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Cheers Season 5 Episodes

26 Episodes 1986 - 1987

Series 5 of the sitcom set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic.

Episode 1

The Proposal

Thu, Sep 25, 1986 30 mins

Sam wracks his brain to come up with a suitable place to pop the question to Diane after his telephone proposal is put on hold. He finally decides to rent a boat and propose to her on the open sea. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer. Norm: George Wendt. Woody: Woody Harrelson.

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Episode 2

The Cape Cad

Thu, Oct 2, 1986 30 mins

Sam refuses to take "yes" for an answer when Diane, who originally refused his marriage proposal, changes her mind. The newly unencumbered Sam decides to spend the weekend with another woman at the Cape, but Diane has other plans. Vicki: Brenda Strong. Waiter: Willie Garson. Hotel Manager: Don Perry. Husband: Sid Conrad. Wife: Kathryn White.

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Episode 3

Money Dearest

Thu, Oct 9, 1986 30 mins

When his mother gets engaged to a wealthy man, Cliff counts himself among the nouveau riche---until the groom announces he's giving all his money to charity. Mrs. Clavin: Frances Sternhagen. Duncan: Richard Erdman. Paul: Paul Willson. Tom: Thomas Babson.

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Episode 4

Abnormal Psychology

Thu, Oct 16, 1986 30 mins

Diane believes the hostility between Frasier and his icy colleague Dr. Lilith Sternin, aka "Dr. Sigmund Frost," whom he must debate on TV, is actually love, so she persuades the woman to soften her appearance. Dr. Lilith Sternin: Bebe Neuwirth. Moderator: Richard Herkbert. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Alan: Alan Koss. Tim: Tim Cunningham.

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Episode 5

House of Horrors with Formal Dining and Used Brick

Thu, Oct 30, 1986 30 mins

Carla learns that the house she bought based on Cliff's advice is built on the site of a 17th-century prison graveyard---and is haunted. Reluctant to move in, the gang suggests that to overcome her fears she must spend a night in the creepy abode and that Cliff should join her. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Woody: Woody Harrelson.

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Episode 6

Tan 'n' Wash

Thu, Nov 6, 1986 30 mins

Norm cleans up with a new business venture, a combination tanning salon and laundry, and reluctantly lets the gang in on his investment, but everyone wants out when the business looks like it's going down the drain. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Paul: Paul Willson.

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Episode 7

Young Dr. Weinstein

Thu, Nov 13, 1986 30 mins

To prove to Diane that he's still "somebody" in Boston, Sam gets reservations at a posh eatery that has a three-month waiting list---but he impersonates a famous surgeon to get them. Darlene: Kristi Somers. Jordan: Josh Clark. Dr. Fisher: Dennis Robertson. Maitre D': Barry Laws. Claude: Julian Barnes. Mr. Morton: Paul Lukather. Mrs. Morton: Melinda Cordell. Customer: J.J. Wall.

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Episode 8

Knights of the Scimitar

Thu, Nov 20, 1986 30 mins

Norm joins the Knights of the Scimitar at Cliff's prodding, but wants out when he hears the rules; Sam thinks Diane has invented a devastatingly handsome suitor to make him jealous. Lance Apollonaire: J. Eddie Peck. High Sultan: Stephen Vinovich. Foley: Bill DeLand. Walt: Raye Birk.

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Episode 9

Thanksgiving Orphans

Thu, Nov 27, 1986 30 mins

Norm's wife, Vera, appears---sort of---when the gang gathers at Carla's house for Thanksgiving. The foodfest turns into a frenetic food fight when Norm's turkey, a.k.a. "birdzilla," takes forever to cook and nerves become frayed. Voice of Vera: Bernadette Birkett.

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Episode 10

Everyone Imitates Art

Thu, Dec 4, 1986 30 mins

Diane is crushed when her poem is rejected by a literary mag, but she's even more upset when they print a piece penned by Sam, so she sets out to prove that he's a plagiarist.

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Episode 11

Book of Samuel

Thu, Dec 11, 1986 30 mins

After Woody gets a Dear John letter from home, his ex and her fiancé drop by the bar, and Diane makes up a tall tale about Woody's new love, whom the visiting couple are eager to meet.

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Episode 12

Dance, Diane, Dance

Thu, Dec 18, 1986 30 mins

To spare Diane's feelings, Frasier rewrites a negative critique of her dancing ability that was dropped off at the bar by her ballet instructor. But, encouraged by the positive review, Diane decides to try out for the Boston Ballet.

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Episode 13

Chambers vs. Malone

Thu, Jan 8, 1987 30 mins

Sam and Diane get engaged, but not before Sam is jailed for assault after chasing Diane when she turns down yet another proposal.

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Episode 14

Diamond Sam

Thu, Jan 15, 1987 30 mins

Sam tries to save big bucks by buying a copy of the expensive diamond engagement ring Diane wanted, but he ends up paying dearly for it.

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Episode 15


Thu, Jan 22, 1987 30 mins

Carla's ex, Nick, vows to steal Diane from Sam when he mistakenly believes the barman is having an affair with his wife, Loretta.

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Episode 16

Never Love a Goalie

Thu, Jan 29, 1987 30 mins

Carla falls for Boston goalie Eddie LeBec, but when his winning streak cools off, she thinks they should, too. Part 1 of two.

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Episode 17

Never Love a Goalie

Thu, Feb 5, 1987 30 mins

Conclusion. Carla fears she's a jinx because her superstitious goalie boyfriend has been on a losing streak since they began dating. Meanwhile, jury foreman Diane is miffed when the trial she's on ends prematurely.

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Episode 18

One Last Fling

Thu, Feb 12, 1987 30 mins

Sam and Diane agree that each can have 24 hours for one final lust-filled fling before settling into married life. Jealous Sam finds himself up a tree---literally---when he decides to stake out her apartment. Also, traffic scofflaw Carla gets a speeding ticket that requires she take a crash course in traffic school.

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Episode 19

Dog Bites Cliff

Thu, Feb 19, 1987 30 mins

Cliff is adamant about suing the owner of the dog that bit him---until he sees how beautiful the woman is and she, in turn, shows an interest in him. Also, Diane plans to spend a week of repose at a monastery, but the solitude drives her crazy.

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Episode 20

Dinner at Eightish

Thu, Feb 26, 1987 30 mins

To celebrate their first week of cohabitation, Frasier and Lilith invite Sam and Diane over for dinner, an event that turns into a verbal battle between the hosts. And things really heat up when Lilith learns that Frasier and Diane had once been lovers.

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Episode 21

Simon Says

Thu, Mar 5, 1987 30 mins

John Cleese plays Dr Simon Finch-Royce, a marriage counselor whose prognosis of Sam and Diane's future is totally unacceptable to the bride-to-be.

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Episode 22

Godfather III

Thu, Mar 19, 1987 30 mins

Sam's feeling protective of his goddaughter, who attends college in Boston, so he sets her up with someone safe, someone he trusts---Woody. The next thing he knows, the two young people are announcing their engagement. Also, it's Frasier and Lilith's anniversary, and he drops hints about what he'd like as a gift.

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Episode 23

Norm's First Hurrah

Thu, Mar 26, 1987 30 mins

Norm embellishes his new job with a top CPA firm---but he doesn't figure on the gang paying him a surprise visit.

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Episode 24

Cheers: The Motion Picture

Thu, Apr 2, 1987 30 mins

Woody's parents want him to come home to Indiana because they feel Boston is corrupting him, so the gang makes a home movie to prove them wrong.

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Episode 25

A House Is Not a Home

Thu, Apr 30, 1987 30 mins

Diane refuses to spend one night in the house she and Sam bought because it's alive with the memories of its previous residents, a sweet old couple who spent the better part of 40 years living there.

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Episode 26

I Do, Adieu

Thu, May 7, 1987 30 mins

In the fifth-season finale, Sam wonders if Diane will regret being married to him after Sumner offers her a unique opportunity.

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