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This week, Epic Rap Battles of History pitted Breaking Bad's Walter White against The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes, and Funny or Die imagined what Donald Sterling's inner monologue may be. In Game of Thrones parody news, Tyrion's speech got an alternate ending, and the entire show got the Law & Order treatment. Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Solange Knowles attacked her brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator while Beyonce looked on! Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Rick Grimes vs. Walter White rap battle: It's a battle of the AMC (anti-)heroes! In the latest installment of "Epic Rap Battles of History," Breaking Bad's Walter White goes head-to-head with The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes. Which one is the bigger badass?  (via Tubefilter)

Jennjamin Franklin: On Late Night this week, Seth Meyers introduced a long-lost SaturdayNight Live sketch called "Jennjamin Franklin," starring Vanessa BayerJason SudeikisFred Armisen, and Will Forte playing the Founding Father as you've never seen him before.

Watch This Tonight: Check out's new daily video series, which features editors' pick for the best programming on TV every night. Tonight's installment: The Vampire Diaries.

Jay-Z/Solange Elevator Video: Why did Solange Knowles attack Jay-Z in an elevator after the Met Gala in New York City last week? No one knows for sure — but this video footage never gets old. As expected, Beyonce remains calm under pressure.

How Tyrion's Game of Thrones speech should have ended: Peter Dinklage gave an Emmy-worthy speech on Sunday's Game of Thrones. But let's face it — it would have been much better with this alternate ending.

Law & Order: Game of ThronesGame of Thrones gets fused with Law & Order in this amusing mash-up.

Donald Sterling's inner monologue: Disgraced former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling sat down for a very, um, revealing interview with Anderson Cooper this week. Funny or Die imagines what may have been going through his mind as he was being questioned.