank, and the American "showing up uninvited" was an Army man, showing up at his father's work to surprise him with a visit. It's definitely going to make you want to get out your American flag and wave it proudly this Super Bowl Sunday.

Amazon: "Temperature"

It's just a teaser for now, but it looks like Amazon will be heading into more celebrities' homes with this year's Super Bowl campaign. This time, it's Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi who hit up Alexa for their everyday requests — only, unless they've trained the device to choose sides in an argument, the robot probably won't know what to do with their competing thermostat requests. Another teaser for the company introduces Alexine, which is apparently what people used before its handy smart home device was ever invented.

Tide: "Dirty Laundry"

This one's just a teaser for now, but what do you get when you combine It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day with Schitt's Creek's Emily Hampshire? An adorkable little gossip session, of course!

Porsche: "The Heist"

Porsche's first Super Bowl ad in decades promotes the Taycan, its new electric vehicle, and between the energetic car chase storyline, stunning landscapes, and Hollywood-level production value, the ad does a great job of keeping our eyes on the cars at the center of this thing.

Michelob Ultra: "Pure Gold"

Last year's ad for this product was a miss, but this year's commercial tries to actually achieve something. The ad introduces the "6 for 6-Pack" campaign, which promises that for every six-pack sold, six feet of farmland will be transitioned to organic. Buy a beer and save the world: Who can't get on board with that idea?

Pop-Tarts: "Jonathan Van Ness Freak Out"

Jonathan Van Ness realllly doesn't like pretzels, folks.

Pringles: "Rick and Morty"

That chaotic energy that Rick and Morty thrives on is in full view as a new snack food takes over their lives. So long, Szechuan sauce.

Doritos: "Monologue "

Only a screen star with as much wild west swagger as Sam Elliott could elevate a well-worn radio earworm like "Old Town Road" to Oscar-worthy character monologue like he does in this Doritos commercial. Does this commercial sell chips? Well, we'll see. But does it get audiences' attention? You're darn tootin'. Doritos released a companion commercial to go with this one, feature Lil Nas X himself, strutting into town on a horse, and you won't want to miss it.

Olay: "Space Walk"

We'll have to wait to 'til the big game to find out how a skincare line relates to space, but, really, any excuse to feature female astronauts — even fake ones who forget the keys! — is just dandy. Plus, Taraji P. Henson as mission commander? Into. It.

Verizon: "Smoke"

Verizon is touting its 5G Ultra Wideband as the wave of the future by showing just how the technology could even help in life or death situations! Who knew speedy data transmission had so many secondary perks!

Cheetos: "Where It All Began"

Sorry for reminding you of this devastating fact, but it's been 30 years since MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" arrived to instant radio ubiquity, inspiring legions of '90s kids to stock up on Hammer pants and do the Hammer dance. Now, the rapper is back in the spotlight and stars in Cheetos' 2020 Super Bowl campaign in an ad which implies it was actually cheese-fingers — a common phenomenon associated with eating the crunchy treats, to be sure — which inspired his signature song.

The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials Since 1999

Turbo Tax: "All People Are Tax People"

As the old saying goes, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. So, TurboTax decided to do a riff the latter and point out that, as different as everyone's jobs, interests, and activities may be, filling out annual taxes is the true tie that binds. Kind of depressing, no?

Planters: "Road Trip"

In a pretty morbid Super Bowl commercial, 104-year-old Planters mascot Mr. Peanut dies after a car crash sends him and friends over a cliff. As they hang on to a stray branch, Mr. Peanut sacrifices himself to save his friends by letting go and falling to his death. Planters then launched a social media campaign mourning their beloved friend that several other snack brands participated in, tweeting things Sonic's, "Pouring a Peanut Butter Shake out for the homie," or Butterfinger's, "He was the crispety to our crunchety. #RIPPeanut, old friend."

Avocados from Mexico - "Tiara"

Avocados from Mexico recruited Molly Ringwald for their "Tiara Teaser," in which she painstakingly puts a tiny tiara on an avocado in a makeup chair, saying, "They're going to eat you up."

Super Bowl LIV will air on Sunday, Feb. 2 starting at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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