Emily Deschanel, Eric Szmanda, Jay Leno Emily Deschanel, Eric Szmanda, Jay Leno

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On Bones, please tell me that Booth and Bones will eventually actually fall in love. The finale's fake-out was heartbreaking. — Sarah
MICKEY: Who says one of them isn't already in love? I'm hearing that Booth will demonstrate some pretty strong feelings right off the bat. A related aside: My great-uncle Andy had a brain tumor. Before his surgery, he loved nothing more than a plate of fried eggs and bacon. Afterward, the mere smell of bacon, or any pork product really, made him sick to his stomach. Bones is the bacon.

Is there any scoop for Greg on CSI?  We've heard something about everyone else but him. — Janelle
ADAM: Interestingly, Janelle, Greg shares your frustration about being overlooked. Executive producer Naren Shankar tells me that he'll get to gripe about his role on the team when Sara (Jorja Fox) comes to visit. Even better, Shankar says his complaining will pay off: He'll get a new job.

Any scoop on House? I'm concerned that House's incarceration is going to ruin the show. — Deb S.
MICKEY: Good news for some of you — no Thirteen in the season premiere! More good news: House's Cuckoo's Nest routine is infinitely entertaining. The much-spoiled trip to the carnival is surprisingly more touching than I'd imagined. In the Heights' Lin-Manuel Miranda and Andre Braugher are both fantastic. As an added bonus, just because he's a patient doesn't mean there isn't a mystery to solve.

Got any scoop on the Eric-Calleigh romance on CSI: Miami? — Jackie
ADAM: Let me ask you this, Jackie: How would you feel if your lover shot you? A show rep promises that the bullet Calleigh fired will have huge repercussions in the season premiere. Plus, since it took seven years to get those kids together, so don't expect a smooth ride.

What can you tell us about The Jay Leno Show? — Shane
How about I tell you what Jay Leno himself told us about The Jay Leno Show? He'll only have one or two guests a night. The show will air live weeknights 46 weeks a year. There's no desk on the set, but he did build a racetrack, on which he plans to make celebrities race eco-friendly cars. But my favorite scoop we got from him: "There will be a lot more comedy on the show." Hooray!

Can we expect a Mia-Chelsea catfight in the season premiere of Two and a Half Men? — Clarisse
We can't say if there are any actual claw-related injuries, but when Charlie has to choose between the two, the loser will not be a happy kitty. Shockingly, things hit a snag when Charlie doesn't approve of his chosen lady's desire to go under the knife. Who'da thunk that?

How long before we see Dr. Bell again on Fringe? — Manuel
MICKEY: Which reality are we in when Season 2 begins? That's a key question to the season premiere — and, presumably, the entire season. Certain events might lead you to believe we're "over there" (you know, where Dr. Bell lives), while others might convince you otherwise. The answer could mean the difference between life and death. In any case, I'm told we'll see Dr. Bell again this fall, but not right away.

Mad Men's been moving kind of slowly. Anything big coming up? — Kyle
ADAM: Your patience will be rewarded, Kyle. The show picks up the pace when Don and Gene clash over Grandpa's parenting skills. Plus, Sterling Cooper's wealthy, demanding new client has an all-but-imposible request for the boys. And Peggy's ever-growing confidence inspires a risky move.

Will Annie still be a bad girl when 90210 returns? — Tiffany
MICKEY: Ever heard of "sexting"? You will, when Annie is implicated in a schoolwide scandal involving a cameraphone picture that shows her, um, in flagrante delicto. This reminds me of the last time I was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Fortunately, those banquettes were pleather.

Got any killer Dexter scoop? — Megan
ADAM: I personally can't wait to see John Lithgow's Trinity Killer start snatching up victims, but might he attack someone we've grown to love? "Trinity does get somebody that we know," teases James Remar, who plays Harry. "Actually, it may not be Trinity." Ooo! Does Trinity have an accomplice? Is there a third serial killer in Miami? Hit the comments with your theories.

I heard that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz plays Sydney's daughter on Melrose Place — true? — Anita Mac
MICKEY: Well, I'm not the only one who noticed Simpson-Wentz's recent, conspicuous dye job, am I? As we all know, on television, all redheads are related.

Will Flashpoint return as a midseason replacement? I really like the show and will miss it. — Larry
Like many things in life, Larry, it's all a matter of timing The show still has nine unaired episodes in the can, and I am assured that they will see the light of day. But when exactly remains anyone's guess. I suppose it depends on whether you're rooting for CBS' new fall lineup to fail.

Adam's Mega Rave: Tuesday's Rescue Me finale brought its fine fifth season to a close with the same elements that made this year so great: plenty of laughs, just enough uncomfortable tension and a truly shocking cliff-hanger. I'm sad to learn its end is nigh, but it's a beginning of the end we can't wait to see.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Weeds' season finale broke my heart this week. The consequence-free Nancy has passed on her recklessness to her son, and now Shane fancies himself a murderer. Buzzkill.

Reader Quote of the Week: "Everyone do an awkward Pete Campbell happy dance to celebrate!" — johndellaporta, upon hearing that Mad Men has been renewed for a fourth season

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