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What's in store for Jack on Lost? — Edison
MICKEY: Matthew Fox tells us that Dr. Shephard is not so interested in saving people anymore. "For the first time in his life, he's really listening to his own sense of what his fate is. He actually believes he's completely ready to give his life for what he is meant to do on this island." Gulp. That sounds ominous, huh?

Any scoop on the Eric-Calleigh relationship on CSI: Miami? Please tell me the writers plan to give them a happy ending! — JC
ADAM: Would that I could, JC, but I'm leaning toward something a little more dramatic. Here's what we know: Delko will return when Calleigh faces a life-and-death situation at a crime scene. While he's around, he'll also launch an undercover investigation of the CSI lab for the State's Attorney's office. Rest assured, though, that Calleighko fans will get some closure. "They're going to face a defining moment of decision," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "All the starts and stops in their relationship are going to be put to the test and they will finally make a decision that will inform their relationship for the remainder of the series."

Give me scoop on the Glee Madonna episode. Who's going to sing what? — Kristy
MICKEY: Forget what they're going to sing; look at what Sue Sylvester is going to wear! As this video indicates, the Cheerios will tackle "Express Yourself" and Rachel will be wearing a "Team Finn" T-shirt when the show returns in April.

What's next for Mac and Stella on CSI: NY? They were so cute in the episode called "Second Chances." — Meg
ADAM: Well, Mac is going to have some tough decisions in the love department. You see, just as soon as viewers get used to the idea of him and guest-star Madchen Amick settling into some kind of relationship, Mac will be forced to choose between her and another woman very well known to fans of the show. We know who, but we're not saying... yet. Hit the comments with your guesses.

On The Vampire Diaries, are we going to find out that Alaric's wife is a vampire? — Mirabel
MICKEY: Interesting theory, M! We've already seen a particularly bloody flashback in which Isobel is attacked by a familiar-looking vampire. Get ready to learn more about her interactions with bloodsuckers. It's no accident that Alaric is teaching in Mystic Falls, but is his assumption that Isobel is dead correct? This is a good question to ask. Related question: Does Bonnie's college-aged cousin have any supernatural secrets of her own?

What's coming up for Chloe on Smallville? — Robin
ADAM: Allison Mack tells us that even though she'll be back at the Daily Planet later this season, don't expect to see her behind a desk. "I think the journalist in Chloe is something that she finds in her work at Watch Tower now," Mack says. "Chloe just wants to know the truth. Now that she recognizes how corrupt the Daily Planet and the media is, she's doing things on her own and you really see her desire to change the world... come out in her experience at Watch Tower and working with the Justice League."

What's going on with Angie on Desperate Housewives? — Marla
MICKEY: If you were Danny Bolen, wouldn't you be sick of all the running? That's why he runs away from his fugitive parents (with Ana, coughcough) and ends up at his grandmother's house. This forces a painful mother-daughter reunion nearly 20 years in the making. Have the Kleenex on standby!

How is Mad Men going to work Betty into the story next year now that she's flown off to Reno to get divorced? — Nathan
ADAM: In truth, hasn't Betty always been in her own little universe out there in Ossining? I expect more of the same. Still, look for her and Don to cross paths when it comes to the children. Unfortunately for Betty, the kids may want to spend more time with Daddy. "[Sally] loves her father, and he's always been there for her," Kiernan Shipka, who plays the Draper daughter, tells us. "Her mother is not a good mother. She tells Sally to go watch TV, even when she's lost her grandfather. But Don is always caring." Aw, why can't Mommy and Daddy just get along?

When is Law & Order coming back? — Jonathan
MICKEY: The second half of Season 20 begins with two back-to-back new episodes on Monday, March 1 starting at 9/8c. Oscar nominee Debra Winger appears as a suspiciously well-meaning high school principal in the second hour, titled "Boy on Fire," which is unfortunately a literal description of the episode's crime.

Any other V babies that you know of? — Cahn
MICKEY: Elizabeth Mitchell says she's not ready to be a grandmother to an alien baby, but she's OK with Lisa, her son's alien girlfriend. "She didn't really seem to mind too much that he had a girl in his room," Mitchell says of her character. "She just wants him to be physically safe. He's not obviously. He's in great jeopardy — she just doesn't know it yet." Play safe, Tyler!

I have enjoyed Marine Cpl. Damon Werth (Paul Telfer) on NCIS. Any chance he'll come back as a recurring character? — Amanda
ADAM: Sorry, Amanda: There are no immediate plans for Telfer's character to reappear. But on the guest-star front, Gena Rowlands will play Gibbs' former mother-in-law, who witnesses the murder of a Navy captain and forces Gibbs to revisit his tragic past. Also be on the lookout for former Law & Order: SVU ADA Diane Neal, who will play Special Agent Abigail Borin, who, despite her pretty-girl exterior, is not above butting heads to get what she wants.

I'm loving Life Unexpected. Will Cate and Baze ever be good parents? — Deb
MICKEY: Let me ask you this: How long do you think Cate and Baze can keep secret the fact that they slept together... you know, recently? Because once that cat is out of the bag, it's straight to Drunkytown for Cate. (Yes, Cate!)

Adam's Mega Rave: I dreaded Ellen DeGeneres' debut on American Idol more than Mickey dreads last call, so I was more than pleased with her useful but caring criticism during Hollywood week. More than anything, it was nice just to see another grownup on the panel. (That's right, Dawg, I'm looking at you and Kara.)

Mickey's Mini Rant: I looked forward to the Games' opening ceremonies more than Adam does free meat day at Chipotle, but coming on the heels of Beijing's militaristic efficiency, Vancouver's broken cauldron was an Olympic-sized fail.

Reader Quote of the Week: "The gold medal for best use of facial expressions goes to Wayne Gretzky for his reaction to the cauldron not rising on time: sly smile, questioning eyebrows and finally a wash of relief."rutgersgal

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