Hugh Laurie (<i>House</i>, Sara Ramirez (<i>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Milo Ventimiglia (<i>Heroes</i>) Hugh Laurie (House, Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes)

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Are Callie and Arizona going to make it on Grey's Anatomy this season? They don't seem as intimate as Callie was with Dr. Hahn. — Rachel
Just because we haven't seen Callzona's sexy time on-screen, there's no reason to believe the ladies have intimacy issues. "I'm sure they've done that. I mean, come on!" Sara Ramirez tells us. Ramirez does, however, see potential speed bumps ahead. "They will deal with some very universal relationship-type issues," she says. "I'm kind of nervous for Callie — she's never been this happy for so long. Something's going to happen."

Andre Braugher was fantastic on the House season premiere. Any chance he'll return if House needs more counseling? — DeeBee
MICKEY: He won't be, since he's landed on a new show, Men of a Certain Age, with Ray Romano and Scott Bakula, which debuts on TNT in December. That said, House executive Katie Jacobs speaks very highly of Braugher and told us she'd love to figure out a way to bring Dr. Nolan back into the fold.

Oct.13's Heroes may have been overshadowed by Claire's random lesbian kiss, but for me the best parts were the ones with Emma and Peter. Please tell me we're going to see a lot more of Emma's beautiful power. — Samantha D.
I got an emphatic yes from creator Tim Kring, who promises that the crack Emma made in her wall is the just the beginning of what she's capable of with all those magical colors. Kring also says a certain carnival leader will take an interest in Emma's power once he sees its value to his still-unclear plan.

Any scoop on Desperate Housewives? — Jennifer
MICKEY: It's hard being a kid, especially one who grows up on Wisteria Lane. This might explain the shocking news that one of our Desperate Offspring is soon to be admitted to the hospital to have his or her stomach pumped. Was it an accident or a suicide attempt? I know you think you know who it is, but you don't.

In dealing with Angel's death, Flack has been a different character this season. How will his downward spiral play out on CSI: NY? — Clarisse
ADAM: Things are going to get worse before they get better. Executive producer Pam Veasey tells me that Flack will continue to fall until he hits emotional rock bottom. It's only then that, with the help of friends and an unlikely ally, Flack will bounce back.

I have this feeling like Nate Kendall is going to pop up again on Law & Order: SVU — can you confirm or deny? — Iris
MICKEY: I can do neither, and I'll tell you why. I'm getting official denials all around, but more than one source has told me that Wentworth Miller's time on SVU isn't done, and that a surprise reappearance is in the works for later in the season. This time, all those fireworks with Benson will express themselves differently.

I need NCIS scoop! With his basement now empty, will Gibbs start work on another boat? — Phillip
ADAM: What would you say if I told you Gibbs' boat will return to the show in November? Nothing? Well, what if executive producer Shane Brennan told you? "I won't say where it returns to or where it returns from, but I think anyone who has watched the series and the progress of the boat is going to love the episode," Brennan says. "The boat is featured in a way that is very NCIS."

Why is everyone on 90210 breaking up? It wasn't all bad last season! — Kerry
MICKEY: Well, Kerry, everyone knows that happy couples equal deadly-boring TV. They had to break them up. The good news is that the spring episodes are promising a major lovefest when three (yes, three!) couples reconcile within the space of a few weeks. On the other hand, Teddy Montgomery and Kelly Taylor will be left out in the cold.

Are Tess and Oliver going to be hooking up this season on Smallville? — Kaitlyn
Don't look to see them getting BIZ-AY on screen any time soon. For what it's worth, Cassidy Freeman shares your disappointment. "Tess is a sex goddess, but she never gets a love scene," Freeman tells us. "She's a temptress, but she's kind of a prude."

Am I the only person who wants Robin and Barney to — wait for it —break up on How I Met Your Mother? — Cantorella
MICKEY: I'm sure you aren't. On that front, I'm not sure if this means anything, but I hear that they're looking for an "Anderson Cooper type" to play Robin's new co-anchor. It seems Robin has a taste for the silver fox, and he thinks it's hot that Scherbatsky is a fan of cigars.

How soon will we find out who shot Lundy and Debra on Dexter? — Alyssa
ADAM: All signs point to the Trinity Killer, at least in Dexter's mind. Dex sets out to find and kill Trinity as revenge for hurting Debra. (Yep, she lives.) But just when he gets Trinity in his sights, Dexter makes a shocking discovery about the cyclical killer. I'll only say this: Trinity and Dexter have something in common we've never imagined.

Did Alan Ball give any hints about who is going to die next season on True Blood? Andy
Ball, the show's executive producer, plays a great game of "Not Gonna Tell," as we learned the hard way. But after consulting the official Mega Buzz Facial Cues Reader, we're going with Maxine Fortenberry and not Lorena.

Mickey's Mega Rave: Like Izzie, I was duped by Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Charles Denman (Robert Baker), who distracted me with his everyguy charm. His cutting betrayal of Izzie, his "surgical bitch," played out with just the right notes of insecurity, cruelty and, ultimately, sincerity. Whether he ends up a good guy or a bad guy, he's an excellent addition to the cast.

Adam's Mini Rant: Bad move sending Padma hater Ash home before Laurine, whose food one Top Chef judge compared to cat food. Then again, I guess it doesn't matter what order the cheftestants leave — we've known who will make the final four since the third week.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Uncle Jesse, how could you?" — ruslridr, on John Stamos' admission that he appeared on an Australian talk show drunk

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