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Cheers Season 4 Episodes

26 Episodes 1985 - 1986

Series 4 of the sitcom set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic.

Episode 1

Birth, Death, Love and Rice

Thu, Sep 26, 1985 30 mins

The gang learns that Coach has passed away (because of the death of actor Nicholas Colasanto) and meets his replacement, Indiana farmboy Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson). Also, Frasier makes Sam promise that he won't visit Diane, who's seeking solace in a convent after leaving Frasier at the altar and living decadently in Europe. Customer: Arnold Turner. Alan: Alan Koss. Larry: Larry Harpel.

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Episode 2

Woody Goes Belly Up

Thu, Oct 3, 1985 30 mins

When the gang learns that homesick Woody is pining for his girlfriend (Amanda Wyss), they bring her to Boston, but it seems his head is filled only with thoughts of---food. Also, Frasier has begins drinking heavily, and, to pay his exorbitant tab, he takes a job cleaning up at Cheers. Woody: Woody Harrelson. Sam: Ted Danson. Diane: Shelley Long. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer.

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Episode 3

Someday My Prince Will Come

Thu, Oct 17, 1985 30 mins

Diane fantasizes out loud that a man who left an expensive coat at the bar could be her Prince Charming. So when he phones to claim the jacket, she's goaded into making a blind date. Stuart: Frank Dent. Sam: Ted Danson.

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Episode 4

The Groom Wore Clearasil

Thu, Oct 24, 1985 30 mins

When her teenage son and his girlfriend decide to get married, Carla asks Sam to school him in the joys of bachelorhood. Anthony: Timothy Williams. Annie: Mandy Ingber. Gabrielle: Sherilyn Fenn. Prof: Moffat: John Ingle. Customer: Craig Berenson. Sam: Ted Danson. Carla: Rhea Perlman.

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Episode 5

Diane's Nightmare

Thu, Oct 31, 1985 30 mins

On a stormy night, Diane fears that Andy Schroeder, who once tried to strangle her, has escaped from the home for the criminally insane and is out to get her. Andy: Derek McGrath. Cynthia: Nancy Cartwright. Sam: Ted Danson. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer.

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Episode 6

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday

Thu, Nov 7, 1985 30 mins

Sam seems totally unconcerned about Diane repaying a $500 loan, until he witnesses her expensive spending habits and finds out that the money went to buy a book. Sayers: William Lanteau. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Carla: Rhea Perlman.

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Episode 7

2 Good 2 Be 4 Real

Thu, Nov 14, 1985 30 mins

When no one answers Carla's ad in the personals, the guys invent airline pilot Mitch Wainwright to lift her spirits---and it works because she is smitten. Vinnie Claussen: Michael Alaimo. Sotto the Mime: Don Lewis.

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Episode 8

Love Thy Neighbor

Thu, Nov 21, 1985 30 mins

Easygoing Norm is bowled over by the news that his wife may be having an affair with a neighbor, so he agrees with the neighbor's wife (Miriam Flynn) to hire a private detective. Santo: Ernie Sabella. Frank: Richard Young. Customer: Carolyn Ann Clark.

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Episode 9

From Beer to Eternity

Thu, Nov 28, 1985 30 mins

In Cheers' first athletic competition against Gary's Olde Towne Tavern, Sam and pals learn that bowling is not right up their alley. That is, until they discover that Woody has a striking talent for the game, but he's reluctant to play. Gary: Joel Polis. Alan: Alan Koss.

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Episode 10

The Barstoolie

Thu, Dec 5, 1985 30 mins

Cliff's father (Dick O'Neill) turns up at the bar to deliver an important message to the son he doesn't even recognize, but Cliff refuses to identify himself to the man who abandoned him as a child. Also, Sam dates an intellectual (Claudia Cron) and tries to keep her from meeting Diane.

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Episode 11

Don Juan Is Hell

Thu, Dec 12, 1985 30 mins

As the subject of Diane's psychology paper on the "Don Juan Syndrome," Sam is more than happy to let her class see a case study in action, until he discovers how unflattering her treatise was. Dr. Greenspon: Kenneth Tigar. Reporter: Rafael Mauro.

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Episode 12

Fools and Their Money

Thu, Dec 19, 1985 30 mins

After Woody's winning streak in the Cheers football pool, the gang thinks he should take a dip into the big time and place a bet with a real bookie. But they didn't expect him to wager his life savings, all $1000 of it. Frank: Arthur Taxier.

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Episode 13

Take My Shirt...Please?

Thu, Jan 9, 1986 30 mins

Sam is crushed when he literally gives the shirt off his back---his old baseball jersey---to a celebrity charity auction and no one bids on it; Norm tries to impress a potential client and his wife and discovers that none of them have anything in common. Brubaker: Robert Symonds. Mrs. Brubaker: Frances Bay. Bob: Earl Houston Bullock. Simpson: Patrick Cronin.

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Episode 14


Thu, Jan 16, 1986 30 mins

Diane's psychology-class experiment in paranoid behavior makes fools out of the gang, but Diane (Shelley Long) may turn out to be an even better case study as she nervously waits for them to get even with her. Gallagher: Hamilton Camp. Irving: M.C. Gainey.

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Episode 15

The Triangle

Thu, Jan 23, 1986 30 mins

Since his breakup with Diane, Frasier has taken to the bottle, and Sam---who's been there himself---wants to help, but he has reservations about Diane's plan to restore Frasier's self-confidence. Diane: Shelley Long. Sam: Ted Danson. Cliff: John Ratzenberger. Norm: George Wendt.

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Episode 16

Cliffie's Big Score

Thu, Jan 30, 1986 30 mins

The highlight of Cliff's social calendar is the annual postman's ball, but this year he has a dilemma when he scores two dates for the gala---Carla and Diane. So, he asks Sam for advice on how to dump one without hurting her feelings---or endangering his life. Lucas: Timothy Scott.

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Episode 17

Second Time Around

Thu, Feb 6, 1986 30 mins

After Frasier gets dumped on by a date, Sam sets him up with a woman (Jennifer Tilly) who's never met a man she didn't like---a lot. This episode also introduces Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin. Justice of the Peace: Lou Fant.

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Episode 18

The Peterson Principle

Thu, Feb 13, 1986 30 mins

Running neck-and-neck with another candidate (Chip Zien) for a big promotion, Norm gets some dirt on his competition that could swing the decision his way. Reinhardt: Daniel Davis. Ranzoni: Adam Carl.

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Episode 19

Dark Imaginings

Thu, Feb 20, 1986 30 mins

As if to confirm that he's getting older not better, Sam challenges Woody at racquetball and winds up hospitalized with an injury he associates with men of advanced years. Bonnie: Pamela Bach. Jack: Thomas Callaway. Nurse Louise: Deborah Dalton. Dr. McNeese: Tim Dunigan. Nurse Brenda: Jere Fields. Joan: Christine Dickinson.

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Episode 20

Save the Last Dance for Me

Thu, Feb 27, 1986 30 mins

Carla thinks that the only way to win a dance contest at the "Boston Boppers" reunion is to team up with her old partner---ex-husband Nick (Dan Hedaya). But when their practice sessions get off on the wrong foot, he dumps her and pairs up with his new bride (Jean Kasem), while Carla enlists Sam's help. Eddie: Nick Dimitri. Floyd: Hal Landon Jr.

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Episode 21

Fear Is My Copilot

Thu, Mar 13, 1986 30 mins

A globe-trotting daredevil Diane met in Europe takes her and Sam up for a spin in his new plane---and then dies at 20,000 feet. Jack Dalton: Joseph Whipp.

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Episode 22

Diane Chambers Day

Thu, Mar 20, 1986 30 mins

Diane feels left out of the gang's extra-bar-ricular activities, so Frasier has a plan to cheer her up---a night at the opera with Sam and the boys. Jackie: Jacqueline Cassell. Corinne: Doris Grau. Dennis: Tom Harrison.

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Episode 23

Relief Bartender

Thu, Mar 27, 1986 30 mins

Woody fears he'll be drawing unemployment instead of drafts when Sam's attempt to stir up business includes hiring a new bartender (Tony Carreiro) who wows the regulars with his charm and expertise. Mrs. Benfer: Madgel Dean. Child No. 1: Judith Barsi. Caribou No. 2: Terrence Beasor. Fred: Paul Eiding. Child No. 2: Edan Gross. Caribou No. 1: Jack Lindine.

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Episode 24

Strange Bedfellows

Thu, May 1, 1986 30 mins

When a councilwoman stumping for reelection takes a liking to Sam, Diane campaigns for her opponent. Part 1 of three. Janet Eldridge: Kate Mulgrew. Jim Fleener: Max Wright. Phil: David Paymer. Brian: Brad Burlingame. April: Carolyn Ann Clark. Decker: Michael G. Hagerty. Reporter No. 1: Charles Walker. Reporter No. 2: Lawrence Lott. Tim: Tim Cunningham. Paul: Paul Willson.

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Episode 25

Strange Bedfellows

Thu, May 8, 1986 30 mins

Janet (Kate Mulgrew) persuades Sam to fire Diane, but Diane resigns before he can do it. Sen. Gary Hart has a cameo. Part 2 of three. Fleener: Max Wright.

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Episode 26

Strange Bedfellows

Thu, May 15, 1986 30 mins

Conclusion. Janet's press conference turns ugly when Sam fields Diane's questions about his romantic ties with the councilwoman (Kate Mulgrew). The episode ends with Sam on the phone proposing marriage---but to whom? Phil: David Paymer. Reporter No. 1: J.J. Wall. Reporter No. 2: Lawrence Lott. Reporter No. 3: Sheila Scott-Wilkinson. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Alan: Alan Koss.

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