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Cheers Season 2 Episodes

22 Episodes 1983 - 1984

Series 2 of the sitcom set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic.

Episode 1

Power Play

Thu, Sep 29, 1983 30 mins

Sam and Diane's nascent romance meets with great skepticism from the gang, who seem to be prophetic when Diane throws Sam out of her apartment after only five minutes. Carla: Rhea Perlman.

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Episode 2

Little Sister, Don't Cha

Thu, Oct 13, 1983 30 mins

Rhea Perlman plays dual roles, Carla and her exact-opposite sister Annette, in this episode written by Perlman's real-life sister, Heide. While Carla is on maternity leave, the seemingly innocent Annette fills in at the bar and shocks everyone with her unseemly dating habits.

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Episode 3

Personal Business

Thu, Oct 20, 1983 30 mins

Diane, frustrated with her job and angered by Carla's charge that she receives preferential treatment as the boss's girlfriend, quits Cheers for a more fulfilling career; and a liberated Norm is on the prowl after splitting up with Vera. Mr. Anderson: James Ingersoll. Customer No. 1: Patrick Stack.

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Episode 4

Homicidal Ham

Thu, Oct 27, 1983 30 mins

Diane's "perfect date," lady-killing ex-con Andy (Derek McGrath)---he once murdered a waitress---returns to Cheers, and she helps him pursue an acting career. On the night of their big performance, the strangulation scene from "Othello," Diane develops real stage fright when she realizes he's actually going to kill her. Prof. DeWitt: Severn Darden.

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Episode 5

Sumner's Return

Thu, Nov 3, 1983 30 mins

Sam bones up on Tolstoy when Diane's brainy ex-fiancé, Prof. Sumner Sloan (Michael McGuire), returns with the intention of renewing their relationship. Ted Danson, Shelley Long.

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Episode 6

Affairs of the Heart

Thu, Nov 10, 1983 30 mins

Cynical Carla ignores the romantic overtures of a perfectly nice gentleman named Hank (Don Amendolia), believing that if he's interested in her, he must have a "fatal flaw." When he and Carla finally go out on a date, Coach mentions to the gang that Hank has a bad heart and that too much carnal excitement isn't good for him.

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Episode 7

Old Flames

Thu, Nov 17, 1983 30 mins

Recently divorced sportscaster Dave Richards (Fred Dryer) bets that he can break up Sam and Diane in 24 hours. David Angell's script won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. Didi: Elizabeth McIvor.

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Episode 8

Manager Coach

Thu, Nov 24, 1983 30 mins

When normally mild-mannered Coach gets a shot at managing a Little League team, he turns into a win-at-all-costs tyrant. Mort: Herb Mitchell. Pee Wee: Elliot Scott.

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Episode 9

They Called Me Mayday

Thu, Dec 1, 1983 30 mins

Dick Cavett suggests that the public may be interested in Sam's memoirs, an idea that disturbs "budding poetic genius" Diane; and Norm wants to have it out with a high-school rival (Walter Olkewicz) who's dating Vera. Bob: Ed Quinlan.

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Episode 10

How Do I Love Thee?...Let Me Call You Back

Thu, Dec 8, 1983 30 mins

Diane's misinterpretation of Sam's casually stated "I love you" puts her in the mood for a thorough analysis of their relationship that leads to a one-week break-up to evaluate their romance. Ted Danson, Shelley Long. Harry: Harry Anderson.

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Episode 11

Just Three Friends

Thu, Dec 15, 1983 30 mins

Diane's best friend (Markie Post) since childhood moves to Boston and begins to clandestinely put the moves on Sam. When he tells Diane, she refuses to believe him, until the three share an intimate dinner at Diane's. Sam: Ted Danson. Coach: Nicholas Colasanto.

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Episode 12

Where There's a Will

Thu, Dec 22, 1983 30 mins

After having the time of his life on a visit to the bar, a terminally ill customer (George Gaynes) leaves the gang $100,000 in a will written on a napkin. The only problem is, he doesn't stipulate who gets how much and things turn ugly when the regulars clamor for a share.

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Episode 13

Battle of the Exes

Thu, Jan 5, 1984 30 mins

Carla's loutish ex, Nick (Dan Hedaya), invites her to his wedding to make her jealous of his blonde-bombshell fiancée (Jean Kasem), but the tables are turned when she shows up with hunky Sam as her date. Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson. Norm: George Wendt.

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Episode 14

No Help Wanted

Thu, Jan 12, 1984 30 mins

Sam reluctantly hires out-of-work Norm to do his taxes---and then has the resulting five-figure refund checked by his regular accountant. When Norm gets wind of suspicious Sam's actions, he's insulted and it looks like the days of their friendship may be numbered.

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Episode 15

And Coachie Makes Three

Thu, Jan 19, 1984 30 mins

When lonesome Coach begins spending every moment with Sam and Diane, they decide he needs some female companionship. Katherine: Eve Roberts. Woman: Robyn Peterson.

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Episode 16

Cliff's Rocky Moment

Thu, Jan 26, 1984 30 mins

Cliff is "called out" by a bar bully (Peter Iacangelo) who's fed up with the sciolist's know-it-all attitude. When the pusillanimous postman punks out, his pals are disappointed, but Cliff saves face with a surprising demonstration of his pugilistic prowess.

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Episode 17

Fortune and Men's Weights

Thu, Feb 2, 1984 30 mins

Luckless Coach is suckered into buying an antique scale that gives out fortune cards that seem to be coming true, and all the weighty prognosticating leads the gang to believe that the device possesses supernatural abilities. Greg: Tim Cunningham. Deliveryman No. 1: Alan Fine. Deliveryman No. 2: Charles Champion.

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Episode 18

Snow Job

Thu, Feb 9, 1984 30 mins

Sam snows Diane with a tall tale about attending an uncle's funeral so he can spend a weekend skiing in Vermont with his old baseball pals. Tommy: Gary Gershaw. George: James Gallery.

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Episode 19

Coach Buries a Grudge

Thu, Feb 16, 1984 30 mins

Coach (Nicholas Colasanto) mourns a deceased friend and ex-teammate until he learns the man made a pass at his late wife. Charlie: Don Bexley. Tom: Fred Carney. Art: Arthur Lessac. Lefty: Jack O'Leary. Al: Al Rosen.

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Episode 20

Norman's Conquest

Thu, Feb 23, 1984 30 mins

A new client (Anne Schedeen) of Norm's seems to be coming on to him, causing the boys in the bar to goad the reluctant accountant into action. Norm: George Wendt.

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Episode 21

I'll Be Seeing You

Thu, May 3, 1984 30 mins

Part 1 of two. To end a lovers' spat, the gang urges Sam to commission a portrait of Diane by an eccentric artist (Christopher Lloyd). But he's so condescending that Sam refuses to do business with him. Ed: Christopher Carroll.

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Episode 22

I'll Be Seeing You

Thu, May 10, 1984 30 mins

A two-parter concludes with Sam seeing red after Diane, against his orders, poses for the artist Semenko (Christopher Lloyd). Diane then questions whether their stormy relationship is meant to continue when Sam fails to recognize the impact of Semenko's work. Ed: Christopher Carroll.

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