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Bill can't die! I know everyone does on True Blood, but please tell me that he takes the cure. — Andrea
With only two episodes to go, there are a lot of narrative threads to tie up, including the issue of Bill's mortality. I will only say this: At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week. In possibly related news, a longstanding love triangle will be resolved and you'll see one of the show's weirdest — and funniest — sex scenes between a long-unrequited pair.

I can't believe they're already giving DiNozzo a new love interest on NCIS. — Susan 
I'm sure there are 'shippers out there who never want to see Tony with anyone but Ziva, but that 'ship has sailed. Or has it? While executive producer GaryGlasberg says the door is always open for Cote de Pablo to return, Michael Weatherly sounds even more certain. "I'm sure they will see other again," he says of an eventual reunion between Tony and Ziva. "I am deeply fascinated by what kind of fireworks would result," Weatherly says. "I absolutely know that it would not be without an explosive quality." Especially if he's with another woman, amirite?

What can you tell me about the new season of The Vampire Diaries? — Brittany
When executive producer Julie Plec told us that the mystery of where Bonnie and Damon are would be answered quickly, she wasn't lying: You'll definitely know before the end of the second episode. But pay close attention: Although the setting may look familiar, the duo is definitely in a place that's foreign to them. Perhaps it's not the where that matters at all!

How does Jennifer Love Hewitt's character's get along with the rest of the BAU on Criminal Minds? — Evan
Pretty well actually — in fact, many of them are in awe of her credentials. Specifically, she pairs up with Rossi for her first case, which involves an acrotomophiliac (gross!). Look for her to take charge, especially during the final showdown with the unsub. Although she may regret that decision later...

Outlander isn't just another love triangle show, with Claire torn between good guy Frank and bad boy Jamie, is it? — Sandra
Don't worry, it's far more complicated than that! As Saturday's episode reveals, Jamie's criminal past is a direct result of an encounter with Frank's ancestor Jack, a captain in the English army. Unlike his kind-natured descendant, Jack is a sadist who once brutally flogged Jamie and sent him to prison when the Scot tried to save his sister from sexual assault. So, ask yourself this: Could Jamie ever truly accept the fact that Claire married a Randall?

Got any teases about the new season of Nashville?  Jessica
While Rayna's personal life might be a mess, it sounds like her career will be hotter than ever. "Part of Rayna's journey this year is being pulled into a whole new level of celebrity," executive producer Dee Johnson says. Then again, being a huge star in 2014 means letting fans into your personal life. "There was a time when the work would stand for itself and fans would buy your albums," Johnson says. "But everything now is about social media and really putting yourself out there in a way that has been sort of anathema to Rayna in the past. ... [It] is less than comfortable for her.

What can you tell me about Hawaii Five-0's new season? — Luke
Although McGarrett will meet a potential new love interest, don't expect him to totally forget about Catherine. In fact, he'll actually be struggling quite a bit. "He's taking it hard," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. "There's still this mourning period, because even though they didn't break up... she chose to stay behind in Afghanistan, and that actually hurts. So it's definitely on his mind." Nothing a roll in the hay couldn't fix, though, I'm guessing.

I can't wait for Dallas to return after that crazy midseason finale! How quickly will things pick up when the show returns? — Evelyn
The summer premiere picks up right after the events of the finale, with paramedics trying to revive Pamela after her overdose. But Pamela isn't the only character dealing with consequences: Bobby finds out within the first episode that Ann shared a kiss with ex, Harris. It may be hot in Dallas, but it's safe to say things are going to be a little icy between these two.

I really hope that Hank and Sarah can make it work on Parenthood! Can you tease what's coming up? — Rachel
It sounds like their rekindled relationship will be progressing quite nicely when the show returns. In other words, don't expect yet another season of Sarah wrestling with her decisions. "I don't want to tell that story again," executive producer Jason Katims says. "We wanted to jump forward a little bit with them and move them into a place where they're more solid as a couple and begin to tell new stories about that relationship. We haven't really been able to tell blended family stories and that's something I'm interested in delving into."

When will we find out Nina's secret on Rizzoli & Isles? — Brooke
That will be Episode 13. Executive producer Jan Nash promises that the newbie's reason for her move (and job change) from Chicago to Boston won't throw you for a loop. "Her reason is professional and personal, but it's nothing completely shocking," she says. "It will connect a lot of the dots between [now and then]."

I'm really enjoying this season of Ray Donovan. Got any hints at what's coming up? — Marc
Although Ray appeased Kate by giving her the ending of her book about Sully, will she really believe the "truth" about Ray and Mickey working with the FBI? "[Kate] is an opportunity to experiment, to dip his toe in the water of revealing himself to somebody," Liev Schreiber says. "I think he finds that very comforting." So comforting, in fact, that he might actually reveal the real truth! "At a certain point, Ray decides that he can't hide anymore and there might be something to opening the flood gates and letting the truth be known and finding out what kind of person he really is beneath all of that secrecy," Schreiber says.

I can't believe this season of Royal Pains is almost over! What can we expect? — Julie
Divya's struggle to balance medicine and motherhood will hit a heartbreaking climax in the last episodes of the season. When Rafa (with more than a little influence from his mother) suddenly requests joint custody of Sashi, Divya's entire life, and particularly her demanding job, will be put under the microscope.

Mega Rave: Who would have thought Norm Macdonald would offer one of the most touching Robin Williams tributes in the wake of the actor's tragic death?Read it here if you haven't already. RIP, Mork.

Mini Rant:
 Is Lifetime even trying with this Saved by the Bell movie? That first clip certainly doesn't inspire much confidence.

This Week's Recommendation: The Knick (Friday at 10/9c, Cinemax) If you missed last week's premiere, catch up hereClive Owen is fantastic as a cocaine-addicted surgeon and Steven Soderbergh's direction gives the 1900s-set medical drama a look and feel unlike anything else on TV. Scrub in!

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