T.R. Knight knows what it's like to be at the center of a media circus. The Grey's Anatomy star, whose feud with former costar

Isaiah Washington played out in the press, defended his beleaguered pal Ellen DeGeneres, currently embroiled in her own scandal. DeGeneres ignited a controversy last week after she sent her adopted dog Iggy to live with her hairdresser instead. After incurring the wrath of the adoption agency Mutts and Moms, the dog was placed with a new family. "I heard that she was crying on her show," Knight said to TV Guide at the L.A. AIDS Walk about Degeneres' infamous breakdown on her daytime show. "That breaks your heart." Knight, who chose Degeneres' show to talk about the incident where Washington called him a homophobic slur on the Grey's set, reasons, "Obviously something went wrong or else she wouldn't cry." Desperate Housewives regular Andrea Bowen also expressed her support for the talk-show host at the AIDS walk on Oct. 21. "I feel bad for Ellen because she was trying to do the right thing by placing the animal with a family who she thought would take really good care of it," says Bowen, who works with various animal-rescue charities. "I know that the whole point of the animal-rescue center is to find the dog a good loving safe home and I hope that that eventually happens." - Reporting by Amber Gideon