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I am so excited for the "Cuffed" episode of Castle. What can you tell me? —Erin
Castle and Beckett, handcuffed on a bed together, with no recollection of how they got there — what could possibly go right wrong? As you might imagine, the duo finds themselves in a number of awkward — and suggestive —positions as they try to escape. At one point, Beckett even asks Castle to lift up her shirt. Rawr! (That sexist sound is also a hint.)

Will Max and Caroline ever hit their goal on 2 Broke Girls? — Jen
I know, right? These girls need some quick cash. What could they do, what could they...? No! Not that! They wouldn't possibly consider... prostitution, would they? Yep, in a story line straight out of every 13-year-old boy's imagination, they would.

Got any good How I Met Your Mother scoop? — David
Marshall will honor the memory of his dearly departed dad by continuing their tradition of tailgating at a Minnesota Vikings football game. Well, not exactly at. Instead, he and his brothers will want to watch the game "with" their dad (and some beers and bratwurst, of course). Suffice it to say that their tribute will go from touching to all-out creepy when some uninvited guests join the party.

When will the curse be broken on Once Upon a Time? — James
Well, first of all, it's not going to be like — poof! — and all of the sudden everyone knows they are beloved fairy tale characters. In fact, they're definitely not going to find out all at the same time. But one person will, and soon. But this knowledge might end up being more of a curse than a blessing. "Even if you do know who you are, that doesn't mean everything immediately comes back to you and you get your happy ending," executive producer Adam Horowitz says. Adds executive producer Edward Kitsis: "In a lot of ways, it might just make it worse."

I need intel on the Sons of Anarchy finale.  — Jon
Tara's actions will remind you of Gemma more than ever. Potter will surprisingly go above and beyond to help SAMCRO. And by the season's end, someone new is holding the gavel while someone else is conspicuously absent from the chapel.

Are Pete and Violet really breaking up on Private Practice? — Leo
It sure looks that way. A new paramedic (Stephen Amell) is joining the crew as a potential love interest for one of the Seaside Wellness docs. By process of elimination — Addison has too many men, Amelia just lost her fiancé and Charlotte already has a husband — it seems like Violet will be moving on to new prospects very soon.

Please tell me there's hope for Annie and Liam on 90210? — Lacey
Alas, it looks like there is another man waiting in the wings for Annie, a twentysomething playboy who is the heir to his family fortune and therefore completely oblivious to the concept of work. Although Annie encourages him to give up yacht racing and jet-setting in favor of doing something important with his life, he simply becomes a slightly more grounded version of himself — the type of guy Naomi would fall for. Hmm, maybe there is hope for Annie and Liam after all!

I can't stand thinking of Jason Dohring as a rapist on Ringer. Please tell me that it didn't really happen! — Jessica
It didn't really happen... or did it? You'll find out for sure after the New Year, but let's just say things aren't exactly what they seem between Juliet and her teacher. In fact, there's actually a third party involved.

Is it just me, or is CSI: Miami pitting Natalia against the new girl in the lab? — Beth
It's not just you. In fact, producer Barry O'Brien tells me that the bad blood brewing between Natalia and Taylor Cole's Samantha will become more important as the season goes on. "We're going to put the two of them in the field, where they have to rely on each other in a life-or-death situation," he says. "We're having some fun with that rivalry, but we're soon going to drive to a very powerful, emotional place with them."

Are there anymore Saturday Night Live stars heading to Up All Night? — Heather
We're going to immediately start lobbying the Up All Night casting peeps to cast Kristen Wiig for the upcoming role of Amanda, a glamorous old friend of Ava's who's an over-the-top former girl band singer. They can use this as the audition tape.

So glad Leverage is back. What can you tell me about the new episodes? — Todd
Look for Hardison to take more of a leadership role. "We've addressed Hardison's interest in running his own team," Aldis Hodge tells us. "[He's] taking a shot at it and... it's a very interesting turn for him because he's never had that kind of responsibility." Don't worry, Hardison's not leaving the team. In fact, the experience may serve as an attitude adjustment. "I think he's still learning," Hodge says. "I think he's ready in ways that he still doesn't understand, but he still has a few tactics that he needs to get comfortable with."

What do you know about the new season of Pretty Little Liars. — Meg
Remember when Pretty Little Liars star Ian Harding told us that Ezra was going to have a "tumultuous" interaction with a certain someone's parents that involved a stunt coordinator? That violent confrontation takes place in the premiere. And if you're anything like us, you'll be quite surprised by who throws the first punch.

Natalie's Mega Rave: After a slow start to the season, Terra Nova finally got some much-needed momentum by not only revealing who the mole is, but why she's betraying the people of the colony... in the same episode!

Adam's Mini Rant: I can't believe Showtime execs still agreed to renew Dexter for two more seasons after seeing Sunday's painfully obvious "twist."

(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)

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