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Have you gotten any new information about Calleigh and Delko on CSI: Miami? — Mary
Nothing new to report on the relationship front, but I can promise that you'll see Calleigh out in the field much more now that Emily Procter is no longer pregnant. Her maternal instincts will come in handy when Calleigh forms a strong bond with the rescued children of a wanted fugitive in the season premiere. In fact, the word adoption will come up.

Thanks for the 90210 scoop, but who of the West Bev kids won't be going to college? — Maxine
Remember how Annie inherited all that money from Marla and was thrilled that she could actually afford to go to college? As they say, money changes everything, but not how you'd expect. "She's planning to leave and go to Carnegie Mellon — and she does not," executive producer Patti Carr tell us. As for her brother, Dixon, who's been dead-set on a career in the music industry, we'll find out he spent the summer working as a roadie, and it wasn't all Spinal Tap-style fun and games. "He's supposed to start college just like he always planned," Carr says. "But events in the premiere ... make him change his path." Adds executive producer Lara Olsen: "He's going to find out that maybe [the music industry is] not so easy."

Much as I'll miss Montgomery, I love the casting for Castle's new captain. Got any other spoilers? — Alex
Penny Johnson Jerald's Capt. Gates may not be the only new face in the 12th Precinct. Look for at least one of our cops to spend some time with an NYPD shrink this season. Although a post-shooting Beckett makes the most logical sense, I'm personally rooting for someone to start digging around in Castle's colorful noggin.

Now that we know Bill and Portia are related on True Blood, please tell me that's the end of her trying to hook up with him. — Matt
Well, yes and no. "It certainly puts a crimp in their relationship," Alan Ball says. But Portia isn't afraid of the stigma of an incestuous affair with her great-great-great-great-grandfather. "Her being a lawyer, she may try to argue why it shouldn't be such a big deal," he says. Ick — really? "But Bill's an old-fashioned man. I don't think he's going to be able to get past that one." OK, phew.

How will Bonnie react to the fact that two of Jeremy's ex-girlfriends are back in the picture on Vampire Diaries? —Leslie
Your question assumes that Bonnie will find out about this spectral love square, which executive producer Julie Plec tells us may not be the case. "We're going to see Jeremy working very hard to keep the secret from Bonnie," she says. Our guess is that Anna and Vicki will still be sure to make their presence felt. The lesson here: Even if the other women are dead, it's always best to be a one-woman man.

How are the Desperate Housewives handling Carlos killing Gabby's stepfather? — Anna
At least one of the housewives will devise a bizarre coping mechanism: shoplifting. It's all part of a plan to get caught... for something. In the process, she'll also admit to once cheating on a college exam and will take to parking in the fire lane. Sadly, all these shenanigans will eventually get her locked up, putting all members of the Operation Cover-Up Club seriously on the edge. Any guesses on which Housewife loses her ever-lovin' mind?

Got any scoop on Season 4 of The Mentalist? — Charlie
If you haven't already, read this. I am also hearing that there may be some new faces in the CBI this season. The show's looking for a few agents to comprise a team to assist Lisbon and her crew in the investigation of a physical trainer's death. But I wouldn't worry: No matter how good the newbies are, they don't have Patrick Jane on their side.

What will Harry be doing on Dexter this season? — Amanda
Dexter and his ghost daddy (not the True Blood kind) will finally be on level ground this season. "He's going to be much more of a support for Dexter than someone who's always saying, 'Oh, you're making a mistake. Don't do this,'" executive producer Sara Colleton says. Now that they are both fathers, Dexter will "fully realize what [his] father gave up and went through. It makes for a more equal relationship."  

I haven't heard much about the new season of Blue Bloods? — Peter
Jamie's getting a new partner! The show is on the lookout for a twentysomething Latina to recur as the precinct's newest hire. Described as feisty but empathetic, she's earned a  reputation after making 87 collars in her rookie year on the force. Time to step up your game, Reagan.

Got any scoop on Chuck? — Eric
Did you know Jean-Claude van Damme will guest-star this season? No? Well, that's because he isn't, but an arrogant, rich villain that shares his first two names will face off with Chuck & Co. this season. Dear Josh Schwartz, please cast the real "Muscles from Brussels." Pretty please! Kthxbai!

I'm addicted to Breaking Bad! What's next between Walt and Gus? — Daniel
Walt won't wait around for Gus' next act of treachery. Instead, Walt will buy a gun and try to beat the Chicken Man to the punch. That will be easier said than done, and on at least one occasion, Walt will end up with a nasty shiner for his troubles.

What's going on with Sloan and Eric when Entourage returns? — John
Three months have passed since Season 7, and unfortunately Eric and Sloan are no longer the cutest, tiniest item among the Entourage cast. But before she packs up and leaves Los Angeles altogether, a final act will give E some hope that things can change. In an unrelated note, Vince will witness something so horrifying, he may actually want to get back on drugs.

Adam's Mega Rave: Has any actor ever been more powerful and terrifying without saying a word than Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito? Nightmares be damned, I couldn't turn away. So glad this show is back on the air.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Among the many Emmy snubs, I've reserved my most profound disappointment for Private Practice's KaDee Strickland, who didn't get a nod for her harrowing, season-long portrayal of a rape survivor.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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