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I'd like to know if there will be an evolution in the Abby/Gibbs relationship on NCIS this season. — Lucia
ADAM: Are you one of those Gabby 'shippers? Because if so, ew. In any case, executive producer Shane Brennan sounds delighted about an arc he has planned for Abby this season — and says Gibbs plays a big part in it. "[Abby] does have a special relationship with Gibbs, [who has changed] because of the journey he has taken over the past two-and-a-half seasons," Brennan says. "Most people will see that Gibbs smiles more now; he's kind of warming up. There's certainly more to learn about the relationship between Gibbs and Abby, and we play toward that in this special arc of Abby's."

How soon before we find out who took Bill on True Blood? — Dyan
"We will discover who has Bill right off the bat in Season 3, but it's going to take the people on the show a little bit longer to find out," executive producer Alan Ball tells us. Sookie will even consider the possibility that he left of his own volition. "It's not easy for her," Ball says. "She feels really bad because she's not sure whether he just left because he was upset because she didn't say yes right off the bat. But in her heart she believes he was taken and she doesn't know who took him. She's going to fight to find him."

What happened to Garcia's boyfriend and J.J.'s babydaddy on Criminal Minds? — Denise
ADAM: Good news, Denise! Garcia's beau, Kevin (Nicholas Brendon), pops up in the series' 100th episode, as do J.J.'s boyfriend and baby Henry. That episode, this season's ninth, is shaping up to be a doozy. Executive producer Ed Bernero tells me that in addition to wrapping up the Reaper story line, the episode will "take the team full-circle back to an important issue raised in the pilot episode: whether it's possible to surround yourself with monsters and not become one."

Who do you think attacked Julie on Desperate Housewives? — Yael
MICKEY: I have a hunch. What if I were to tell you that it'll soon be revealed that Julie, no stranger to the May-December dynamic, was involved with an older married man? It's unclear whether he knew about her pregnancy scare, but it would be one heck of a motive if he did, right?

Can you give me any scoop on what's to come on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Amy
ADAM: Callen's backstory will continue to be front and center through November sweeps, but executive producer Shane Brennan promises developments for Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Sam (LL Cool J). " If Callen is a mystery, then Sam is an intrigue," Brennan says. "There is one stunning revelation about Sam Hanna that the audience will go, 'I did not see that coming.' It's amazing. I won't tell you when it's coming, but it will arrive with some impact." (Hint: It is not a November sweeps episode.)

What happened to Cliff? I liked him and Marc together on Ugly Betty. — Max
"Cliff" (David Blue) has been cast as Stargate: Universe's tech whiz, and sources tell me he won't be returning to Betty's universe any time soon. Marc (Michael Urie), meanwhile, will remain single for now, but he'll also mingle on the show's upcoming Bahamas episode, during which he'll hook up with a hottie played by newcomer Matt Newton, brother to Becki, aka Amanda, aka Michael/Marc's bestie.

What can you tell us about Bailey's Private Practice crossover? — Anna
Well, it's not the only crossover planned for the season, according to Chandra Wilson. The basic hook is this: Bailey has a patient whose kidney ailment proves a bigger task than Seattle Grace can handle, so she heads to St. Ambrose in L.A., where she catches up with Addison (Kate Walsh). Might we see more flirting between Bailey and Sam (Taye Diggs)? "Dr. Bailey is there for business," Wilson says. "Anything else that goes on we'll have to figure out later."

After all the deception, are Liam and Annie actually going to sleep together on 90210? — Mischa
Not anytime soon, says Matt Lanter, who plays Liam, but I'm hearing that we'll have more to discuss later in the season, when Liam and Annie find each other at interesting, complementary places in their lives.

I was wondering if you could share info on Brothers & Sisters. — Traci
ADAM: Even though Justin totally pulled his Doogie Howser lab partner together after he freaked out on Sunday, the medical wunderkind won't be so kind in return: He asks their professor that he be reassigned to someone else. But at least there's a vacation on Justin's horizon, as he and Rebecca choose their wedding location. Black ties are optional; leis will be preferred.

I heard that Shelley Long was joining the cast of Modern Family. Who does she play? — Kendall
MICKEY: She plays DeDe Pritchett, ex-wife of Jay (Ed O'Neill) and estranged mother of Claire (Julie Bowen) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). She's back in town on Wednesday's hilarious episode to apologize for "the incident" that took place at Jay's wedding to Gloria (Sofia Vergara) — don't worry, you'll see it in a flashback. I'm hearing that Long's appearance is a one-off for now, but that producers are hoping she'll recur.

After watching this week's episode of One Tree Hill, I'm starting to think maybe Nathan did cheat! When are we going to find out what really happened? — Corinna
ADAM: Stay strong, Naley fans! James Lafferty tells us the Nathan-Renee drama will be wrapped up pretty soon, and, luckily, the scandal won't really threaten Nathan and Haley's marriage. "This is a story line that presents a real hurdle, a mountain for them to climb and they have to get through it together," Lafferty says. "Together they have to carry the whole family unit through the situation, and there's an immense amount of trust. At no point did I actually think it would break them up."

When is Peter getting out of prison on The Good Wife? — Lane
MICKEY: Soon. But from I hear, his literal freedom will not preclude him from having metaphorical jailers, including a certain lady of the evening who attempts to blackmail him by threatening to write a tell-all about her hours spent with the former state attorney.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Fringe has me totally hooked. In an explosive episode, Olivia shot Charlie, Walter introduced a mysterious former test subject (guest star Theresa Russell) to Peter very significantly, and we finally saw what happened when Olivia met Dr. Bell. Through the filter of Olivia's woozy memory, Bell names the enemy (The First Wave) and tells Olivia that she has been chosen to stop an "over-there" army from starting a war. It's going to be a great season.

Adam's Mini Rant: I'm not usually one to complain about girl-on-girl action, but Heroes' forced lip-lock between Hayden Panettiere and Madeline Zima reeked of desperation. And it didn't even help the show's ratings. But hey, I guess it beats listening to Mohinder!

Reader Quote of the Week: "And they'll probably still manage to over-airbrush her." — animateddave, on the news that Marge Simpson will appear in Playboy

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