Jim Parsons, Tina Fey Jim Parsons, Tina Fey

The Emmys red carpet isn't just about fashion: TV's hottest stars arrive with lots of scoop to unload. Stars including Jane Lynch, Tina Fey, Mariska Hargitay and Jim Parsons unburdened themselves to TVGuide.com about such subjects as Sue's new nemesis on Glee, a Modern Family addition, and Betty White's plans on Community.

1. Glee's Sue, Part 2: Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester may be evil, but new coach Shannon Beiste (Dot Jones) is even more sinister. "In the beginning, Sue is a little threatened by the new football coach, who is a 6'4" woman," says Lynch. "She and Schuester [Matthew Morrison] band together to destroy her. She tries to be the new Sue, but she's very vulnerable and I know her weak spot. I find it, exploit it, and destroy her as best I can."

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2. Modern Family's family is getting bigger: Cam's mom is coming to town! While the role hasn't been cast yet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells us that she's all about public displays of affection. "Mitchell has this issue with PDA that we're discovering," he says. "She's a very touchy-feely person and he has a hard time with that. Cam's mom is a southern woman who is very touchy-feely." So which southern belle should snag the role? "She has to be someone who created Cameron," says Eric Stonestreet. "So that's a loving and accepting person." Paging Celia Weston?

3. Lostie returning to TV: Damon Lindelof says he's "starting to feel the tug of TV again," adding, "I don't know if it'll be next year or the year after." What does he have in mind? "Whatever I do will be compared to Lost, but I hope that it feels unique."

4. A Diaries doppelganger: Nina Dobrev is working twice as hard on CW's Vampire Diaries, playing both Elena and Katherine this season. "I'm not sleeping because I've been shooting so much, if that's any indication of how big the material is getting," she says. "It's getting darker and scarier, but at the same time, more fun for me. I'm also being tragic and running away from bad things."  

5. Liz Lemon's getting a boyfriend: "I shot with Matt Damon last week.  He was hilarious," says 30 Rock's Tina Fey. "He's my boyfriend when the season begins. We find out he's a very, very sensitive gentleman with many emotions. Just an onslaught of emotions. Hopefully we'll see him again later in the season."

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 6. Betty White shakes up Community: White says she'll play an anthropology professor "who does some really weird things." Adds Joel McHale on White's Community character: "We're lovers... It's really graphic." White responds: "I think that's just a joke." Also, McHale will have some explaining to do after kissing Annie (Alison Brie) in the finale. "Britta [Gillian Jacobs] does get her revenge," McHale says.

7. Stabler and Benson sitting in a tree?: "This is the year," Mariska Hargitay says of the detective duo getting together. She also stresses we should stay tuned for a possible smooch. (Or "something bigger," says Christopher Meloni.) And the show will have other kinds of action as well: "There's car chases and we're playing chicken in a car," says Hargitay. "We're blowing stuff up left and right," adds Meloni.

8. Castle has more than woman trouble: The NYPD isn't too pleased that Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) took off for the summer with his ex-wife. "The entire NYPD is acting like a jilted girlfriend," says Fillion. "He comes back to find out that he's broken up with the NYPD. He hasn't called, he hasn't written, he hasn't emailed or texted. They're all pretty upset with him. He really didn't know that was going to happen."

9. Sheldon's love life is more complicated than ever: Jim Parsons says Sheldon is involved with Amy Farrah (Mayim Bialik) when Big Bang Theory returns. But will Penny (Kaley Cuoco) be upset since she's always been the only woman in his life? "He's already enlisting Penny's aid in dealing with this, and I wonder if there will be any jealousy on Penny's part that he's got another woman he connects to?" ponders Parsons.