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Cheers Season 1 Episodes

22 Episodes 1982 - 1983

Series 1 of the sitcom set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic.

Episode 1

Give Me a Ring Sometime (Pilot)

Thu, Sep 30, 1982 30 mins

In the series opener, an intellectual teaching assistant (Shelley Long) marks time at the bar waiting for her college-professor fiancé (Michael McGuire) to return with his first wife's ring. While she waits, she listens to the regulars debate the sweatiest movie ever made and fends off the bartender's come-ons. Boy: John P. Navin. Ron: Ron Frazier.

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Episode 2

Sam's Women

Thu, Oct 7, 1982 30 mins

Diane teases Sam about the less-than cerebral women he dates, sending him on a quest to find his intellectual ideal. This episode introduced Sam's ex-wife, Debra (Donna McKechnie). Leo Metz: Donnelly Rhodes. Brandee: Angela Aames.

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Episode 3

The Tortelli Tort

Thu, Oct 14, 1982 30 mins

Carla attacks an obnoxious Yankees fan (Ron Karabatsos) who then threatens to sue Sam if he doesn't fire the hot-tempered waitress. Doctor: Stephen Keep. Fred: John Fiedler.

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Episode 4

Sam at Eleven

Thu, Oct 21, 1982 30 mins

Ex-Major Leaguer Sam's desire to be in the spotlight is rekindled when he's asked by a former teammate (Fred Dryer) to do a TV interview. Harry Anderson makes his first appearance as con artist extraordinaire Harry the Hat. Young Guy: Rick Dees. Cathy: Julie Brown.

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Episode 5

Coach's Daughter

Thu, Oct 28, 1982 30 mins

The gang is at a loss to explain why Coach's sweet and successful daughter (Allyce Beasley) wants to marry an obnoxious lout (Philip Charles MacKenzie) whom no one can stand---not even easygoing Coach. Chuck: Tim Cunningham.

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Episode 6

Any Friend of Diane's

Thu, Nov 4, 1982 30 mins

Diane's recently dumped friend (Julia Duffy) is looking for uninhibited fun with a man who's "tall, dark, strong...unintellectual"---in a word, Sam. Stabell: Macon McCalman.

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Episode 7

Friends, Romans & Accountants

Thu, Nov 11, 1982 30 mins

Norm tries to make points with his boss (James Read) by having the firm party at Cheers and arranging for Diane to be the "old man's" date, which doesn't go over well with Sam. Ted Danson, Shelley Long.

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Episode 8

Truce or Consequences

Thu, Nov 18, 1982 30 mins

In a conciliatory moment of female bonding, Carla makes a confession to Diane about the father of her youngest child and swears her to secrecy---even though the revelation is not true. Shelley Long, Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson.

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Episode 9

Coach Returns to Action

Thu, Nov 25, 1982 30 mins

The only thing standing between Coach and romance with a new neighbor (Murphy Cross) is Sam, who has romantic plans of his own for the lady. So Coach goes to great pains to keep Sam from "sweeping the girl of my dreams off her feet." Tour Guide: Bill Wiley. Little Girl: Julia Hendler.

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Episode 10

Endless Slumper

Thu, Dec 2, 1982 30 mins

Sam suffers a streak of bad luck when he lends his lucky bottle cap to a slumping Red Sox pitcher (Christopher McDonald). Ted Danson, Shelley Long. Miss Gilder: Anne Haney.

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Episode 11

One for the Book

Thu, Dec 9, 1982 30 mins

A timid young man (Boyd Bodwell) about to enter a monastery comes into the bar for a last night of frivolity and discovers a passion for the pleasures of the flesh; and the back room welcomes a reunion of WWI veterans, but only one former doughboy (Ian Wolfe) shows up.

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Episode 12

Spy Who Came In for a Cold One

Thu, Dec 16, 1982 30 mins

A suave Englishman (Ellis Rabb) walks into the bar, orders a drink, makes a pass at Carla, then lets slip that he's a secret agent whose exploits make James Bond look like a double-o-zero. All his tall tales, however, make Diane suspicious. Carla: Rhea Perlman. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Norm: George Wendt.

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Episode 13

Now Pitching, Sam Malone

Thu, Jan 6, 1983 30 mins

A TV-commercial agent (Barbara Babcock) takes Sam as a client---a position requiring more work behind her hotel-room door than in front of the camera. Baseball great Luis Tiant appears as himself. Tibor: Rick Hill. Paul: Paul Vaughn.

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Episode 14

Let Me Count the Ways

Thu, Jan 13, 1983 30 mins

Diane is devastated by the death of her family cat, but she gets no solace from Sam and his customers who are engrossed in a Celtics game on TV. But when Sam's attempt to share in her grief almost leads to a passionate moment, she accuses him of exploiting the situation. Marshall: Mark King. Jack: Jack Knight.

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Episode 15

Father Knows Last

Thu, Jan 20, 1983 30 mins

Carla has a problem that she can no longer keep secret---the feisty divorcée is five months pregnant and has yet to name the father of her unborn child. But when she finally does own up, it's a shocker. Marshall: Mark King.

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Episode 16

The Boys in the Bar

Thu, Jan 27, 1983 30 mins

Sam's ex-teammate (Alan Autry) comes out in his autobiography, and Sam's regulars fear that the bar will become a gay hangout. Harry: Harry Anderson. Larry: John Furey. Richard: Michael Kearns. Fred: Kenneth Tigar. Bob: Lee Ryan. Photographer: Wesley Thompson.

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Cheers, Season 1 Episode 16 image

Episode 17

Diane's Perfect Date

Thu, Feb 10, 1983 30 mins

On a dare, Sam and Diane set each other up with the perfect date. While Diane shows up with her attractive friend, Sam arrives alone and must pay a bar customer (Derek McGrath)---a real ladykiller---to be Diane's escort. Gretchen: Gretchen Corbett. Walter: Douglas Sheehan.

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Episode 18

No Contest

Thu, Feb 17, 1983 30 mins

Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill drops by---but luckily is gone when Sam tells Diane she's entered in the Miss Boston Barmaid contest. However, the Speaker does get an earful from an out-of-work Norm, who rails about a "do-nothing" Congress, saying, "this bozo" (referring to O'Neill) could probably be a better congressman.

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Episode 19

Pick a Con...Any Con

Thu, Feb 24, 1983 30 mins

Sam decides it takes a thief to catch a thief and enlists Harry the Hat (Harry Anderson) to recover money Coach lost to a cardsharp (Reid Shelton). The barkeep sets up a friendly little after-hours poker game and bankrolls Harry, who, it soon becomes apparent, may be in over his head.

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Episode 20

Someone Single, Someone Blue

Thu, Mar 3, 1983 30 mins

Diane's wealthy mother (Glynis Johns) shows up the day before her daughter's birthday with news that Diane must marry immediately or Mom becomes a pauper. After considering a list of prospective mates, Diane proposes a "strictly business" union with Sam. Boggs: Duncan Ross. Fiedler: Dean Dittman.

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Episode 21


Thu, Mar 24, 1983 30 mins

In Part 1 of a two-parter, Sam's successful, intelligent and thoroughly charming brother Derek (George Ball) visits and soon spirits Diane off to Nantucket. Debbie: Deborah Shelton. Alan: Alan Koss. Paul: Paul Vaughn.

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Episode 22


Thu, Mar 31, 1983 30 mins

Conclusion of two parts. Diane decides to fly off to Paris with Sam's dashing brother, then hopes Sam will try to talk her out of it. Lois: Lois de Banzie. Helen: Helen Page Camp. Cindy: Peggy Kubena. Alan: Alan Koss. Paul: Paul Vaughn.

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