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Stand Up To Cancer (Friday, 8/7c, all major networks)
In one of the more collaborative fund-raising TV events of the year, network anchors Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer host an hourlong telethon to raise funds and awareness for cancer research, with appearances by notable philanthropic celebs like George Clooney and performances including Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Neil Diamond, Leona Lewis, Lady Antebellum, The Edge and — fitting for an occasion that calls for an open pocketbook and heart — Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Eureka (Friday, 9/8c, Syfy)
Capping off a very enjoyable and game-changing summer run, the mid-season finale of this comedic fantasy adventure unites Allison and Sheriff Carter in the search for a stolen Global Dynamics project, with the time-transported Dr. Grant a chief suspect. During the investigation, they discover a surprising link between Grant and Eureka femme fatale Beverly Barlowe, whose latest schemes result in — what else — a cliffhanging catastrophe.

MTV Video Music Awards (Sunday, 9/8c, MTV)
For at least one night a year, MTV returns to its music roots, with results that are usually memorably outrageous — or at the very least twitter-worthy. To ensure it happens again, this year's VMAs has enlisted the tart-tongued Chelsea Handler as host from L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. Performers include Kanye West, who notoriously stole Taylor Swift's thunder last year and suffered a career nosedive as a result, along with Justin Bieber and other flavors of the moment. The most-nominated superstar: Lady Gaga, of course, with 13.

True Blood (Sunday, 9/8c, HBO)
Last we saw of Eric, he was literally burning (from the sun's rays) with his desire to take deadly revenge on King Russell. As we reach the third-season finale of this berserk supernatural melodrama, Sookie's about had it with both of the vamps in her life, and who can blame her? Meanwhile, more twists ahead for several relationships, including Tara and Sam, Lafayette and Jesus, and Jason and were-panther Crystal, the hottie from Hotshot. It'll be a long wait till next summer.

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