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Cheers Season 8 Episodes

26 Episodes 1989 - 1990

Series 1 of the sitcom set in a friendly Boston bar run by Sam Malone, a former Red Sox pitcher and recovering alcoholic.

Episode 1

The Improbable Dream

Thu, Sep 21, 1989 30 mins

Part 1 of two. Erotic dreams plague Rebecca as Sam tries to get her to wake up to him instead of the corporate raider of her fantasies. Robin Colcord: Roger Rees.

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Episode 2

The Improbable Dream

Thu, Sep 28, 1989 30 mins

Conclusion. Rebecca's whirlwind romance with the tycoon of her dreams gives Sam nightmares that may show his true feelings for her. Robin Colcord: Roger Rees. Miles: Webster Williams. Marie: Valerie Hartman.

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Episode 3

A Bar Is Born

Thu, Oct 12, 1989 30 mins

While Rebecca psychs herself up to spend the night with Robin (Roger Rees), Sam prepares to open his own bar, a seedy, run-down hole that's already filled with furry customers. Rebecca: Kirstie Alley. Sam: Ted Danson.

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Episode 4

How to Marry a Mailman

Thu, Oct 19, 1989 30 mins

Love is blind and so is Cliff, who loses his sight when former girlfriend Margaret (Annie Golden) returns from Canada with an offer to go steady. Robin: Roger Rees. Miles: Webster Williams.

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Episode 5

The Two Faces of Norm

Thu, Oct 26, 1989 30 mins

Norm can't bring himself to boss around his new painting crew, so he invents a taskmaster alter ego; and Sam's also not himself, since he sold his beloved car. Scott: J.C. Victor. Rudy: Eric Allan Kramer. Gordon: Gordon Hunt. Dennis: Rob Moran. Veronica: Kristen Citron. John: Mark Knudsen. Doris: Cynthia Stevenson.

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Episode 6

The Stork Brings a Crane

Thu, Nov 2, 1989 30 mins

Cheers celebrates its 100th anniversary, but the festivities are interrupted as the stork arrives to deliver a Crane. Boston mayor Raymond Flynn appears as himself. Mr. Weaver: Monty Ash. Gail Aldrich: Victoria Hoffman. Nurse: Laura Robinson. Barbershop Quartet: 139th Street Quartet.

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Episode 7

Death Takes a Holiday on Ice

Thu, Nov 9, 1989 30 mins

Carla finds out that Eddie's been a real hockey puck after a tragedy at the rink exposes his secret romantic ice capades that included another wife (Anne De Salvo). Gordie: Thomas Haden Church. Darryl Mead: Kevin Conroy. Father Barry: Eric Christmas. Hockey Player: Charles Noland.

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Episode 8

For Real Men Only

Thu, Nov 16, 1989 30 mins

The guys are shy about witnessing the Crane baby's bris, and so is Frasier, who cuts out on the ceremony---with the guest of honor. Meanwhile, Rebecca's retirement party for a company employee isn't any livelier. Larry: Jay Robinson. Tanya: Linda West. Mr. Sheridan: Michael Currie. Dr. Levinson: Rick Podell.

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Episode 9

Two Girls for Every Boyd

Thu, Nov 23, 1989 30 mins

Woody chews the scenery in "Our Town," but chokes when he has to kiss his leading lady (Lisa Kudrow, who went on to star in "Friends"), who suggests they put in a little off-stage practice time. In a hair-raising subplot, the guys compete in a beard-growing contest. Kelly: Jackie Swanson.

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Episode 10

The Art of the Steal

Thu, Nov 30, 1989 30 mins

Rebecca and Sam finally spend the night together, but it's not the romantic evening of his dreams as they get trapped by security lasers in Robin's apartment. Meanwhile, the guys spend their evening playing Monopoly in an attempt to teach Woody a lesson in economics.

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Episode 11

Feeble Attraction

Thu, Dec 7, 1989 30 mins

Norm's ex-secretary (Cynthia Stevenson) becomes fatally attracted to him and won't be ignored, while Rebecca becomes obsessed with finding a ring hidden in her new desk. Phil: John Pappas. Joe: Michael Holden.

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Episode 12

Sam Ahoy

Thu, Dec 14, 1989 30 mins

Robin (Roger Rees) lends Sam his yacht to race in a regatta, but Sam and his crew are sunk when they find a stowed-away surprise that could really rock the boat. Security Man: Patrick Maguire. Aide: Stephen Burks.

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Episode 13

Sammy and the Professor

Thu, Jan 4, 1990 30 mins

Rebecca's visiting business professor and mentor (Alexis Smith) gives Sam high marks in the bedroom; and Carla learns she's being audited. Donald Zajac: Stack Pierce. Waiter: Dietrich Bader.

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Episode 14

What Is...Cliff Clavin?

Thu, Jan 18, 1990 30 mins

Cliff drives "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek crazy when he appears as a contestant; and someone steals Sam's little black book. Johnny Gilbert appears as himself. Earl: Bernard Kuby. Timmy: Greg Davis. Agnes: Audrey Lowell. Reynolds: William Porter. Stage Manager: Steven Rotblatt.

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Episode 15


Thu, Jan 25, 1990 30 mins

Tonight could be the night as Rebecca looks forward to a long-overdue evening of romance with Robin (Roger Rees). Part 1 of two. Singer Bill Medley appears as himself. Laura Walton: Gail O'Grady. Ingrid: Crystal Carson. Miles: Webster Williams.

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Episode 16


Thu, Feb 1, 1990 30 mins

Conclusion. Rebecca is on cloud nine after spending the night with Robin (Roger Rees), but Sam soon finds him with another woman. Righteous Brother Bill Medley costars. Christine Davi: Valerie Karasek. Will: Gilbert Girion. Elaine: Carol Robbins.

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Cheers, Season 8 Episode 16 image

Episode 17

Woody or Won't He?

Thu, Feb 8, 1990 30 mins

Woody is cowed by the advances of Kelly's mother (Melendy Britt), while urban cowboy Cliff rides the bar's new mechanical bull. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Mr. Gaines: Richard Doyle. Conrad: Bill Geisslinger. Phil: Robert Gallo. Mechanic: D. David Morin. Fireman: Kevin McDermott.

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Cheers, Season 8 Episode 17 image

Episode 18

Severe Crane Damage

Thu, Feb 15, 1990 30 mins

While promoting "Good Girls, Bad Boys," author Lilith and a talk-show audience of women throw themselves at bad boy Sam. Brenda Balzac: Phyllis Katz. Viper: Lorelle Brina. Gloria: Peggy Mannix. Donna: Donna Fuller. Marti: Marti Muller. Audrey: Audrey Rapoport. Marsha: Marsha Kramer.

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Episode 19

Indoor Fun with Sammy and Robby

Thu, Feb 22, 1990 30 mins

Rebecca's pubescent dreams of a perfect day with Robin are ruined by Sam, whom Robin goads into a series of childish challenges. Robin: Roger Rees. Pete: Peter Schreiner. Mark: Mark Arnott. Tim: Tim Cunningham.

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Cheers, Season 8 Episode 19 image

Episode 20

50-50 Carla

Thu, Mar 8, 1990 30 mins

Carla agrees to split Eddie's estate 50-50 with his other widow, Gloria (Anne De Salvo), until she finds out it's $50,000 in insurance money; and Woody frets over a nude scene in a play he's doing. Murray: Steve DeVorkin.

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Episode 21

Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh

Thu, Mar 15, 1990 30 mins

The gang goes at it again with Gary's Olde Towne Tavern when they notice Cheers' wooden statue of Tecumseh is missing. Fire Marshall: Robert Machray. Tucker: Tim Donoghue.

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Cheers, Season 8 Episode 21 image

Episode 22


Thu, Mar 29, 1990 30 mins

Woody's girl, Kelly, is spending a year abroad and he's worried she'll be wooed by "rich dukes and earls and counts and Basies." Also, Norm suffers the pangs of being designated driver for a night. Kelly: Jackie Swanson. Phil: Richmond Harrison. Steve: Steve Giannelli. Chambermaid: Patricia Ramish.

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Episode 23

The Ghost and Mrs. LeBec

Thu, Apr 12, 1990 30 mins

Carla decides to start dating again but is spooked by Eddie's ghost, so she summons a medium, Madame Lazora (Georgia Brown). Also, Rebecca goes on TV to complain about a defective hair-removal product. Darryl: Kevin Conroy.

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Episode 24

Mr. Otis Regrets

Thu, Apr 19, 1990 30 mins

Sam tries pushing Rebecca's buttons by bragging about making love in an elevator---with Robin's other girlfriend; and Woody is floored when a woman (Christine Cavanaugh) answers his ad for a roommate. Cutter Gardner: Eric Bruskotter. Eric: Colin Wells.

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Episode 25

Cry Hard

Thu, Apr 26, 1990 30 mins

Robin (Roger Rees) asks Rebecca to move in with him, but she learns that he's been using her computer to get inside info on her corporation. Part 1 of two. Receptionist: Eden Bodnar.

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Episode 26

Cry Harder

Thu, May 3, 1990 30 mins

Conclusion. Robin (Roger Rees) is arrested for insider trading, but tears for Rebecca could mean Cheers for Sam, who gets the bar back as a reward for ratting Robin out. Agent Munson: Ron Canada. Montgomery: Jonathan McMurtry.

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