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Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Speaking of questions, we invite you to drop us a line at mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

24 is totally back on track, but the one downside is Sean. I don't know whether it's the actor or the writing, but I do know I want that guy gone. Anything coming up that would make me a happy camper? — Mike
MATT: I suppose it would depend on whether Sean (aka he who has since been revealed as Moley McMoleberg) is truly traitorous or a red herring a la Season 6's Nadia. My own moles (none of whom are played by Rhys Coiro, mind you) tell me that Agent Hillinger's fate may be cinched during the game-changing back-to-back episodes airing March 2. 

Please tell this Heroes fan that somehow Hiro or Peter will get the power to travel through time again so that they can go back and save Daphne. — Ashley
TIM: Good concept, but Heroes has promised us no time travel in this volume. Still, there are several ways Daphne (played by Brea Grant) could remain alive:
        1. It was all a dream.
        2. She used her super-speed to dodge the bullets, then faked her death.
        3. They just do the time travel thing after promising not to.

Why doesn't NBC offer episodes of Law & Order: SVU online? Also, any scoop you could give would be great! — Brenna
I'm told that streaming episodes online for free just isn't how Dick Wolf rolls. (Check out your for-pay options in our Online Video Guide.) But he must be doing something right because Carol Burnett has agreed to guest-star on an upcoming episode. She plays a former dancer who is implicated in the murder of a young couple. And wait until you get a load of her "shaggy," fortysomething nephew! Zoinks!

How many episodes were ordered for this season of Without a Trace — 22, 23 or 24? Oh, and can you text Vanny to ask how her guest-starring role is coming along? — Jenn
MATT: For starters, 22. Secondly, you people are funny, thinking I can just text Ms. Marcil on a whim. Fortunately for you, I am whimsical. Vanessa wrote back that she is "HAVING AN INCREDIBLE TIME ... one of the best so far!!!!" with her Trace role, which kicks off March 17 and might extend from two to three episodes. Vanny added that she loves working with Eric Close — which is good, because things between Martin and her character will heat up on the 24th. 

You told CSI: NY fans that Danny and Lindsay would get an early Valentine's Day present. Well, the Feb. 11 episode had nothing about them in it.  What happened? — Melissa
TIM: Wait, you didn't think the human trafficking episode was romantic? But seriously, Melissa: No one was more disappointed than me. Though an executive producer initially said the show in question would air before Valentine's Day, things changed, as they tend to do in relationships and television schedules. I'm told that what was going to happen between Danny and Lindsay last week will now happen on March 11. Save the date.

Please give me some information about 90210's Annie and Ethan. I really like them together, and I am sick of the show messing with all the couples! — Heather
MICKEY: What's your damage, Heather? (Heh.) Let's play "I'd rather." I'd rather date Flip Wilson than Annie Wilson. Fun, right? The tempestuous Annie-Ethan potboiler will be taken off the fire in the near future, as the ladies band together to help a friend in crisis. The solution: A little religion never hurt anyone, right? Unless you're West Bev's crown princess of darkness, then it might sting a little. 

30 Rock spoilers — I want to go to there. — Matt
MATT: Next on 30 Rock, Jenna and Pete wax poetic about McNuggets! No, not really. Rather, here's what this Matt is looking forward to: On March 5, Liz befriends a pregnant teenaged donut-shop employee with the goal of adopting her baby-to-be. I guess you could say Liz wants a (product placement alert!) Dunkin Munchkin? 

You mentioned that in Psych's season finale, airing this Friday, something will happen that brings Henry and Shawn closer together. Can you offer any more information? — Sheela
TIM: Yes, and it involves Madeline — Shawn's mother and Henry's ex-wife, played by Cybill Shepherd. Her life is imperiled by the Ying Yang Killer, and Shawn and Henry have to put themselves in danger to help her. All while listening to the Ying Yang Twins. No, kidding.

I'm worried about the renewal of Eleventh Hour for next season. Can you give me any hope? — Victoria
MICKEY: Let me tell you a secret, Victoria: Hope ain't nothin' but a river in Egypt. (Wait... that's not right.) Eleventh's outlook is positive, and ratings are strong despite a recent decline. That said, no official announcement has been made about a Season 2. Or about those rumors that Marley Shelton is leaving the show. 

Is Michael Copon going to be on Gossip Girl?  He's doing that thing with his Facebook status again! — Amy
MICKEY: Well, everything on Facebook is true, right? Mazel tov, Michael! Except, IRL, when I shook down my CW source, who is not dissimilar in appearance than that trusty prognosticating Eight Ball, signs pointed to: X-No, X-No.

Even though I'm from Germany, I noticed that you don't have any Reaper scoop! — Philipp
Even though you're from Germany, I'm going to help. Remember what Leland Palmer did to his daughter on Twin Peaks? Well, Sam's gotten it into his head that Ray Wise's Reaper alter ego — the Devil/Sam's dad — wants to do that to him. That's because Wise orders him to recapture 40 dangerous souls using a typically unwieldy vessel that needs frequent recharging. Also, look for someone to get a big promotion, and for Sock to say these words: "Shut your mouth, that is my sister. I've got dibs." 

Any word on how the Moonlight reruns are doing on Sci Fi Channel? Is there any chance Sci Fi will pick the show up? — Joan
MATT: Moonlight, which averaged 7.5 million viewers during its CBS run, has been hovering around a million weekly viewers on Sci Fi, making it one of the better-performing series acquired by the cabler in recent years. That said, a wild rumor suggesting that Sci Fi is seeking to get Mick and the band back together for a Season 2 has absolutely no teeth to it.

Tim's Mega Rave: One of the greatest shows in the history of television ends this week. Thank you, Conan O'Brien, for 16 years of staring contests, desk drives, masturbating bears, awkward flirtations, and predictions from the year 2000. I'm sure your tenure at The Tonight Show will be great... for me to poop on.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Big Love's new season is so outstanding that I've taken three wives as a sign of my devotion. But I ask you: Four? Really? What was the rush to bring Ana into the fold? I thought Bill would only take another wife when he received a testimony from God to do so. Did he? Or did he just like the former waitress' cherry pie?

Matt's Micro Riff: Dollhouse's biggest problem? The Dollhouse.

Reader Quote of the Week: "So it's official — there are 4.7 million [Joss] Whedon fans in the U.S. Good to know, because it seemed like there was twice that amount waiting in line at DragonCon for the Buffy panel." (stonyg, taking note of Dollhouse's debut audience)

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