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Cheers Season 7 Episodes

22 Episodes 1988 - 1989

Series 1 of the sitcom set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic.

Episode 1

How to Recede in Business

Thu, Oct 27, 1988 30 mins

Mr. Drake's off to Japan and Rebecca is determined to climb the corporate ladder, but the new boss shakes things up by promoting Sam to manager. Greg Stone: Brian Bedford. Sam: Ted Danson. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley.

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Episode 2

Swear to God

Thu, Nov 3, 1988 30 mins

Sam vows to swear off sex for three months if he's not the father of an ex's baby, while "Moses" understudy Woody has the patience of a saint. Father Barry: Eric Christmas. Suzanne: Shanna Reed. Rachel: Kim Ulrich.

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Episode 3

Executive Sweet

Thu, Nov 10, 1988 30 mins

Rebecca tells Sam that she only dates men who'll help her career, then has to recant when her underage boss (Alex Nevil) asks her out. Dennis: Gerald Hiken. Chauffeur: David Schall. Delivery Man: Nathan Purdee.

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Episode 4

One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape

Thu, Nov 17, 1988 30 mins

Rebecca's plan to escape her boss's proposal goes south (of the border) when Sam, her "intended," is sent to tend bar at a Mexican resort, likes it and thinks about staying. Martin: Alex Nevil. Dennis: Gerald Hiken. Tourist: Loren Farmer. Pepe: Fred Asparagus. Ramon: Marco Hernandez.

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Episode 5

Those Lips, Those Ice

Thu, Nov 24, 1988 30 mins

Carla is ready to deep-freeze Eddie (Jay Thomas) when she suspects him of warming the heart of the comely ice-show star (Isa Andersen). Hockey Buddy No. 1: Charles Noland. Hockey Buddy No. 2: Andy Saylor.

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Episode 6

Norm, Is That You?

Thu, Dec 8, 1988 30 mins

Fearful of being taunted, Norm hides the fact he's (gasp!) an interior decorator, but plays the part to the flamboyant hilt for his yuppie clients. Robert: George Deloy. Kim: Jane Sibbett. Ivan: B.J. Turner. Todd: Craig Branham.

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Episode 7

How to Win Friends and Electrocute People

Thu, Dec 15, 1988 30 mins

When no one from the bar visits appendectomy patient Cliff in the hospital, he decides on a personality transplant, which leads to shocking changes in his behavior. Nurse: Shirley Prestia. Dave: Robert Benedetti. McManus: Ed Wright.

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Episode 8

Jumping Jerks

Thu, Dec 22, 1988 30 mins

An attempt at skydiving by the macho men of Cheers turns into mere "plane riding" when their collective courage takes a plunge. Bob Speakes: J. Kenneth Campbell. Otto: Thomas Sanders.

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Episode 9

Send in the Crane

Thu, Jan 5, 1989 30 mins

Rebecca recruits Woody to play a clown at the company children's party, but he must cancel, so Frasier steps in to fill his oversize shoes. Also, Sam falls for the daughter of an old girlfriend (Sandahl Bergman). Laurie: Chelsea Noble. Mrs. Ridgeway: Patricia Morison.

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Episode 10

Bar Wars II: Woodman Strikes Back

Thu, Jan 12, 1989 30 mins

The Cheers gang's hopes of beating Gary's Olde Towne Tavern in the annual Bloody Mary contest hinge on Woody. Gary: Joel Polis. Greg: Greg Collins. Thom: Thom McCleister. Judge: Robert O'Reilly.

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Episode 11

Adventures in House-sitting

Thu, Jan 19, 1989 30 mins

Rebecca dog-sits for a boss, and Sam sees a chance to hound her when she says she's afraid to be alone in the man's house. Mr. Sheridan: Michael Currie.

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Episode 12

Please, Mr. Postman

Thu, Feb 2, 1989 30 mins

Cliff must decide whether to deliver his new trainee---and love interest---to the postal inspectors when she errs in the name of lust. Meanwhile, Sam goes to extremes in an effort to guess Rebecca's favorite song. Margaret: Annie Golden. Motel Clerk: Randy Pelish. Policeman: Howard Mungo.

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Episode 13

Golden Boyd

Mon, Feb 6, 1989 30 mins

After getting his block knocked off by a rich snob (Tyrone Power Jr.), Woody decides to get back at him by stealing his girlfriend (Jackie Swanson). Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Howell: Gary Bergher. Osborne: Vaughn Armstrong. Drysdale: Josef Rainer.

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Episode 14

I Kid You Not

Thu, Feb 16, 1989 30 mins

The Cranes take a liking to Carla's intellectual 6-year-old (Jarrett Lennon) and use him as a litmus test for their own parenting skills, leaving a lonely Carla worried that the boy will grow up to be a "soft, doughy wimp wearing an argyle sweater and smoking a pipe". Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Waiter: Charles Tachovsky. Maitre d': Peter Henry Schroeder.

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Episode 15

Don't Paint Your Chickens

Thu, Feb 23, 1989 30 mins

Rebecca's latest scheme to land a corporate position puts Norm in a bad spot when he's forced to hire her as a marketing consultant. Also, an athletic woman (Lisa Aliff) has Sam's heart throbbing---from exhaustion after a week of nonstop exercising. Mr. Anawalt: Stefan Gierasch. Tasia: Tasia Valenza.

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Episode 16

The Cranemakers

Thu, Mar 2, 1989 30 mins

Pregnant Lilith has become an Earth Mother extraordinaire, and she even persuades city boy Frasier to "become one with nature." Also, Rebecca arranges a vacation for a reluctant Woody. Whitney Morris: James R. Winker. Customer: Michael Holden.

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Episode 17

Hot Rocks

Thu, Mar 16, 1989 30 mins

A fan of Sam's, Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a suspect when Rebecca's diamond earrings disappear. Man Who Said Sinatra: Al Rosen.

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Episode 18

What's Up Doc?

Thu, Mar 30, 1989 30 mins

Sam falls for the Cranes' knockout psychiatrist friend (Madolyn Smith Osborne) and feigns impotence to win her over. Rick Delmonte: Jeff Rizzo. Phil: Richmond Harrison. Tony: Tony DiBenedetto.

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Episode 19

The Gift of the Woodi

Thu, Apr 6, 1989 30 mins

Woody gives his rich girlfriend (Jackie Swanson) a birthday gift from the heart, but she'd rather it come from Tiffany & Co.; Rebecca's latest get-ahead scheme turns her into a Lilith clone. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. John: Bruce French. Uncle Val: Vaughn Armstrong. Pretzel Man: Demetre Phillips.

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Episode 20

Call Me Irresponsible

Thu, Apr 13, 1989 30 mins

Carla's second anniversary may be her last unless the out-of-town Eddie surprises her; and Woody is bitten by the gambling bug. Eddie: Jay Thomas. McGuiness: Fredric Cook. Mark: Mark Arnott. Delivery Man No. 1: Michael G. Hawkins. Delivery Man No. 2: Herb Caen. Bearded Man: Raymond Hanis.

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Episode 21

Sisterly Love

Thu, Apr 27, 1989 30 mins

Sam sets out to restore some sisterly love between Rebecca and her visiting sibling (Marcia Cross), in the hope that some of the good feelings will rub off on him. But the two ladies have a surprise in store for him.

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Episode 22

The Visiting Lecher

Thu, May 4, 1989 30 mins

Rebecca accuses the renowned author (John McMartin) of a book on marital fidelity of skirt-chasing. For this episode, James Burrows won an Emmy for Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series. Marie: Fabiana Udenio. Valerie: Joanna Barnes. Zoltan: Nicholas Miscusi.

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