Ellen Pompeo, Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev Ellen Pompeo, Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev

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Any scoop on Grey's Anatomy? — Jamie
NATALIE: In an upcoming episode, Meredith has to leave the OR when she suddenly goes blind! Wow, that was depressing. I should have led with the shower sex, huh? OK, Soap Dropper No. 1 isn't single now, but he or she will rival Callie and Arizona's sudsy frolics from earlier this season. Any guesses as to the not-so-squeaky-clean pair?

What's coming up on Desperate Housewives? — Amy
Two Wisteria Lane ladies will deal with trauma in different ways: Susan will use her dialysis as an excuse to get out every problem she has, right up until a neighbor offers to donate a kidney in a most unusual way. Meanwhile, Gaby will reveal a dark family secret to her therapist in hopes of finding closure, which, in Gaby's world, means she'll be decking another nun.

Do you have anything on Stefan and Elena on Vampire Diaries? — Harriet
Now that Katherine is entombed and Elijah seems to be doing his job, Stefan and Elena will take a romantic trip to her parents' lake house. "They just want to be a normal couple that goes on vacation," Paul Wesley says. (What could possibly go wrong?) "Of course, danger is pursuing them." Not only that, they'll have a capital-T talk about the logistics of a vampire-human relationship, Wesley adds, and the options aren't attractive. 

I could really use some new CSI: Miami spoilers. — Lisa
Then a big spoiler you shall have! In an upcoming episode, one of the members of Horatio's team will be abducted by a presumed serial killer. That kind of behavior is normal among murderers, right? Well, in this case, not exactly. Apparently this culprit has nabbed this specific team member in a last-ditch effort to prove his or her innocence.

Will we see Clark fly before the series finale of Smallville? — Chris
"I would say watch 'Collateral,'" executive producer Brian Peterson says, very craftily teasing this week's episode. In other exciting final-season news, the Justice League will regroup in the aftermath of Hawkman's knockout funeral. "They're definitely a very cohesive unit by the end of the series," executive producer Kelly Souders says.

What can you tell me about Jay's brother coming to Modern Family? — Will
Jay and his brother Tommy (Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks) will square off when it's revealed that something untoward may have occurred  between Tommy and Dede, Jay's ex-wife, after their divorce. Meanwhile, Jay's stepson Manny will have his tender heart squashed when he finds out that his crush only has eyes for... Luke (aka Manny's step-nephew). As my mom used to console me: The girls always go for the dumb ones.

Can we please get some Private Practice AddiSam scoop? — Ciena
Sam has to deal with a very out-of-it Addison, who will be hit with a family crisis in the next few episodes. She'll refuse to confront her problems when she and Sam pay visit to her family home in Connecticut. "The challenge for Sam is, what do you do in a relationship when someone you love and care about deeply is just disappearing and pulling away?" Kate Walsh asks. "He's so there for her, and I don't know how he does it because she brings a lot to the party."

Is there anything about The Mentalist's Jane and Lisbon? Seriously, anything, please!  — Charlie
Nada. Simon Baker is sticking to his story: He just doesn't believe these two belong together. "I feel like the relationship has a nice adolescent quality," Baker says. "It's like you have a friend who's a girl, and you can kind of hit on them. But then they look at you like, 'Did you just hit on me?' ... When [the series ends], we could get them together." In the meantime, Baker says to expect "a lot of big 'holy crap' moments," leading to a two­-hour season finale.

Any scoop on Erica's new partner on V? — James
It sounds like the Erica Admiration Society will have a new member: Chris Bolling, Erica's old friend and new partner (The Shield's Jay Karnes). "Of course there's romantic chemistry, and Jay is exactly the kind of guy I'd go for," Elizabeth Mitchell says. "He's fun and they poke at each other. There's a little something there [between them] and she now has several men that she likes." Even though Mitchell says Erica trusts him, Chris won't be inducted into the Fifth Column. "There's all kind of secret stuff going on with him, and he's got his own stuff to do."

I heard an upcoming episode of Community will focus on Pierce in the hospital. Any idea how he gets there? — Charlie
ADAM: Maybe he has a broken heart? Dirty Sexy Money's Michelle Krusiec has just been cast to play a sexy thirtysomething who will seduce Pierce in a March episode. Unfortunately, her game is sexpionage: She's just trying to gain control of Pierce's company.

I really like Shameless, but will Frank (William H. Macy) always be wasted?  — Sarah
The drunkest dad on television will voluntarily sober up around the sixth episode, but don't expect it to last very long. "He becomes a really cool father," William H. Macy says. "It gives you a glimpse into the father that Frank might've been or could be. My oldest boy, Lip, can't take it. He Tasers me and pours vodka in my mouth."

Southland is so intense this season. What's next?— Heather
ADAM: Next week's episode turns the spotlight on Michael Cudlitz's John Cooper. All we can say is this: His tough-guy posturing goes out the window when a very personal aspect of his past comes back to haunt him. It leads to a breakdown in the desert that brings him to his knees.

Adam's Mega Rave: Good on Castle for pulling off the Castle-Beckett kiss in a way that both satisfied Caskett fans and didn't alienate those who like the push-pull sexual tension. Also, we hope the badass version of Beckett that shows up when her mother's case comes up sticks around for a while.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Dixon's negative reaction to Teddy being gay was a total 9021-no.

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(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)